Sep 23, 2012

September 3, 2012

   Sorry we forgot to put this on.

Dear Family and Friends, 
   Well, let me say from experience that Sunday (September 2) was the hardest fast Sunday ever. It's one thing to fast, but try fasting while you are sick with an unknown bug. Luckily, we did service all day and prepared a meal for the comeback dinner at the church. Wow I got 2/3 done with the First (only had one) plate and I was full. But I have not had meatballs and rice (mmm...) for a while, so I ate those slowly, then my sweet tooth came in to eat the brownies. I think I gained 5 pounds on one plate.

   Best part of the day, got to the Taj Majal, opened the fridge and there is a Yoo- Hoo. Aww Delish!!! Its essentially chocolate milk in a glass bottle or soda can.  (had can) That's the way to end your Fast Sunday, splurging on Yoo- Hoo. Too bad its only a Southern Drink :(

   We got a referral from Salt Late to have a "missionary visit", we got there, they wanted a Kings James Version Bible, we added a Book of Mormon to it, and we had a simple lesson. The best part, that visit we walked away with a family of 5 as NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! They are non denominational Catholic, but the best part they all have been / are at the "rehab" center in Nashville that cleans them literally. The dad said "3 days later, no porn, alcohol, drugs and more" , yet the ENTIRE family is doing it. Personally, I think the Lord is preparing them literally for the restored gospel, now we have to teach it to them. I'll keep y'all posted.

   Elder Terre Short

September 17, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

   This week has been enjoyable. We had a lesson with one of the two families that has a baptism date that went really well. After we taught last time, as we walked out, the seven year old daughter asked, "What is baptism?" The next lesson we had with them was centered on answering that question. They are understanding things as well. The daughter came in late due to playing with friends and asked the question again, the parents said we will teach it to you. The oldest daughter is excited for her baptism, she turns 8 in January. I testified to the father saying, "After you're baptized you can receive the restored priesthood, with that authority, you can baptize Abby." The emotion he has was sheer excitement and joy. He wants to do that, I can tell.

   This weekend (September 15th) we celebrated a huge accomplishment. This weekend, we celebrated the dedication of the first LDS Church house in ALL of Christian County Kentucky. Haleys Mill was built and dedicated in 1912, it still stands today. Now it is surrounded by tombstones of those first LDS Church goers and relatives of them. Charles A. Callis dedicated the church in 1912. Callis was mission president of the Southern States Mission (that's where I am) from 1908 -1934. The mission covered 11 states, and the Nashville, St. Louis, Memphis, Louisville, Atlanta, and other missions were part of it now its broken up. LeGrand Richards replaced Callis as mission president. Callis was released as mission president by President Heber J. Grant and was called as an Apostle. Callis served from 1933-1947.

   The icing on the cake was when a relative of one of the missionaries that built Haley's Mill had all 6 Elders that were there stand and pose the same way that he did in front of Haley's Mill after it was completed. COOL and AWESOME.

   After the celebration, we eventually hitched a ride with the Traveling Elders and went to the Stake Family Fun Day. As we were there, we realized it was transfer day, so, we were all eager to see if the phone rang. The Traveling Elders phone rang, President McKee was calling. Somebody was being transferred. They answered, because of the location of farm, cell service was crappy, dropped call after saying Hello. About 15 minutes after their call, our phone rings, President McKee was calling. I answer, to much static could not understand him, hung up due to no service. An hour later, driving back to our apartment, we call President McKee. One of the Traveling Elders is transferred and training, Elder Perron (my companion) is leaving Hop town and going to Murfeesburough, Tennessee (North East of Nashville) and is becoming a Zone Leader. As for me, I'M STAYING IN HOPTOWN with ELDER WEED. Now I am the person who knows Hoptown. GULP, It might be difficult but I'm up for the challenge. 

   What are the odds, Elder Weed was one of the 6 with us at Haleys Mill less than 10 hours before the call. All I know about him is that he came out 1 transfer before me, ( 6 weeks older) from Portland, Oregon and he's hilarious. Hope it will work well, I know it will. Well, my dad (trainer) is leaving me (son) behind, the good thing, (sort of) Elder Perrons dad (trainer) is going home this transfer, so he will see his dad (trainer) 1 more time before he "dies" (goes home).

Well that's the latest. Keep the letters coming. :)
Elder Terre Short