May 29, 2013

May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

OK, so where to begin...

Farewell tour of Elder Worthen continued since he is being transferred to Murray Kentucky. (first time in Kentucky EVER) Elder Worthen is missing the homecoming of the missionary coming home from the Las Vegas mission by 6 hours, they will keep in touch though. Its hard to forget the story and photo of the missionary in another missionaries bed.

Transfer Meeting
Received 17 new missionaries making the total for the mission nearly 250. My oldest "missionary brother" is training in Hopkinsville and continuing the legacy his father left for me to do. Elkton now has a permanent set of missionaries in the city now...YEAY

My new companion is Elder Fisher from Idaho Falls Idaho. That means now 4 of 7 companions have been from Idaho.

FOR MOTHER...Finally got the shots completed.

Sunday found out some sad news. Elder Odom got transferred out of Herriman and is now in Draper...sad face... Fun while it lasted, having missionaries serving in same neck-of-the-woods for a while. Speaking of neck-of-the-woods, Elder Mouser from the Vegas mission is now home, we thought the homecoming address was Sunday, luckily it wasn't. That's one way to make us trunkie, especially since I'm the SECOND OLDEST missionary time wise serving in the district.

Slowly but surely visiting the less actives and not actives. We have a ward fiesta tonight hosted by the Spanish portion of the ward. Hopefully we got the message out enough to convince some of them to come, get to know the new ward (ward boundaries changed 3 weeks ago) and enjoy everyone's company.

Speaking of enjoy company, the new thing the mission is focusing on is Family Home Evening Groups. The city of Winchester due to a FHE group has now turned into the newest Branch in the Mission. That's the vision for the entire mission, were attempting to do it here, the first one is planned the first week of June, it'll be a party.

Speaking of first week of June, Hump-Day is coming...YIKES

Now, for the most interesting part of the entire update. We received a call late Saturday night informing us of an important meeting to occur early Monday Morning, (originally P-Day) P-Day was moved to TUESDAY, THAT'S WHY THIS UPDATE IS LATE. None of the meeting details were specified for the reason why it was occurring. The only thoughts through my mind were the TNM (Tennessee Nashville Mission) is splitting and President is upgrading to a 70. Having no idea, the meeting started. Beginning the program, one of the daughters sung a song and not 2/3 through it she cries unable to finish the song, realizing the emotion that meant something sad is about to occur, but what. President comes up and reads a letter received from the First Presidency on Saturday saying in part "YOU WILL BE RELEASED AS MISSION PRESIDENT EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2013" the news shocked all 250+ missionaries, with still another year left in his Mission President reign is really weird. They are being released due to Sis McKees health, shes dramatically improved, but it would be best if she was home to recover. But they emphasized the point of "This is our transfer straight from the Lord, so we are going to go even though we don't want to."

The new Mission President and wife will be an interesting one. The original senior couple mission call was to WASHINGTON STATE, but then it changed  to Mission President at the last second. President Anderson is the new Mission President and he is a local Utahan from the Ogden area.

So...that's a wrap. This last month with Pres/Sis McKee will be an interesting one

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

May 20, 2013

Well, this is the most interesting week I've had by far. Being emergency transferred the WEEK BEFORE normal transfers are a pain according to other missionaries, now i know their pain.

Come to find out, I'm NOT IN SPRING HILL, I live in Columbia where the church building is, but cover the area between Columbia and Spring Hill, its interesting how were not in our area and yet were still in the ward. Also come to find out, my Pops Perron and my oldest brother Steinekert were trained in the city of Spring Hill, who would have thought.

Currently companion ed with Elder Worthen of Las Vegas who now has 6 months left, and has been in the Spring Hill area for 9 MONTHS. The interesting thing is the Spring Hill Ward has missionaries sent out and are currently SERVING AND COMING HOME from Las Vegas, while another one is serving in HERRIMAN UTAH, Elder Odom is in the Herriman South Stake. Both of us companions have someone serving from the same ward in our area back at home, who would have thought.

The newly-formed district is basically a white-washing district, us two, trainer-trainee who's been out less than 6 months, and a new Spanish companionship, it'll be an interesting party, especially since we all share one vehicle between the six of us. Since the car is basically part time, we've biked A LOT within the last 4 days, its been nearly 6 months since i rode it last.

