Dec 11, 2012

December 10, 2012

Wow... what a week!!! Open the mail and there were three things for me... YEAH. Two from home  (family and neighbor) and from grandmother. YEAH!!

O.K. that's a little bit of good news, Russell M Nelson came to our mission!!! Talk about an awesome and spiritual powerhouse of a meeting. Last conference, his talk was based on us missionaries. Remember " Ask the Missionaries, they can help you." Surprisingly he did not use that in the address. Also Elder Hymas of the First Quorum of the seventy came, somewhat like a companionship.

Seeing Elder Nelson was great, but I think the real spiritual part of the meeting was ten minutes into it. President McKee showed up "late". He has been with his wife in ICU for the last 16 days.(18 to this day)
It was a real miracle and very emotional to see him there at the meeting.

A few notes from the visit: "It is good to suffer", that is tough doctrine. D&C 122: 7 "...give thee experience and shall be for thy good." " Atonement is mentioned ONCE in the Bible : Romans 5: 11, the Book of mormon teaches everything else about it, it makes it understandable. That is why the Book of Mormon is true! Now for my favorite, D&C 31:3 "Your hour of mission is come to preach the gospel." YEP.. NOUGH SAID.

After the visit, we attempted to have a mission photo with Elder Nelson and Hymas in it. Well, they were in the bathroom, (believe so no idea where) so... neither were in the photo. We did get one of the entire mission, all 170+ of us. YEAH!!

That's the good news. Now for the sad news, I AM LEAVING HOPKINSVILLE KENTUCKY, my birth town. Transfer calls were the day of the Nelson visit. I am being transferred to RUSSELLVILLE KENTUCKY (east of Hoptown) and will be companioned with Elder Corbridge. Also in Russellville, Sisters were in it ( ones going home and other is transferring out) so that means WE ARE WHITEWASHING. My current companion is training in Hoptown, just like I did. Rumor has it, he might train one of the new 18 year old.- cool. All I can really say is that I will miss Hoptown. The last few nights have been somewhat difficult for me. Somehow I've managed to get a little bit of sleep. I love this area and people, specifically the members. The Carmichaels are one of them. They assisted in the Brown's baptism, (members across the street) I will miss them a lot!! Mostly because of little Whitney. She was born June 15, 2012 . She is essentially my time piece for how long I've been here. She is 6 months old, and so am I.

Sunday night, it down poured for about an hour straight. During the storm, I thought what Jessica said when she entered the MTC " heaven is crying because I'm leaving". I thought the same thing, but in regards to my birth town. I will miss it very much.

Well, next write will be interesting, keep my posted and talk to yall later.

-Elder Terre Short

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