Mar 27, 2013

March 25, 2013

Spent nearly an entire day at Cliff Jrs place. We've mostly been there for fellow shipping and support, it payed off big time today. Talking to him about the re baptism seeing if he want it. He says, "I'm gonna talk with Branch President soon so the ball can get going again" BOO-YEAH That's about all we can do, but its a good step in the right direction.

Ate dinner at one of the Kennedy's who we haven't been to or seen in 4 weeks. He had a stomach virus and was somewhat contagious  hasn't been at church for that amount of time. We went for the visit, but also for the MAN CAVE and the Corvette in his garage. Taxidermy stuff galore, even a few new ones. We had to go because Elder Bassett is a HUGE Corvette fan, told him of it and his jaw DROPPED. That 1982 Corvette out of THOUSANDS won ladies choice in 2000... its an amazing ride.

Had interviews with President McKee this week. The ride to them was very stressful. Arrived to address when they started only to realize that we had the wrong address with NO CHURCH BUILDING PRESENT. Received the correct address and it was a HALF HOUR the other direction. During the drive, I was "cursing" the zone leaders for making us late. During the interview, I vented these feelings. President teaches me a lesson here: "I forgive you for being late, but do you forgive the zone leaders for accidentally messing up? Change your attitude and you'll feel better." He even used this example in his teaching after all the interviews were done. While he was saying it, the infamous line from Rafeki in Lion King can into my mind: IT DOESN'T MATTER, ITS IN THE PAST. Being late to an important meeting is not OK  but its in the past, can't change it, look forward instead of behind. That conversation changed my attitude and I feel like I can achieve anything.

Due to next week being Easter Sunday, we had our fast and testimony meetings this week BOTH Cliff Jr. and his (unbaptized) daughter BOAR TESTIMONY. He said publically "thank you missionaries for being there for the support and fellow shipping, without ya, I wouldn't be here right now"... LOVE IT!

After the church meeting, we went again to Cliff Sr. to watch the BIBLE with the family. It's a great time to just be there for the support, the BIBLE is very good. THE SEASON FINALE is EASTER SUNDAY and Christs crucifixion and resurrection will be broadcast ed  Easter Sunday will be a PARTY... excluding the fact that us missionaries have to give talks subjected on the Easter Season that day as well...

Received some GREAT news this morning from the Russellville Branch President,
Cliff approached him yesterday and has an interview with him TOMORROW, may begin to teach and set baptism date.
Ernie (name removed) we can set a date for him and begin the process. He CANNOT receive the priesthood or temple stuff due to being previously endowed... have to wait longer.


 Taxidermy Jack- a - lope

Me in a Corvette :) 

Leaving Trenton

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

Mar 26, 2013

March 18, 2013

This week was  productive. We cover a few more counties and are needing a map so we can effectively plan visits for less actives and members. The Chamber of Commerce has weird hours closing at 2:30 pm, so we are planning on getting it in a few days.

Visited with Ernie Cole. We walk in, TV was on announcing the selection of the new pope. Saw history in a weird way, but was able to apply it to today and what it means. Ernie is still at a stand still. We are attempting to get the EXACT year date of his name removed, so we can EFFECTIVELY plan and teach and commit him, however, he needs to just come to church.

Visited with Terry Wiebe, Kent Owens, Darcie Smith, Greggorys, who are all less actives in Russellville. SIDE NOTE: Darcie Smith's records say he's an ordained MEMBER OF THE 70, who would have thought.

March 17... ST PATRICKS DAY... had services at the Elkton building. That building was also the location for the Tennessee Missionary Choir performance commemorating Easter. WOW sounded like angels. The best part of the performance was the solo performance of CONSIDER THE LILIES. I nearly cried 5 seconds into the song. Haven't hear the song for nearly a year, and once the first notes hit, I visualized Grandma Jenny reclining in her chair sitting completely still listening to the words. That song is one of my favorites. NOW ONLY IF I HAD THE MOTAB CD CONSIDER THE LILIES, that would be great.

Before the services started, I noticed a van pull up that looked familiar. Staring at the car, I realize the driver was getting my attention: IT WAS JENNY BROWN FROM HOPKINSVILLE!!!! She and the friend across the street dropped off the Ft. Campbell sisters for the Choir services. It was amazing to see one of my recent converts again, plus, I was able to see the newborn of Mrs. Jennay, Harper. Even though the visit was for only 10 minutes, I would love to have it happen again.

That night, we had a party!!! Went over to a Kennedy's place (ex'd member) with 6 other members of the family and watched more of the BIBLE. During the show, the dad asked an important question: Where did John (the baptist) get his authority to baptize? Tonight we have dinner with him, and going to give him the answer.

TRIVIA, where did he get his authority? Try to answer it without me telling ya.

That's the wrap talk to ya'll later.

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

Mar 23, 2013

March 11, 2013

First things first: the members out here invited us to watch the BIBLE, which is a History Channel documentary based on the book, it has its inaccuracies, but I ENJOY IT. It is making me understand the Bible more, that's just what I need as a missionary.