Continuously visit the Pie Sensations pie shop in town owned by members, free pie is delicious, however, the shop closes at the end of this The recess pieces and the recess peanut butter cup pies are the best two BY FAR.

The ward is interesting as well, it has a Spanish branch built in (Spanish is Spring Hill Spanish = 4 missionaries in one ward) hearing Spanish and a translator during the sacrament meeting is different. However, it may be a little blessing in disguise. I may catch on to my Spanish since in a partial Spanish branch. The total attendance is around 50-70 average

Slowly but surely getting used to the area, and now it will be even more interesting. TRANSFER CALLS ARE IN, Elder Worthen is officially leaving Spring Hill and is going to Kentucky (first time out of Tennessee), I'm staying in Spring Hill with unknown companion. (voice mail blanked out)

Things are gettin interesting out this way, that's a wrap till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

May 13, 2013

my hillbilly 10 commandment rock
wrote on it my self 

Northcutts Cove Chapel dedicated October 1909

May 13, 2013

OK, this'll be an amazing-ish update, hope y'all enjoy.

Went to see Eugene Hensley, the "Jesus Rocks" guy to pick up my 10 Hillbilly Commandments only to find out that hes been really busy and it was put on back-order. He invited me to write it on the stone, and I did, here is the finished product. Don't forget to make it sound hick when you speak it, it makes it that much more enjoyable. It is a keepsake that will always remind me of the Redneck/Hillbilly area of Tennessee and Kentucky, I love it all ready.

Had a zone meeting nearly 2 hours away, (further south than the normal destination of McMinnville) thinking why in the world are we so far away. But glad we did, what a site. The Northcutts Cove Chapel was dedicated October 1909 (3 years BEFORE the Haley's Mill Chapel near Hop-town) by President Callis of the SE Mission. April 1979, the location was put on the National Register of Historic Places. Its a small and amazing building.

Participated in the latest miracle of the Nashville Mission. The town of Winchester went from a FHE Group of 25 to a newly activated branch of 150 strong in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS. The city held its annual Dogwood (its a tree in the area) Festival. The Branch made a booth there, in 2 days, they received 200 REFERRALS!!! With One senior couple stationed in Winchester, they could not do it alone. So us and 4 other missionaries left our areas to assist Winchester for 2 days. Each of us visited nearly 40 referrals, with only 10-15% answering back. Although the number of those we've visited are small, at least we've planted the seed, we can say we've succeeded in doing the work in Winchester. After the work in two days, we return back to Cookeville. (to Sister Riches' parents place where Zone Leaders apartment is and car) It was hard to fit 6 Elders in a Chevy Truck with 3 of them being OVER 6' 4" tall, (as well as the tallest in the entire mission) lets say I was the SHORTEST one, so I sat between Shotgun and Driver for the 2 1/2 hour to and from Winchester, reminds me of the Mazda pick up truck being crammed in the center seat all over again.

It was really great to have the Mothers Day conversation. However, now for some interesting news. Not 5 minutes after ending the Skype call, I receive news that I am being EMERGENCY TRANSFERRED OUT OF JAMESTOWN. With one week left in the transfer, its really weird. Jamestown is being replaced with Spanish Sisters, which is weird because Spanish are all ready in the zone, and only 4 Spanish people live in Jamestown. (that I know of) Both of us are being emergency transferred out. I'm heading to SPRING HILL TENNESSEE, (which was a previous area to my Pops Perron) but I'm ticked about leaving. We have only 36 hours to sleep, eat, email, pack, and be in Nashville by TUESDAY MORNING, that's a 2 hour drive from us right now. Talk about forcing me to do a quick farewell tour. This'll surprise everyone that we meet, unfortunately we cannot visit everyone.

