Dec 21, 2012

December 17, 2012

First transfer landed me in Russellville

 Nashville Temple

 Christmas Nativity at Temple

December 17, 2012

Well, this week has definitely been an interesting one. Tuesday was transfers, my old companion is training in my birth area. The elder that he is training looks to be one of the new 18 year old, but I cannot tell. He is continuing the legacy where I left off at. Hope the best for him. Leaving Hopkinsville was really difficult for me. I felt like I was home, because it was my home. But I know it is for a reason that I got transferred and why I am here in Russelville, now I have to find out that reason.

Russelville is an interesting area. The area is in a branch. WOW what a shock. The church is smaller that the west valley building and even smaller than the ward house in Herriman. No cultural hall, basketball court, family history center. Just the main room with a sliding door and not even 10 classrooms. The branch should have about 100 active members, but Russelville has about 25 active, we have to fix that and work with the less actives to convince them to come back. It's possible though. The sister that just went home (Sister McCall from California) was here in Russellville for her last 6 month, and she was able to reactivate the Abney Family. Both of them were our rides from the transfer meeting, as well as he is currently the second counselor in the branch presidency. Now I hope a miracle will be done with us here.

Transfer meeting was really interesting. The Abney's were able to go do a final temple session with Sister McCall before she left home, so that meant our ride wasn't available until 6 p.m. when we should have been back in the area at that time. Well, 6 p.m. arrived and we finally got to our area at 9:30 p.m. Couldn't see a lot due to it being pitch dark, but at least we are in the area. Elder Corbridge is from Weston Idaho, just outside of Preston, and he is a little "trunkie". He has 3 months before he goes home, and he's looking forward to it. He may be the first missionary I'll "kill off" (missionary term for being last companion) Whitewashing is really interesting at this moment. We are really going through the records the sisters left for us so we can continue where they left off. Right now, nobody is responding or wanting us to continue, so it may be difficult, but we will keep on trying.

Met some member out here that lived near Homer Alaska for a while, showed them the Halibut photo, she flipped out. The biggest Halibut she caught was only 165 pounds, but when she saw the 300, she was shocked. Had fun conversations with them, Elder Corbridge has a farm near the area, so he connected with them more that I did.

BTW, our mail key isn't allowing us to access the mailbox, and the apartment manager hasn't responded to calls, so it may be awhile for me to send/ receive mail. I did receive the boxes with the sleepwear and stocking, thank you.


Elder Terre Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

Dec 11, 2012

December 10, 2012

Wow... what a week!!! Open the mail and there were three things for me... YEAH. Two from home  (family and neighbor) and from grandmother. YEAH!!

O.K. that's a little bit of good news, Russell M Nelson came to our mission!!! Talk about an awesome and spiritual powerhouse of a meeting. Last conference, his talk was based on us missionaries. Remember " Ask the Missionaries, they can help you." Surprisingly he did not use that in the address. Also Elder Hymas of the First Quorum of the seventy came, somewhat like a companionship.

Seeing Elder Nelson was great, but I think the real spiritual part of the meeting was ten minutes into it. President McKee showed up "late". He has been with his wife in ICU for the last 16 days.(18 to this day)
It was a real miracle and very emotional to see him there at the meeting.

A few notes from the visit: "It is good to suffer", that is tough doctrine. D&C 122: 7 "...give thee experience and shall be for thy good." " Atonement is mentioned ONCE in the Bible : Romans 5: 11, the Book of mormon teaches everything else about it, it makes it understandable. That is why the Book of Mormon is true! Now for my favorite, D&C 31:3 "Your hour of mission is come to preach the gospel." YEP.. NOUGH SAID.

After the visit, we attempted to have a mission photo with Elder Nelson and Hymas in it. Well, they were in the bathroom, (believe so no idea where) so... neither were in the photo. We did get one of the entire mission, all 170+ of us. YEAH!!

That's the good news. Now for the sad news, I AM LEAVING HOPKINSVILLE KENTUCKY, my birth town. Transfer calls were the day of the Nelson visit. I am being transferred to RUSSELLVILLE KENTUCKY (east of Hoptown) and will be companioned with Elder Corbridge. Also in Russellville, Sisters were in it ( ones going home and other is transferring out) so that means WE ARE WHITEWASHING. My current companion is training in Hoptown, just like I did. Rumor has it, he might train one of the new 18 year old.- cool. All I can really say is that I will miss Hoptown. The last few nights have been somewhat difficult for me. Somehow I've managed to get a little bit of sleep. I love this area and people, specifically the members. The Carmichaels are one of them. They assisted in the Brown's baptism, (members across the street) I will miss them a lot!! Mostly because of little Whitney. She was born June 15, 2012 . She is essentially my time piece for how long I've been here. She is 6 months old, and so am I.

Sunday night, it down poured for about an hour straight. During the storm, I thought what Jessica said when she entered the MTC " heaven is crying because I'm leaving". I thought the same thing, but in regards to my birth town. I will miss it very much.

Well, next write will be interesting, keep my posted and talk to yall later.

-Elder Terre Short

December 3, 2012

Well , as I stated in my last update, I finally went on an exchange away from my birth area. I went on an exchange onto Fort Campbell Kentucky!!! Fort Campbell is one of the nations largest Army bases and is home to the 160th Airborne "Screaming Eagles. I had dinner on post with members, which was really great. The first dinner appointment, come to find out, her parents were there, visiting from Lehi UT, (YEAH) I learned she also keeps a blog on missionaries who serve and or will be serving in Africa. I told her that my cousin just received her call to Zimbabwe, and she said, "I all ready have her mother on the blog list."WOW Hasn't had the call for a month and is all ready on an important blog, cool.

