Oct 13, 2012

October 1, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

   Elder Weed and I visited with a family with a date set for September 23 (it didn't work, we had to change it to October 4). Taught the wife a no smoking workshop. The next day, she calls saying, "date needs to be pushed back till October 18" GASP two dates for baptism and neither work. She wants it to be around October 18th so she can quit smoking before the baptism. The cool thing is that both of them would like to be baptized by Elder Perron  (if possible). He was one of the first missionaries to teach them. But if he cannot make it, I WILL BAPTIZE THEM!!! I don't know/ want to guess which way it will go, but if Perron returns, he'll only have been one month away from Hopkinsville and he is coming back. (Elder Perron served in Hopkinsville for seven and a half months).

   Out here there is a new tradition starting, (mention it to everyone else, it's amazing) every fast Sunday, (We had yesterday due to Conference next week, YEAH!!!) There is a comeback dinner where the ward mingles/ eats after an entire day of fasting, oh it's the way to end a fast Sunday. The last one was a meat/ potatoes theme MMMMM GOOD, TASTY, still had the one plate though :)

   That's the big bit of news out here, can't wait for conference, it will be weird to go to church to watch it instead of listening on 1160 AM. or on TV, that's the benefit when it comes to living in Salt Lake. But once again, thanks for the packages; no matter how simple, serious, or loving they are. Thank you. Sometimes that reminder from home helps me get through the day/ week.

Keep the letters/ packages/ emails comin

Elder Terre K. Short

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