Cant believe my only sisters graduatin' within the next month
Cant believe I've been out nearly a year

Well, next write will possibly be in SPRING HILL, I may only be there for one week, so who knows

Till next time
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

May 6, 2013

OK...where to begin...have to see this photo
Inline image 1
The famous guy in town gives these away for free and tries to get Jesus into everyone's lives. His catch phrase is "Jesus Rocks" (written on a rock of course). He has been trying to put Jesus into everyone's lives since he had a miraculous change of heart nearly 25 years ago, and has done this service ever since. Nearly every house and business has a rock similar to this. I'm gonna get one with the HILLBILLY 10 COMMANDMENTS on it, Jesus Rocks all right, but it'll be written in Hillbilly Language, to always remind me that I served in the south, Tennessee and Kentucky.
Also, this guy is so into Jesus, that hes building a baptismal font INSIDE HIS RIVER so there can be a baptismal service nearly weekly. That is a live O Brother Where Art Thou moment, i hope I'm here for that.
There is an interesting place out this way that I've never seen before. The Artesian Well is where the local residents get FREE water, only if they bring buckets and jugs to put the water into. Its a "cool" little area, and yes, the spring is all natural and yes, it is cold.
Inline image 4
Had a multi-zone conference with a few zones. We had to drive due to car inspections (172 miles round trip and nearly 15% of budget GONE in 1 day), that i didn't like. However, my anger subsided when i was able to communicate with Elder Bassett and Weed again. Weed informed me of Hopkinsville, some information a bit scary. Bassett knew of the baptism, but was shocked to see him BEARDLESS. Meetings get really boring really quick, i love them just because I'm able to see familiar faces once again.
Have to inform y'all of a miracle happening out here. In the tiny-ish town of Winchester a miracle is occurring. 6 months ago, there was no activity due to a nearby city having the nearest congregation. Within 6 months, that town has a branch of 150+ ACTIVE people. That is a miracle, plus the other town where the "split" occurred has nearly doubled in size as well. The mission is using this as a template in all areas so the work can nearly QUINTUPLE within 6 months time. ill give it a shot, however its difficult to do it in an area with 80% of city being 75+, retired, bored, lazy and don't wanna do anything. Who knows
Well, that's a wrap. We have mostly been visiting lazy less actives and members. However, the stake president is basically wanting us to continue this to build trust so we can continue to do the work.
Inline image 2
Hopefully next week will be a party, ill show photo of my Hillbilly Commandments rock.
Always remember, JESUS ROCKS!!!!!
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

May 5, 2013

Pictures form April 29, 2013

Yes it is a pink fishing pole who cares look at that fish :)

Large Mouth Bass 

Blue Gill about 7 inches long

April 29, 2013

Sorry for not doing the details of each day. Jamestown is the slowest area I've been in, the ward is old and has no desire to assist leaving all the pressure on us. I don't like it.
Other than the area being slow, this week was by far one of the best I've had for TWO specific reasons
ONE: Nashville Tribute Band came to the area!!!

The artists of the WORK, JOSEPH and TREK CD's came for a mission-wide tour. Nearly 3 hours of singing the songs that the entire mission knows. (only other approved CD's next to MoTab) The songs were all known, but the last one was known as I WAS BORN and the best part, the band had all missionaries present SING IT (sorry, no video/audio) WOW that was what i call a concert. The songs actually clicked a little more, especially I WAS BORN, Jason Deere (lead singer) wrote the song somewhat based on his and the bands life (and other events) the last line of the song "i was born on the plains of Oklahoma where that prairie grass rolls on, born a son of humble converts, and i'm here to pay it forward" I loved every minute of the performance.
Unfortunately, Katherine Nelson could not be there, shes one of the only female voices of the group. Name ring a bell? Let me put a visual here, shes the FAMOUS ACTOR of EMMA SMITH in PROPHET OF THE RESTORATION that was played at the Joseph Smith Bldg in Salt Lake.
After the performance i mingled with a few members of the band, (sorry no photos) i inquired why they put the Benjamin Franklin Johnson quote in the Trek CD, he responds "talk to my dad, hes a distant relative of ours and we needed to pay tribute to him" WOW i'm related to 3 members of the Nashville Tribute Band (father and 2 sons) while the father had a career with the now famous band DIAMOND RIO . (For mother) they are related to us through BF Johnson's youngest son Ellis Johnson (were trough Joel Hills). This concert just got even better...MIND BLOWN
TWO: I was able to get back to Russellville for Cliff Kennedy's Baptism!!!
It was great to see the Kennedy clan again, however, he looks different without his "three reed-length" beard. I'm once again with members of one of my favorite families on the mission.
I cant explain the feelings that i had when i walked into the familiar halls of the small Russellville Branch building. The baptism was to occur AFTER the entire church services, the ENTIRE KENNEDY FAMILY was present, just that family alone DOUBLED the attendance in the meetings. I felt home again seeing all the familiar faces that i came to love to be around.
The baptismal service was amazing. Yours truly spoke about baptism and it was just completely awesome. Somehow i held myself together and didn't cry. Standing in the confirmation circle, another amazing feeling washed over me testifying that i have done good. I could die right now and i would be a happy man.
Knowing my time was running thin, i grabbed as many photos of the Branch and Kennedy family. (unable to when transferred due to General Conference...grrrr...) I will miss the people and the area, but i was glad to return for this event.
Afterwards, i achieved something that i wanted to do...go fishing again. The last day here we went fishing on his property, i didn't catch nothing. 
Cliff and i decided to have a fishing competition, when it was over, i caught 6 Blue Gills and 1 Large Mouth Bass, while he caught 4 Blue Gill and 2 Large Mouth...BOO YEAH...I WIN
Leaving that family again was really difficult. I was glad and honored to be back. Now, the next time i might see them is when they're planning a trip to Utah about the time i return home. That will be a party.