One interesting rule on Post due to a few "hiccups with the missionaries", you CANNOT wear your name tag on Post. It is considered Proselyting, which is also considered SOLICITING, NONE OF IT, and so NO NAME TAGS.

The second dinner appointment was the next day. He was stationed in Germany for a really long time, in fact long enough to have 2 kids born in Germany. The two oldest have learned German and also had to have a translator. Due to the mission age lowered, the oldest is about to turn his papers in within the next 6 month. YEAH, the daughter still has about 2-3 years before she can go, but still...YEAH!!

Sunday, we were able to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. WOW. I've never really watched one before, its essentially a smaller form of General Conference two months after the session.The stories/talks were great, but what got me was the second song titled WHAT CHILD IS THIS. The beginning was played by a lone piccolo/flute,wow! I loved just the notes it played. Then MoTab sings, ugh...I was in a happy state.

Well, the shocking thing, is Thursday will be my 6 MONTH MARK as well as my 6 MONTH MARK of being in my BIRTH TOWN. Transfers are this weekend, (knock on wood) I think I am going to be transferred, but I don't know what to think.

Everyone, an update for ya about our beloved Sister McKee. As a mission and rumored as an entire missionary force(all 60,000+) prayed for miracles to happen for her. A few small ones have occurred  She was able to watch Presidents movements for a few seconds, and was able to move her foot slightly. Continue to pray for her. I have not stopped since I heard the word. I hope she gets better soon. It is very well possible that if nothing changes, she will be sent home to Pocatello Idaho, and if she goes, so does President McKee, and if he leaves, we will get a new mission president. I hope it doesn't get to that, so PLEASE continue to pray for her.

BTW, heard rumors as well that Knoxville Tennessee mission received 80+ new missionaries due to the age lowering, that means nearly every missionary is training. GULP.

-Elder Terre Short


 Betty Pearson was visiting her daughter in Hopkinsville. The elders came for dinner so Betty took a picture of them and sent it to there families. 
Merry Christmas from Hopkinsville (Fort Campbell Kentucky)

 Elder Short, John Brown, Elder Weed

Photo of Brown Family
John deployed December 10, returns home in 9 months (August 15, 2013)
Jenny is 9 months pregnant 
Joshua is 5 year old.

November 26, 2012

Well, another week has just ended. It recently came to my attention that I have been in my "greenie" area for just about 6 months, my "dad" or trainer was here for just over 7 months, wow, I might pass him, that's a scary thought.

Well, of course Thanksgiving was great. Ate the normal, just like I was at home, the secret I've learned so far, in order for you to fill full when eating, eat slow, well, that's what I've been doing for the last 15 years, no wonder I don't eat a lot and am a stick- ish ;)

Had another great lesson with the Carrols. Matt was the first baptism I had in the mission, the wife Melissa want it badly, but due to the stress at Walmart and around home, she smokes, and that's one strike, and Walmart essentially ignores the availability and forces her to work Sundays, strike two.

The lesson were in regard to loosing your life and letting the Lord's will take over. During the lessons, I used a talk that I made for the Elder Perkins visit, that I did not perform. Read Moroni 7:37 "it is by faith that miracles are wrought", I testified that faith is what is needed for anything. I call this verse the "Miracle on Ice", the movie depicts the 1980 US Hockey team beating the unbeatable Soviet Union for the gold medal. It all started with faith, that verse now makes sense. Afterwards I shared a quote by my wonderful cousin in Spokane "If I try to put my faith in me... I'm probably not going to do so hot... but when I put it in the Lord, he makes miracles happen." That quote seemed to resonate with Melissa and give her a new spark and desire to achieve the unbelievable, which is to find a new job, and quit smoking so she can be like her husband.

That talk I will never forget. Once it comes to the faith topic in the discussions, I will always say that one, the Spirit was definitely felt.

Now, the icing on the cake. Sunday, we finally confirmed Jenny Brown as a member of the church. She would have done it last week, but due to being almost 8 months pregnant, she didn't feel to good. That means the baptism and confirmation number 3 complete. Also found out, that I am going on an exchange and somewhat leaving Hoptown for the first time. I will actually get to go on Fort Campbell and teach members/ investigators this week. YEAH

-Elder Terre Short

November 26, 2012

Sad news but please do not fray. We have received word as missionaries that our beloved mission presidents wife, Sister McKee has suffered a major heart attack and has been hospitalized for the past week. Tests, surgery and more later, she is in somewhat stable condition. This news has somewhat struck me hard. She is essentially my mother away from home, PLEASE do not add the stress to the situation by calling for updates, just keep her in your thoughts and prayers. As a mission, 5pm on Thanksgiving, we all prayed where ever we were for a miracle and for a speedy recovery. I urge you all to do the same, and to pray for a speedy recovery for our beloved Sister McKee.

-Elder Terre Short

November 19, 2012

Well, here's the update for yalls, HAD THIRD BAPTISM THIS WEEK!!!! The baptism we had on Saturday, that Sunday he received the priesthood and baptized his wife the next Wednesday!!! YEAH!!! However, the husband deployed (Ft. Campbell) the next morning (15th) and will be gone for 9 months, I miss him all ready :(

The pre- icing for the Wednesday baptism, is we had a multi- zone conference with Elder Anthony Perkins of the First Quorum of 70, does the name sound familiar? Look at the latest Ensign... rocks in the road, must avoid them... THAT IS HIM. That was an awesome meeting, and it was before a baptism, so it was a really good day.

Everything's going great out here, want to say congrats to my cousin, due to the mission ages lowered, my cousin is going to ZIMBABWE!!! No idea when and what town is center, but congrats Sierra!!!

-Elder Terre Short

November 12, 2012

Had a baptism on Saturday!!! John Brown is deploying this Thursday, so it had to be done before then. The Browns moved across the street from a members, who were actually praying for a "missionary opportunity", he himself is a convert and is unable to serve a mission due to military life. Next day after prayer, Browns moved in.

