Dec 11, 2012

November 5, 2012

Well, where to start. First things first, we got the car this week YEAY, however, we have 1200 miles to use a month, received it Sunday Oct. 28, and we had 70 miles to use in 3 days. The worst thing about it, that day, car drove 20 miles to get to us, the Monday  we had breakfast 20 miles away, so ANOTHER 40 miles used, so 60 miles in TWO DAYS, but the extra 10 disappeared. Had the car, drove it for less than 3 days, and we ended at 1206 for the month. We were so happy when November 1 came, NEW MILES YEAH.

Nothin really fun and amazing happened this week. Have an investigator family across the members place, the husband is somewhat committed to the 10th for baptism. He deploys on the 17, so its do or die. The wife, is essentially saying "I want my own month or year for the baptism", ugh. Sounds like she wants him to leave just so she can have her own celebration party, but if that's the case so be it.

Finally had an exchange with a ward missionary here. went to an area which we call the boonies, nearly 5 miles out there. Went to the referral from HQ, not home, went to the other referral from 2 months ago, in bed sick, we leave, go down the road, and we witness an accident. Don't worry, nobody was injured or killed, just a car went too fast around the car turning left. The moving car just hit the fence and dinged up his front right light and bumper. The only casualty was the little kids newly pet fish that was with them, the whiplash killed it.

We were at the exact intersection nearly 1 month ago, traffic was a standstill. So we decide to see what happened. A motorcyclist lost control, bike basically destroyed, shoes off feet 20 feet from accident, glasses away and the driver was face first in the asphalt not moving.We arrived 10 minutes before the paramedics arrived so the accident was recent. We overhear the paramedics call in a helicopter. 10 minutes later, we see the helicopter in the distance, but we hear the medics on the radio call them off, we believe the bicyclist died before the copter arrived. UGH that is just one bad intersection. Two accidents in the last two visits of the same area. Hope we are not next GULP

Had another comeback dinner on Sunday. The new tradition for the ward is every Fast Sunday there is a comeback dinner. Talk about a way to end fast YUM

Well, that's the latest. Hope everything is going well, personally, I'd prefer to write a written letter home the the anticipation aspect, but emailing works as well.

Keep the prayers comin

- Elder Terre Short

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