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

April 22, 2013

Well, another week has flown by. I cant believe that I am one month away from my year mark. Me companioned with a fellow MTC district member is making me wish the time would fly by faster. According to the mission rumor, the last year is faster than the first, hope i don't blink and miss it, i hope i enjoy the moment. It is also interesting to be companioned with someone who knows somebody you know dearly, small world moment and who would have thought.

Monday here is interesting. Had dinner with the Cook family, ONE of the TWO families with kids younger than 3, the cornbread brought back memories of being in Russellville. Since i was the noobie, they bombard me with questions (as does everybody), they ask what i did at home, i say Geo caching ..the wife freezes..."you need to meet my mother, she just got hooked into it a few months ago and she is coming over for dinner tonight" BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!! Now the very boring P-Day might have a fun activity to do with one of the members. Shes only found 5, but with my assistance and expertise, that 5 will soon be 50 or 500, maybe not the 500. Have to plan out a P-Day to do it, and I'm looking forward to it.

I have to vent a little...small districts for district meetings are not really enjoyable. Each district I've been in had 4, now same with this one. District meetings are OK  but when we are expected to have them weekly (80 miles ROUND TRIP) and expect to budget it out of the little we have, no wonder the work is slow, we cant go anywhere due to driving back and forth to meetings. The members out here cant help either, they're too busy doing other house-hold things. Biking here isn't an option either, the nearest towns are 35-40 miles away on major roads. A member pleaded with the Mission Pres a year ago saying "Biking 35 miles to church on Sunday? That cant happen, they need to have a vehicle." I just have to live through it, but sometimes these weekly "revelatory experiences" (what we replace Meeting with) are seeming more to me like a "revelatory burden"...i need to change my attitude, that might take a while.

Had dinner with the White family. Come to find out, their oldest (only) son is serving his mission right now in T....Mexico, hes only been out 6ish months. They were a fun family to visit. They've been in and around Salt Lake City, so inquired if they've heard of the Kennecott Mine...(i always bring it up since its the backyard)...they haven't, i pull it up in Google Earth, they were shocked in the size of it. They've been in Salt Lake multiple times and have never HEARD or SEEN the mine? I remember seeing it from Ensign Peak...they didn't know where to look. Now if they go back, i recommended a good recreational visit.

This family surprisingly is one of my favorites so far. One son (me and on mission) one daughter (i wonder who), her FAVORITE movie is Tangled...only thing to solidify the resemblance is the two dogs they own and the cows near the property...

OK, now for a fun visit. Jason, this is for you. Met with Bro. Madewell, the second counselor in the bishopric  he reminds me so much of you "Jason Awesome #1!!!" Lets just say hes you 25 years in the future. Hes old (60's), single ;) , talkative, and hilarious to be around, as well as pulls out a few funny jokes every now and then.

This up-coming week will be a blast. Hopefully, ill be able to make it back to Russellville for the Baptism of Cliff Kennedy on Sunday, but before that, something amazing is happening. NASHVILLE TRIBUTE BAND is having a mission wide tour, they'll be in our area THURSDAY!!! i would send videos, but the file size is too large to attach. Give the CD's a listen if you haven't for a while. Still listening to the TREK, still nobody out here has it, I'm lucky.

Now for the scariest news of them all. i weighed myself...I WEIGH 140 LB, and i entered the MTC at 115...DANG...its the cornbread, its addictive and tasty.