The wife, Jenny, is planning on being baptized THIS WEDNESDAY. John even received the priesthood Sunday due to deployment, so he could baptize his own wife, Wednesday will be an awesome day.

The Browns consist of John, Jenny and Joshua. The members are Carmichaels: Geoff (pronounced Jeff) and Camilla, and Cara (oldest) and Whitney. Whitney was born two weeks before I arrived in Hoptown. She sure has gotten big from the first time I met her, that means I've been out a while, WOW.

This Wednesday will be really busy, we have a meeting with Elder Perkins of the 70, which will be for nearly 2/3 of the days. Afterwards, dinner with the Patriarch, O-Charlys or Ryans Steak House... mmm..., then to top it off, the baptism of Jenny Brown. I CAN'T WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY.

Have a zone goal of 30 baptisms within this month, we were to first one (by 1 hour) of the 30, and soon we will add another, and we have 2 more with a baptism scheduled for the rest of he month, the work is finally moving along here. 5 month being out here, and I am finally getting it down.

-Elder Terre Short

November 5, 2012

Well, where to start. First things first, we got the car this week YEAY, however, we have 1200 miles to use a month, received it Sunday Oct. 28, and we had 70 miles to use in 3 days. The worst thing about it, that day, car drove 20 miles to get to us, the Monday  we had breakfast 20 miles away, so ANOTHER 40 miles used, so 60 miles in TWO DAYS, but the extra 10 disappeared. Had the car, drove it for less than 3 days, and we ended at 1206 for the month. We were so happy when November 1 came, NEW MILES YEAH.

Nothin really fun and amazing happened this week. Have an investigator family across the members place, the husband is somewhat committed to the 10th for baptism. He deploys on the 17, so its do or die. The wife, is essentially saying "I want my own month or year for the baptism", ugh. Sounds like she wants him to leave just so she can have her own celebration party, but if that's the case so be it.

Finally had an exchange with a ward missionary here. went to an area which we call the boonies, nearly 5 miles out there. Went to the referral from HQ, not home, went to the other referral from 2 months ago, in bed sick, we leave, go down the road, and we witness an accident. Don't worry, nobody was injured or killed, just a car went too fast around the car turning left. The moving car just hit the fence and dinged up his front right light and bumper. The only casualty was the little kids newly pet fish that was with them, the whiplash killed it.

We were at the exact intersection nearly 1 month ago, traffic was a standstill. So we decide to see what happened. A motorcyclist lost control, bike basically destroyed, shoes off feet 20 feet from accident, glasses away and the driver was face first in the asphalt not moving.We arrived 10 minutes before the paramedics arrived so the accident was recent. We overhear the paramedics call in a helicopter. 10 minutes later, we see the helicopter in the distance, but we hear the medics on the radio call them off, we believe the bicyclist died before the copter arrived. UGH that is just one bad intersection. Two accidents in the last two visits of the same area. Hope we are not next GULP

Had another comeback dinner on Sunday. The new tradition for the ward is every Fast Sunday there is a comeback dinner. Talk about a way to end fast YUM

Well, that's the latest. Hope everything is going well, personally, I'd prefer to write a written letter home the the anticipation aspect, but emailing works as well.

Keep the prayers comin

- Elder Terre Short

October 29, 2012

Well, not a lot has happened this week. Finally had Matt confirmed a member on Sunday, (stake conference was weekend after baptism) planning on baptizing Melissa on Saturday, which we need to finalize. Newly weds Don and Crystal have "postponed" their baptism date for the 3rd because of legal complications in adopting his nephew from New York, which is sad to say, but we have no choice, and  plus, it was their idea, not ours.
I'M STAYING IN HOPTOWN FOR ANOTHER 6 WEEKS. BURR... it is getting cold out here. Thank you for the beanie and gloves. I'm debating on getting a ski mask at Walmart because the Arctic Canadian Breeze is chilly. Don't worry, I'm supporting the local areas by wearing a University of Kentucky hoodie, however only inside, but me being always cold, it is better than without one.
I've FULLY READ the Book of Mormon once while on my mission. Did a good study for it now my new "text book" will be the new testament. Sad to say, I'm in the bible belt, and I HAVE NOT READ fully either old and new testaments. That needs to change.
That's the news. Excited to receive mail, we've had an "air box" for the last week.

-Elder Terre Short

Nov 4, 2012

Photos :)

October 22, 2012

Sorry the letter is late

   Well, it has been official for over 7 days: I AM NOW 20 YEARS OLD!!! It is scary to think that I am 20, but the scarier thing is that the new missionaries will be coming home at or near their 20th birthday... wow I am old. Three packages came in the mail. (happy me :) ) With my birthday on Friday, we didn't really do a lot. Friday is our Planning Day, not as hard and busy as the others, I loved it, relaxing on birthday. The package contents will definitely help: winter supplies, candy, notebooks, family photos, Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD's, a rock from the new Arizona Temple, and of course SUGAR COOKIES!!!! The ironic thing is that I thought to myself "I wonder if sugar cookies will be sent?", that day, the package arrived with cookies inside, Thank you!! Also, a member of the bishopric (acting ward mission leader) found out that it was my "special day", his wife baked a Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting on it, (no need for frosting in package) mmm what a tasty cake.

   The following Sunday, October 14, had a conversation with Bishop Craig's 3 daughters: Rachel (11), Alison (8), and Hailey (5). Somehow the topic of my age came up, I told that I was 20. Alison said in amazement and shock, "Wow, you don't look a day over 18." Aw shucks, that was a much needed compliment.

