Dec 11, 2012

November 12, 2012

Had a baptism on Saturday!!! John Brown is deploying this Thursday, so it had to be done before then. The Browns moved across the street from a members, who were actually praying for a "missionary opportunity", he himself is a convert and is unable to serve a mission due to military life. Next day after prayer, Browns moved in.

The wife, Jenny, is planning on being baptized THIS WEDNESDAY. John even received the priesthood Sunday due to deployment, so he could baptize his own wife, Wednesday will be an awesome day.

The Browns consist of John, Jenny and Joshua. The members are Carmichaels: Geoff (pronounced Jeff) and Camilla, and Cara (oldest) and Whitney. Whitney was born two weeks before I arrived in Hoptown. She sure has gotten big from the first time I met her, that means I've been out a while, WOW.

This Wednesday will be really busy, we have a meeting with Elder Perkins of the 70, which will be for nearly 2/3 of the days. Afterwards, dinner with the Patriarch, O-Charlys or Ryans Steak House... mmm..., then to top it off, the baptism of Jenny Brown. I CAN'T WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY.

Have a zone goal of 30 baptisms within this month, we were to first one (by 1 hour) of the 30, and soon we will add another, and we have 2 more with a baptism scheduled for the rest of he month, the work is finally moving along here. 5 month being out here, and I am finally getting it down.

-Elder Terre Short

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