That's a wrap, keep me posted

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

April 15, 2013

Tuesday transfer meeting came and the final hours of me in Russellville diminished to zero. All the less actives and members that I've fellow shipped are now in the rear-view mirror. I got emotional thinking back on the adventures and fun times with the small branch. Some of them i know i will see again in the near future, but I am still emotional, more emotional than when i left my birth town of Hopkinsville. However, Jessica said it right "look for the positive in difficult times", I really needed that and will continue to use it.

Nearly 20 newbies arrived. One of them being a sister from RIVERTON Utah, she lives near South Hills Middle School. Shes opening a new area near Russellville, way to represent Southern Salt Lake County. This transfer meeting i found out that my "pops" is going home. Perron is now officially back home in Dietrich Idaho. I was his last-born "son", that is an interesting thought. 
Hitting the road to Jamestown was difficult. I saw a few past-Russellville served missionaries, reminded me of the area, as well as a few Hopkinsville area missionaries, it was just difficult for me to leave what i knew behind and start out new, but i have no choice and will take on the challenge.

Yes you all have heard right, my new companion is none other than Elder Haslam from Sandy Utah (Jason's old ward) and MTC District buddy. I am officially in Tennessee in a tiny town of Jamestown, which is the furthest East in the mission you can go. Go another county east and your in the Knoxville Mission boarders. 2 1/2 hours of driving later, we arrive in the new area.

Not even 24 hours in Jamestown and we have a zone meeting in McMinnville. (2 hours away) I've only been in the Hoptown zone since day one: what a difference. Hoptown zone is about 20+ missionaries, McMinnville is 35+...DANG. PLUS, my previous companion Elder Bassett, Sister Giles (born in Ft. Campbell when I left) AND Hermana Carrell are in the zone. This will be a party. The icing on the cake is one of the zone leaders, he served in Hopkinsville before Perron trained my oldest brother. Reminiscing on the past with him is always cool. However, he goes home in 6 weeks...DANG IT... From Sister Giles I found out that 3 families in Hopkinsville are transferred (military transfer) in the three families, the ward looses 15%+ of the congregation as well as some of the large and important callings to

Finally starting to meet a few people in the teeny-tinny town of Jamestown. The members however live nearly 20 miles ONE WAY away, and with limited miles, it doesn't work to go out that way at all. But we are working as much as we can and using them whenever we can.

OK...uber trunkie moment...Jamestown is home to a MOVIE THEATER owned by a member. Nightly we go there to do service by assisting him cleaning the seating area. Granted the theater is only a 2 screen with 100 seats per screen, but the soda, popcorn, smell, advertising all reminds me of my working days at the 20 screen theater.

Joyce Copeland is one less active that we've visited. She reminds me of Mrs. Weibe from Russellville. Shes an old widow who nobody wants or feels like visiting, I'm gonna enjoy being her company for however long im here.

The ward here reminds me so much of the West Valley City ward. An attendance of 50-70 with 80% of ward being OVER 55 with less than 10 youth and 2 families with "infants" about a walk down memory lane.

Well, that's a wrap. I've done too many details. However here's another BIG detail. Talking with Cliff Kennedy in Russellville, HE CAN BE RE BAPTIZED APRIL 28!!!!! Now i have to find a way to get there for it...110+ miles away makes it difficult

Picture of the outside of theater 

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

April 8, 2013

OK...where to begin

Had a shocking memory moment this week, Jackie is officially 18...sorry folks for the reminder, ya'll be "empty nesters" in 5 years max
OK since were traveling, we travel A LOT, the end of the month we tallied the miles, we went 2800 MILES in 30 DAYS, not bad, compared to some traveling in the past going 6000+. Now the bad news, WE ARE NO LONGER TRAVELING or have UNLIMITED MILES, we are now limited to 1250 a month...this'll be interesting

Went on exchange with zone leaders because they were needed in Leitchfield for a baptism interview. I had to drive the 90 mile round trip, now driving is easy and I'm getting used to it. Went to visit one less active only to find out that she was emitted into the hospital due to "disappearance of blood in system", plus with her being nearly 95 years old, i hope she will get better. We performed our priesthood duty and performed a blessing for her.

Had a fun dinner appointment this week, roasted bratwursts and burgers over an open fire. Nothing better than cooking outside when the temperature is hovering 60 at 6PM. After the meal, i say "now we need Recess PB Cups and s'mores", everybody wanted to try it, but we didn't have all the supplies.