   Well, enough about me and my anniversary - so much has happened since the last write. (sorry...I delayed it... a lot was about to happen) First things first - had an interesting and awesome exchange the week of my birthday. Essentially, I had exchange with an exchange. The District Leader came here to be with me, but the traveling Zone Leaders needed him to conduct a baptismal interview. So, I had an exchange within an exchange...challenge achieved. Once again, that was before my birthday. The next week, on the 17th, I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! YEAH and FINALLY> Been out over 4 months and finally had the first one. The better news about it: I DID THE BAPTIZING. I now can say that I have an adopted family of my own. I feel so happy for Matt C.. Now, the wife, her brother and fiance' have a date for Nov. 3rd. can't wait.

   On the 19th, Don and Crystal got married.( Don is Matt's wife's brother ) What an awesome experience. The pastors both wore black and gold suits, they looked sharp. The wedding went well, until the vow exchange happened right when a train decided to go through town. Could not hear a thing, but the bride and groom did, and that is what counts. Now for the interesting part of the wedding. Apparently the single men are suppose to grab the baret from the wife, however, us two elders were the ONLY single men there.Uh oh not good, we did it, and luckily, Elder Weed picked it up off the ground. It makes sense that he picks it up because he goes home before me by 6 weeks. Phew... crisis diverted.

   Now for the other amazing news, the 20th and 21st were Stake Conference, and we had an Area Authority 70 visit. But the bad news, is on the morning of the 20th, BOTH Stake President Miller (dentist beneath apartment ) as well as Elder Parker ( Area Authority ) went on an EXCHANGE with us. YAHOO!!! I've never heard of this happening to anybody, and yet it happened to us. So we took both President Miller and Elder Parker to a few investigators that we have. Both lessons were just amazing, the Spirit was definitely felt. After the exchange, Elder Parker gave us both props and said "That's the way, and how it should be done."I had goosebumps, I nearly had to pinch myself because I really did not believe that this was really happening, but it was. Before the exchange happened, (funny moment) Elder Parker asked where I was from? I said Herriman Utah, He says where's that? I say You know the Kennecott Copper mine? He says No. I say well, there are 2 man made things seen from space, the Great Wall of China, and the Kennecott Copper Mine. He says well, if you go to space, at least you will know where you live since it is literally in your back yard. We had a good laugh, then President Miller comes in talking about the Kennecott Mine.? Yep I'll tell you what, that is one BIG hole in the ground.  Laughed Yep, yes it is.

   We have a new name for us "Elders" with the Carrol / Belson family. Any member of the family calls us "THE BOYS". I honestly love that title. They have even said "You two will always be known as the Boys, the new Elders will only be known as boys." Awesome
   Well, that's a wrap of whats happened within the last two weeks. Reading the latest letters sent, my grandmother said that she googled Hopkinsville and found out that it is an Evangelical Christian area. I laughed out loud when I read that. Yes, it is an area just like that. I will be sure to take more photos of the churches in and around town. In my opinion, the Gothic looking United Methodist Church is one of the coolest in town. I will be sure to take more scenery/area photos so ya'll can see for yourselves what is so special about Kentucky. I honestly can't wait for both March Madness (university of Kentucky 2010-2011 winners) as well as the Kentucky Derby. Hope everything is well, talk to ya'll later.

           Sincerely, Elder Terre Short


Oct 13, 2012

October 8, 2012

To whom it may concern,

   Well, this week has been a really fun one. We are having a lot of success here in Hoptown. Well, here we go, buckle your seat belt, this is going to be a fun ride.
   On October 3, we finally met with Jayden Uchiyama. Elder Weed and his last companion (from Herriman, UT) gave her as a  referral to us (me and Perron), that day, TRANSFERS, Weed comes up here, now we can teach Jayden. When Weed first saw her, she asked, "Can I be baptized? I desire it." She is a 9 year old and is very intelligent. Far above all other 9 year old children in the area. We set a date with her on OCTOBER 20!!! The downside, Jayden's mom/ dad are divorced, so every other day she trades with her parents. We may/ may not get to teach her, but she is excited to see us, have a baptism date and ready and eager to learn more from the missionaries. YEAH

   The next day, we went to a recent converts home. (baptized in March 2012) The mother has an 18 year old niece living with her and the family. We go over and Ivanie (18 year old) says, "When can I be baptized? I feel accepted here. What do I have to do?" We have not set a date with her yet, but this week, we are starting to teach her, so, we will have a date for her soon. YEAH

   The Browns are a Military family, (Ft. Campbell 20 miles south of Hoptown) they moved into a house across the street from members. He goes over, starts the religion talk and Mrs. Brown (Jenny) flips out in a nice way that he is Mormon. She says, "I've always wanted Mormon neighbors. I'm curious about the Mormons, tell me more." He invites us over and it has been going well. No date set yet, but we just might soon as well.

   Now for the bestest news of all. Conference was a BLAST!!! It honestly felt weird and different not watching it at home in Pajamas and on the couch "half asleep", I actually enjoyed it. Oh boy, that missionary announcement by President Monson caught me off guard. After Monson said it, it clicked, Jackie could be done with her mission before I come home. YIKES. It would be interesting for me if I train one of the new 18 year old missionaries out here. I hope I don't. But if I have to, So be it.

   Jenny Brown came over to the neighbors (we were there) and watched the later half of the Saturday Morning Session. She felt sad for Shayne Bowman's child who choked on chalk. She said, "I will never look at chalk the same way again." Then she LOVED Elder Nelsons talk, Man with prompting "Stop the boys on bikes." (has not happened yet to me, but I enjoyed the talk/ story) She admitted to watching me/ Perron walk by eagerly waiting for us to talk to her. She applied it to herself. Which I think is the big reason why it was her favorite.