OK, now for the nitty- gritty. Wednesday we as a partial zone was invited to the temple to do some work, however, the missionaries in Leitchfield Kentucky had no ride, so we were forced to drive to LEITCHFIELD to pick them up then SPEND THE NIGHT IN RUSSELLVILLE, then DRIVE TO FRANKLIN TENNESSEE  for the temple session and then DRIVE THEM BACK TO LEITCHFIELD that day, then go back home. AND I HAD TO DO ALL THE DRIVING, (Bassett has no license due to an overprotective mother) ALL 400 MILES in TWO DAYS... UGH... NO MORE DRIVING PLEASE. That's the benefits of traveling and the unlimited miles, but I'm sick of driving for this long. I've essentially driven from Herriman, Utah to St. George, then BACK to Richfield in TWO DAYS... no more driving. PLUS, all that driving is excluding the Zone Meeting we had the day after the temple trip in CLARKSVILLE TENNESSEE, which is another 80 mile ROUND TRIP... I'm done driving... but we got no choice.

Sad to say, since we drove for that long, we were physically exhausted, and due to the driving to from and back again, that time could not have been spent visiting people. Needless to say, this week we only had a total of 12 LESSONS when we normally have around 15-18, we could have had more, but driving took it away.

But, that's the past week, this week we are planning to do great. We haven't really been able to visit with the other areas, Tuesday (tomorrow) going to visit Elkton basically all day, Thursday we'll be in Morgantown about 1/3 of the day. This week will be a good one... I can feel it in my blood.
Sad to say, that's the wrap.

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

Mar 22, 2013

March 4, 2013

OK Transfers occurred. Corbridge is now home is Declo, Idaho, my new companion is Elder Anthony Bassett from Emmet, Idaho, (north of Boise) he's been out just about 14 months. WE ARE THE NEW TRAVELING MISSIONARIES which means we cover MORE THAN ONE AREA, technically, we have UNLIMITED MILES, lets just say that we use about 100-120 PER DAY.

During Transfers, Sister McKee was there. She arrived at the Elder Oaks visit the Saturday of transfer calls, that was the first time the missionaries have seen her since November when she had two strokes and one heart attack. Sister McKee is doing A LOT better. She only has struggles with balance and sight, everything else is OK.

Since we drive A LOT, we decided to take photos of the landmarks in Logan County: (near Russellville) LOGAN ALUMINUM. This plant is the LARGEST ALUMINUM PLANT IN THE NATION and is the main source of money for Logan County, its basically a city within the walls. That's the explanation.

Driving through Elkton to understand the area, we encounter multiple tractors and even a few Amish buggies on the road. Snapped a few pics.

Now area update: since we now cover 3 areas, its been BUSY. We received the Area Books late, so we are needing to sit down and read them with bishopric members, but its slightly difficult with the distance we have to travel either way (Russelville is our "hub" or center, where apartment is)

Morgantown we went to on Sunday. We had no choice: two people were baptized the week before we arrived, and the confirmations were that Sunday, and we need to get the paperwork to send to Mission Headquarters. Either way, that was one way to learn the area as well as the people. Morgantown has lost a few strong families due to moving out, now that building has an active attendance of about that as Russellville is not a little bigger: 50-65ish.

Elkton: haven't visited anybody yet in the bishopric. Have that planned for Tuesday.

Now since we are traveling, things are gonna get really busy. However, we may only be traveling for 6 weeks due to the "rapid influx" of missionaries. Due to that, traveling will be obsolete since every area may have a set of permanent missionaries.

President and Sister McKee

Lots and Lots of Tractors

Largest Aluminum Plant

Amish Buggie 

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

February 25, 2013

Well, the final week with my companion, Elder Corbridge is winding down. He's getting trunkier every day. Since he's going home, we just did a farewell tour visiting all less actives he friended. He can't wait to be back home in Declo, Idaho, he's also thought of moving back out this way... maybe...

OK, I am now ticked with the postal service. FINALLY received the second valentines gift (from Phoenix), it arrived 15 days after it was sent (normally should be 8-9) and the gift was DAMAGED. Paper ripped off part of it, and a gashing hole on the box, luckily the candy wasn't destroyed, but i'm still furious about it. Still HAVE NOT received the flash drive D&C package YET

Now for the fun part... we had a surprise meeting this week with none other than ELDER DALLIN H OAKS of the 12!!! He came through for a priesthood meeting, and said TNM  (Tennessee Nashville Mission) missionaries come early for a visit. That makes 4 Apostles have visited the TNM within 6 MONTHS (Anthony Hopkins of 70, Russell Nelson of 12, Dallin Oaks of 12, and Richard Mayes Presidency of 70 - Oaks "companion". The visit with Oaks was great, but the best part was to see SISTER MCKEE!!! This was the fist time we've seen her since the 2 strokes and 1 heart attack around Thanksgiving time. She's now struggling with balance (part of brain where stroke occurred) but just the fact of seeing her gave me the chills even before Oaks arrived.

In PmG, Oaks says to "keeps fishing line in water when you leave the apartment", he emphasized that point. He says "keep line in water = successful missionary". He was and is a great teacher. I enjoyed the visit. Afterward visited with the rest of the missionaries, met my pops Elder Perron again, he has 2 month max left before he returns to Dietrich Idaho.

Now for the desired news. Since Corbridge is going home I need a new companion. This transfer meeting, 25 missionaries are coming out with 20 being SISTERS. I hoped for not, to train... wish granted I'M NOT TRAINING. My new companion is Elder Bassett from near Boise Idaho... 3/4 of campanions from Idaho... cool. Bassetts been out just over a year, this'll be a party and Russellville will not be the only area i'll be in. We'll now be the new TRAVELING ELDERS and cover RUSSELLVILLE, ELKTON and MORGANTOWN.

Me and Corbridge Christmas 2013 at Abney's home
(sorry picture is blurry)

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!