Had another shocking moment...JESSICA...UR HALF WAY DONE...

Ahhhh...Conference. Its the only time that we can "relax" when it comes to missionary work. Shocking to hear the 65000+ missionaries and another 20000 in transit. Conference had a lot of familiar faces, met, seen, and shook hands of ELDER NELSON, OAKS AND KOPISCHKE. Walk down memory lane...

Now for some unexpected news...transfer calls were Conference Saturday, BOTH OF US ARE BEING TRANSFERRED OUT OF RUSSELLVILLE and being replaced with sisters AGAIN. We are both heading to Tennessee with me heading to JAMESTOWN the new companion...ELDER HASLAM from my MTC District and "Jason Awesome #1"'s ward. 

I cant believe I'm leaving Russellville, I've been here nearly 3 months with Bassett only here for 6 WEEKS, I'm sad and depressed for leaving this area. The main struggle we've had is time. Due to excommunicated members we needed to wait it out and lets say one may be baptized before MY YEAR MARK, and i wont be here for it.

Now were just doing our farewell tour and continuing to pack and clean the apartment whenever we have a free moment.

Sad to say, next time i write, ill be out of Russellville and in Jamestown Tennessee

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

April 1, 2013

OK where to begin...had a dinner visit with a family in Elkton. They are one of the dozen Addison families in the ward. Lets just say, the ENTIRE WARD IS RELATED. The ward is 90% either an Addison or a Frogue, talk about possibly marrying a second cousin...lets say dating in Elkton is difficult...either way, dinner. The family somewhat made me trunkie. The dad served his mission in the Salt Lake South mission in 84ish, the mission went from Sandy, Draper, Provo to St. George even to Moab...DANG. Well if talking Utah didnt get me trunkie, it didn't help that the high school graduating daughter happened to be wearing a University of Utah hoodie (just for you Jason). We talked about the needs of Elkton as well as Utah. It was a blast to be with them, and if this is only one of the Addisons, odds are the rest of the family is the same way...awesome

Received a text from the Branch President saying that Cliff Jr has the ball rolling and interview dates are set. We still have to wait for the disciplinary council to decide yeah or nay for re baptism  so we have to wait another 3-4 weeks, but just the fact that hes at this step is amazing. All this support and fellow shipping is really helping out.

We also received word about Ernie. The BP called Salt Lake in regards to him. We can basically baptize him NOW, and ONE YEAR to the date he can receive the priesthood and other ordinances. (was endowed before divorce/name removal) Now we have to insist him to come to church, but him as a home-nurse on speed-dial may be the problem. If we get that in his head, expect a baptism from him within the next 8-10 WEEKS. Next time were there, ill take a photo of Biscuit, hes a 35lb Dodson dog, you'll like him, i do.

Easter a day. First off, yours truly spoke. Never spoken on Easter Sunday...challenge accomplished. I red one of the famous talks about the mission and purpose of Christ: the Purifying Power of Gethsemane by Bruce R McConkie. In case ya'll don't know, that was his FINAL ADDRESS in conference before he died one month later. What a spiritual meeting, and it wasn't because me or my companion spoke. Just the fact of everyone speaking and talking of Christs purpose and mission made me more realize that this is what I'm teaching to everyone. 

After the meeting, we went to the traditional place for dinner and a few movie(s). Somehow it got out that my companion and I haven't seen THE PASSION, we watched it, however, there was a little problem. The Blue-Ray player needed an outlet, one of the Kennedy's unplugged the Direct TV box to enable us to watch the Passion, well, when the Passion ended, we found out ONE box is unplugged, 2 MISSED the FIRST HOUR of FINALE of the Bible, and THREE we cannot rewind live TV ..well, we missed the first hour, but we have multiple opportunities to catch up.

Simple thing today, Bassett hasn't been close or into the Jefferson Davis Monument, so we attempt it since it is to the West of Elkton and our area. We arrive only to find out IT IS CLOSED, the sign says it'll open in APRIL and SPRING...were in it. As well as the other fellow tourists from Canada were not very happy of it being closed, but well have another time to do it.

Well, gotta go
PLEASE put tracker on mail to make sure it is my way, no mail received within last 4 weeks....sad face......

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!