   My favorite talks (2) were really cool to me. The first one was with M. Russel Ballard, Saturday Afternoon. Talking about Bees. Interesting numbers 1 pound of Honey = millions of flowers + flight to navigate around the equator TWICE. One Bee contributes 1/12 1 Teaspoon. The question I asked myself, Am I contributing to make "honey"? The other part I enjoyed was the symbolism of the bee/ beehive, especially on the pulpit. Symbolism, many hands make little work. Oh is that phase so true. The Beehive somewhat reminds me of home with Beehive being the symbol of Utah and all. The other part I liked about it was what he said, "The acts seem small, but eventually will add up to honey." That phrase, Many hands (Bees) make little work (honey) is sooo true.

   The second talk I liked was by Marcus Nash in the Sunday Afternoon Session. The hike/ mountain in Machupichu, Peru was what perked my ears. Talkin about the chains and the view sent me back to my geocaching adventures. Him talking about chains/view/hike reminded me also of the opportunity to climb Angels Landing when I am home, Ya'll better prepare. :)

   The Ann Rowley story was a refresher for me. If ya'll have not seen 17 Miracles, WATCH IT!!! This story is in it. That is one of the reasons also why this Talk struck a cord with me because it reminded me of the movie. Doubt, Fear and Sin Decline My Faith. That was big for me. Have to apply/ Follow it so faith does not shrink. I am surprised that Uchtdorf did not do this Plane Analogy yet, but its genius. Faith, Reason two wings of aircraft. One shorter/ not one = No Flight. Must have both. I have to work on that as well.

   All - in - all, had a good time during conference. I am surprised it did not snow during either sessions. I bet it felt good. Right now, it's maybe 65 degrees and its 12:30, it's getting cold.

Let me know which talk was ya'll's favorite Conference talk and Why

Elder Terre Short

P.S. Birthday is on Friday... Yikes I'm old :)

October 1, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

   Elder Weed and I visited with a family with a date set for September 23 (it didn't work, we had to change it to October 4). Taught the wife a no smoking workshop. The next day, she calls saying, "date needs to be pushed back till October 18" GASP two dates for baptism and neither work. She wants it to be around October 18th so she can quit smoking before the baptism. The cool thing is that both of them would like to be baptized by Elder Perron  (if possible). He was one of the first missionaries to teach them. But if he cannot make it, I WILL BAPTIZE THEM!!! I don't know/ want to guess which way it will go, but if Perron returns, he'll only have been one month away from Hopkinsville and he is coming back. (Elder Perron served in Hopkinsville for seven and a half months).

   Out here there is a new tradition starting, (mention it to everyone else, it's amazing) every fast Sunday, (We had yesterday due to Conference next week, YEAH!!!) There is a comeback dinner where the ward mingles/ eats after an entire day of fasting, oh it's the way to end a fast Sunday. The last one was a meat/ potatoes theme MMMMM GOOD, TASTY, still had the one plate though :)

   That's the big bit of news out here, can't wait for conference, it will be weird to go to church to watch it instead of listening on 1160 AM. or on TV, that's the benefit when it comes to living in Salt Lake. But once again, thanks for the packages; no matter how simple, serious, or loving they are. Thank you. Sometimes that reminder from home helps me get through the day/ week.

Keep the letters/ packages/ emails comin

Elder Terre K. Short

Oct 7, 2012

September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

Hello again,

As an entire missionary zone (20 plus missionaries) we all went and did a session at the NASHVILLE TEMPLE!!! I've been by it, and judging by its size, inside and out, I think it's smaller that the Oquirrh Mountain - and I thought the Oquirrh Mountain was the smallest, I guess not. The celestial room is was small. I have always thought to myself that the celestial room is in the center of the temple (not in this case) or directly underneath the spire where Moroni is - my thinking is, something has to balance / keep the weight of Moroni stable so it won't crash down. The Nashville Temples's celestial room is the furthest south part, where the spire is 50 feet north of where the chandiler is, huh, I guess not.

I have not noticed it yet, (maybe not in other temples) but the walls of the celestial room had miniature versions of the chandiler as lights on the wall, in my opinion, that sealed the deal in how the room looked. Another honest opinion, I still would have the chandiler in the Jordan River Temple in my house rather than the Nashville one, but I could use the mini chandilers in hallways, that would be cool.

Now I have officially been through the Draper, Oquirrh Mountain (Open Houses), Mesa, Jordan River, Salt Lake, Provo, and now the Nashville. I can't wait to be finished with the mission so I can do the ones on my bucket list. I have a feeling that the list might grow.

Keep the letters and mail commin'

Elder Terre Short

Oct 6, 2012

September 24, 2012

Greetings Everyone!

It is great to hear that another one of my cousins (Elder Richardson) is serving a mission is Sierra Leon, and currently at the MTC in Ghana. It is exciting to see the Lords work moving all around the world.

I hope everything is going well out that way, it is a little different out here. Elder Perron (my trainer) got transferred. :(  Elder Weed will be my new companion here in Hopkinsville. He came out six weeks before I did, he is from Portland, Oregon, he is a hoot. 

Well, the day is coming closer, baptism date for a few investigators. However, we noticed that we haven't taught them the Word of Wisdom yet and there baptism is this Saturday.We have an appointment today with them and plan on teaching them the Word of Wisdom then. Hopefully, the baptism will still be a go, but it might not because we really aren't supposed to rush them through it, so right now, I am happy for them, but at the same time nervous to see if it will happen or not, all I can do is have faith that it will happen when it is suppose to.

Someone asked me if there are any bugs? Yes, I am being eaten alive by the mosquitoes. Yes, many bugs.
Have I put on any weight? I think I have put on a little. Weighed my self this morning at 120 pounds, still have no idea where it is going.
Is it real humid? It was in July but now it is starting to get really cold. Just last night a member said, "The low was projected to 45 degrees." BRRR... I'm shivering right now. As well as cold hands writing the letter.... BRRR....
So, is it humid? Not anymore. 

Keep the letters and questions coming.

Elder Short

Sep 23, 2012

September 3, 2012

   Sorry we forgot to put this on.

Dear Family and Friends, 
   Well, let me say from experience that Sunday (September 2) was the hardest fast Sunday ever. It's one thing to fast, but try fasting while you are sick with an unknown bug. Luckily, we did service all day and prepared a meal for the comeback dinner at the church. Wow I got 2/3 done with the First (only had one) plate and I was full. But I have not had meatballs and rice (mmm...) for a while, so I ate those slowly, then my sweet tooth came in to eat the brownies. I think I gained 5 pounds on one plate.

   Best part of the day, got to the Taj Majal, opened the fridge and there is a Yoo- Hoo. Aww Delish!!! Its essentially chocolate milk in a glass bottle or soda can.  (had can) That's the way to end your Fast Sunday, splurging on Yoo- Hoo. Too bad its only a Southern Drink :(

   We got a referral from Salt Late to have a "missionary visit", we got there, they wanted a Kings James Version Bible, we added a Book of Mormon to it, and we had a simple lesson. The best part, that visit we walked away with a family of 5 as NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! They are non denominational Catholic, but the best part they all have been / are at the "rehab" center in Nashville that cleans them literally. The dad said "3 days later, no porn, alcohol, drugs and more" , yet the ENTIRE family is doing it. Personally, I think the Lord is preparing them literally for the restored gospel, now we have to teach it to them. I'll keep y'all posted.

   Elder Terre Short

September 17, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

   This week has been enjoyable. We had a lesson with one of the two families that has a baptism date that went really well. After we taught last time, as we walked out, the seven year old daughter asked, "What is baptism?" The next lesson we had with them was centered on answering that question. They are understanding things as well. The daughter came in late due to playing with friends and asked the question again, the parents said we will teach it to you. The oldest daughter is excited for her baptism, she turns 8 in January. I testified to the father saying, "After you're baptized you can receive the restored priesthood, with that authority, you can baptize Abby." The emotion he has was sheer excitement and joy. He wants to do that, I can tell.

   This weekend (September 15th) we celebrated a huge accomplishment. This weekend, we celebrated the dedication of the first LDS Church house in ALL of Christian County Kentucky. Haleys Mill was built and dedicated in 1912, it still stands today. Now it is surrounded by tombstones of those first LDS Church goers and relatives of them. Charles A. Callis dedicated the church in 1912. Callis was mission president of the Southern States Mission (that's where I am) from 1908 -1934. The mission covered 11 states, and the Nashville, St. Louis, Memphis, Louisville, Atlanta, and other missions were part of it now its broken up. LeGrand Richards replaced Callis as mission president. Callis was released as mission president by President Heber J. Grant and was called as an Apostle. Callis served from 1933-1947.

   The icing on the cake was when a relative of one of the missionaries that built Haley's Mill had all 6 Elders that were there stand and pose the same way that he did in front of Haley's Mill after it was completed. COOL and AWESOME.

   After the celebration, we eventually hitched a ride with the Traveling Elders and went to the Stake Family Fun Day. As we were there, we realized it was transfer day, so, we were all eager to see if the phone rang. The Traveling Elders phone rang, President McKee was calling. Somebody was being transferred. They answered, because of the location of farm, cell service was crappy, dropped call after saying Hello. About 15 minutes after their call, our phone rings, President McKee was calling. I answer, to much static could not understand him, hung up due to no service. An hour later, driving back to our apartment, we call President McKee. One of the Traveling Elders is transferred and training, Elder Perron (my companion) is leaving Hop town and going to Murfeesburough, Tennessee (North East of Nashville) and is becoming a Zone Leader. As for me, I'M STAYING IN HOPTOWN with ELDER WEED. Now I am the person who knows Hoptown. GULP, It might be difficult but I'm up for the challenge. 

   What are the odds, Elder Weed was one of the 6 with us at Haleys Mill less than 10 hours before the call. All I know about him is that he came out 1 transfer before me, ( 6 weeks older) from Portland, Oregon and he's hilarious. Hope it will work well, I know it will. Well, my dad (trainer) is leaving me (son) behind, the good thing, (sort of) Elder Perrons dad (trainer) is going home this transfer, so he will see his dad (trainer) 1 more time before he "dies" (goes home).

Well that's the latest. Keep the letters coming. :)
Elder Terre Short

Aug 28, 2012

August 27, 2012

Last week was enjoyable and not-so-much. The not-so-much, somehow I got a really bad cough. It is bad enough that when I try to say something, the cough prevents me from talking. This has been going on for the last week or so, and this is just me, my companion had a sinus infection, so we didn’t do anything on Tuesday, just stayed in the apartment and studied or went to bed early. 

Our apartment is known as the Taj Mahal. It is the best apartment in the mission by far (according to the other missionaries), the bad news, THE AC IS BROKEN. And it will be broken till at most this Friday. If it is fixed then, the amount of time we will last with NO AC is 12 DAYS, that’s a miracle. (I hope it is fixed soon)

Now for some good news. Monday (August 20), we went to the Jefferson Davis Monument for P-Day. It is about 1/3 the size of the Washington Monument, but the Jefferson Davis is built on a limestone foundation, while the other is on a sandy foundation. Remember; "The wise man built his house upon the sand...and it washed away" hahaha 

On Thursday, (August 23) we went to a trainer/trainee meeting in Nashville. We did an activity that I will never forget. President McKee had all of us stand close together in lines of three, while one person (everyone eventually did, just one at a time) was held up by everyone else from start to finish. One fairly new Hermana (Sister) could not have been 5' 0", but she still tried to support everyone in case you fell, luckily nobody did. The application could be that the person on top is you, and everyone underneath is Christ. He is always there to support you no matter what. That activity was the highlight of the meeting, then eating at Cracker Barrell for dinner...yum, that’s good stuff.  

There was a baptism on Saturday, but for the Bishop's second oldest/middle daughter. During the program, 3 primary children (including one that was baptized) sang my favorite primary song of all time: I’M TRYING TO BE LIKE JESUS. I remember when I was in primary (wow, that is a long time ago) we learned this song in American Sign Language. Now I only remember parts of it, slowly parts of it are coming back, but it is still my favorite primary song. With me on the mission, I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus is a perfect motto. That is missionary work PERIOD--I'M TRYING TO BE LIKE JESUS 

Keep it cool y'all (I'm sweating buckets)

Elder Terre K. Short

August 20, 2012

I got some Mr. Tuffy tire liners from my family to put on my bike. It's a little ironic, the day after they were put in the tires, we helped a family move, we parked the bikes, 3 hours later, A FLAT TIRE on my bike (second one total) no idea why, but we went to Walmart and purchased a thicker tire that I put on the back tire so it won't happen again. (hopefully)

We had a cool week. There was a zone conference with a third of the mission, Elder Kopischke taught us. He was the mission President in Frankfurt, Germany, and now he is part of the FIRST QUORUM OF 70. Yea!!! Somebody high up the list (sort of) his lesson was really cool. He started out saying write a question down, that question will be the subject for today. Basically saying when you pay attention, ponder the question and it will be answered. Kind of cool and a different way to approach it, but the question was answered. So I challenge you to do the same. Before church, General Conference (coming soon) have a question in your mind and heart and see if the words said will answer it. Write it down so you don't forget your question. It worked for me as well as other missionaries in the zone. 

Well, P-Day today will be doozy. We are going with the traveling Elders to the Jefferson Davis Monument (exact replica as Washington Monument in DC) and the Trail of Tears Park which is where two of the Indian Chiefs are actually buried. I'll see how I can apply this experience to the gospel.

We have an investigator that has committed to Baptism, sad to say, it will not happen. He works A LOT, and we were unable to teach him all the lessons, so it will have to be pushed back. We told him the bad news and he was heartbroken. But since it was broken, I feel that it will be taken more seriously and he will want to listen and have us over a lot more.

Talk to ya'll later

Elder Terre K. Short

Aug 17, 2012

August 13, 2013

   Here it is August, we had a lesson with an investigator, this was a good one we finished reading the Restoration Pamphlet with him. We read where the Priesthood was restored back to the Earth by Christs Apostles. It made since to the investigator, he was first taught by missionaries 27 years ago and now he knows that the Priesthood is one of those differences that none of the other churches have. We are still working on having him attend church so he can be baptized. We have a few more families that are chugging along. We did commit someone for baptism yesterday that is two scheduled and waiting for the special day. We are excited.

   I would now like to bear my testimony to y'all. I'll admit it, my testimony was based on everyone else's. I haven't learned for myself the truth. Reading the Book of Mormon chapter by chapter and taking notes has helped. Reading Omni vs. 9, the brother witnesses his brother writing the words on the plates. A simple verse like that struck me and made it known that I do belong to the one true Church on the Earth. Even in 1 Nephi 1:3 tells the truth. Those verses have helped me out here to know the truth. So, I exhort y'all to think to yourselves, do I know this Church is true? I didn't know, I can say I know without a shadow of doubt that it is.

Elder Terre Short

Jul 28, 2012

July 23, 2012

I am excited to be able to serve a mission. I am grateful for my family haritage, my grandpa Short and his family were born in England. His family were modern day immigrants and came from England to live in Salt Lake City. I don't know why Salt Lake, They could have stopped in New York, Boston, or New Jersey, but I believe they came to Salt Lake City because of there strong belief that the Salt Lake Valley was Zion. Same with the pioneer's in the 1840's. They knew not the why's of traveling from their old home's to settle in Zion. Once they settled they knew they did the right thing. I believe that is the same with my grandpa's family.

I have realized why I have been called. It has taken me about two months to figure it out, my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ through the Resored Gospel. I wish it would have "clicked" day one when I was in the MTC, but now, but now I am more confident in achieving my purpose.

I am grateful for my grandpa's family for making the trek from England to Salt Lake City. If they did not I don't think I would be serving and assisting the people of Tennessee and Kentucky to come closer to Christ. They are my role models and I am proud to wear their last name (Short) when preaching to them about the gospel and sacrifices. I know that with God all things are possible. (Mark 10:27) That is one reason why my favorite scripture is Isaiah 41:10 which reads “Fear not, for I am with thee”. I know that to be true. The pioneers and maybe my family had a little fear that they would not make it to their destination, but they kept going, and succeeded. So if I keep going the same result will come to pass.

We have had a lot of wild thunderstorms here, and doing fine. The other day I got my first flat tire on my bike, shortly after fixing it I gracefully fell off and came face to face with the asphalt. It hurt a little but I got right back on the bike and pedaled on.

Elder Terre Short

Jul 15, 2012

July 8, 2012

WOW!! I have only been out in the mission field for a month. It is going by to fast, it needs to slow down a little. On the fourth of July all of the Missionaries helped pass out water bottles at a Military Cemetary. They were dedicating a monument in behalf of the Founding Fathers. It was a great experience passing out water there, it was a neat experience.

We are usually out tracting till around 9 but since it was the fourth of July we were told to be back by 7 due to fire hazard even though fireworks are baned in Hopekinsville. In these two hours we watched 17 Miracles. I have never seen that show. It is a wonderful show for any of you who haven't seen it I recomend you see it.

Mission life is great, hope everyone is safe and well.
  Elder Short

Jul 5, 2012

Let The Adventure Begin...

   June 25, 2012Well I am now in Tennessee, on the plane there they said it was 97 degrees, it feels hotter than that here. When we landed we met President and Sister McKee and there two youngest daughters. After that we mingled, then we packed up and headed to the mission office, then the "Mission Home". It has been the Nashville mission home for almost 70 years. 

   The first District meeting was the next day in the stake center next to the Nashville Temple, that's where I found out who my trainer is and my first area.The first area I am called to serve in is Hopkinsville, Kentucky (just across the Tennessee boarder). Elder Perron is my trainer. Come to find out; he has been out for 15 months and I am his 4th trainee, cool.

    For lunch we went to Sonic; its sweet because the MTC secretary owns half of them, so we get 1/2 off discount, Boo- Yeah!! :)After we had our lunch we went preaching. There are so many churches out here: Baptist 1 and 2, Chinese Baptist, Korean Baptist. Every time I see a steeple, I think that's our building, nope :( . There is only one LDS building in Hopkinsville, and it's the stake center. We've got lots of work to do.

   My companion is Elder Perron he is from Twin Falls, Idaho. Here in Hopkinsville, Kentucky every one calls it Hop- Town. Even the citizens call it that, no idea why they do but it sounds cool.

   The first Sunday in the field was quite different than what I am used to. The ward had less than 100 people; there were a few babies crying (1-2) but all in all, it was an enjoyable day. After the meeting, we visited an investigator; we talked with him and were able to commit him to baptism. I've only been out in the mission field for 6 days! WOW! At the end of the day we called President and Sister McKee, they always like to know if someone is wanting to be baptized ASAP. When we told them they screamed. I am so pumped to do it again. I'll try again tomorrow.

Loving the work,
       Elder Terre Short

Jul 2, 2012

MTC Pictures

Monument at MTC

David O'McKay
"What e'er thou art act well they part"

District without me in photo

Group of Elders and Teacher

Group of Elders and Teacher

Neat Picture! :)

Me and my companion Elder Perron

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

No news from Elder Terre Short yet but we have received a letter from his mission president. He arrived in Tennessee already; spent two days with the president and his wife in their home, had training and testimony meetings. His first companions name is Elder Dylan Perron. His first area to serve in is Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 

If you would like to write Elder Terre K. Short please write him at:
              Tennessee Nashville Mission
              105 Westpark Dr. Suite #190
              Brentwood TN 37027 - 5010

I like these pictures because he is actually SMILING in them :) !!!!!

Jun 25, 2012


No more mountains, now lots of green.
I am now in Tennessee for my mission we had an hour delay in Atlanta, Georgia before we got to Tennessee. 

Jun 19, 2012

Week One

My brother has left his sister in charge on keeping the blog up to date and he is sending me stuff to put on the  blog.

Week one has been a blast. Had multiple lessons with investigators here so i learn what to do when i am in Nashville when i am there. I have been to the gym multiple times and gained 6lbs. since June 13 (no idea where it is going but OK). We went walking around the Provo Temple as a District; took multiple pictures and had loads of fun.

On Tuesday, June 12, we went through the Provo temple as a District. What an experience. The chandelier in the Provo temple is amazingly beautiful. If it were me; between the chandeliers in the Provo or the Jordan River. I would have to pick the Jordan River one if i could have one in my house. 
The Elders in my District have convinced me to go to other temples. On my bucket list, i would like to go to the: 
       Rome, Italy (which will be dedicated in 2013)
       San Diego, California
       St. George, Utah
       Manti, Utah
       Logan, Utah
       Houston, Texas
The Houston, Texas and San Diego, California are the top two out of the list that i would like to go through.

Every Wednesday, new missionaries show up to the Missionary Training Center. So on Wednesday, June 13, my companion and i showed where the residency, classroom, cafeteria, and post offices are since they don't know. Elder Hancock from Manti, Utah is learning to speak Spanish and is going to Mexico near the Arizona/ New Mexico border on the Mexico side.

Having a blast here. I am sad to say that i am a third of the way done with my time here at the Missionary Training Center, but i have to look forward to what will happen next.

                                                          Elder Short 


A missionary leaves his family
for two years so that the people he teaches
can be with their family forever.
     5 are going to Nashville, Tennessee and 5 are going to the West Indies

Jun 13, 2012

It's Official

I am now a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. Everybody (5 total) that is going to Nashville, Tennessee is from Utah. 
          Elder Bradley - Vernal
          Elder Haslam - Sandy (Bradley's companion; He knows our uncle)
          Elder Casey - Ogden
          Elder Piccolo – Orem
          And of course myself - Herriman
Come to find out, Piccolo in Italian means small/ short. (funny huh) I am meeting so many people that I know here from High School. It's like a class reunion; but in a weird sort of way. I will remain here at the MTC till around June 25-28. 
Thanks for having me in your thoughts and prayers.

                                          Elder Terre K. Short


June 6th came quicker than i hoped it would. we stopped by the Prove Temple before entering into the MTC.

 The Elder that took our picture here was on his way to the MTC as well he is going somewhere in Russia; wouldn't that have been funny if he was going to Nashville, Tennessee as well.

                                         Entering the MTC

Jun 5, 2012

Packed and Ready

Exactly two months ago, I never thought I would be leaving for my mission. Now, the bags are packed, and I'm ready to go.

Jun 2, 2012

Ensign Peak Hike

 Interesting plaque I found directly south of the trail head across the street. It mentions Joel H. Johnson who wrote the lyrics to Hymn #5 High on a Mountain Top. Ensign Peak is the mountain it is referring to in the song. I had no idea until I saw this plaque.

Stitches of the top of Ensign Peak. The top one is looking south into the valley, while the bottom one is also looking to the west over the Great Salt Lake. You can see the airport, Antelope Island (which isn't an island due to how low the GSL is) and if you look at the far left of the image, you see downtown Salt Lake.