Sep 23, 2012

September 3, 2012

   Sorry we forgot to put this on.

Dear Family and Friends, 
   Well, let me say from experience that Sunday (September 2) was the hardest fast Sunday ever. It's one thing to fast, but try fasting while you are sick with an unknown bug. Luckily, we did service all day and prepared a meal for the comeback dinner at the church. Wow I got 2/3 done with the First (only had one) plate and I was full. But I have not had meatballs and rice (mmm...) for a while, so I ate those slowly, then my sweet tooth came in to eat the brownies. I think I gained 5 pounds on one plate.

   Best part of the day, got to the Taj Majal, opened the fridge and there is a Yoo- Hoo. Aww Delish!!! Its essentially chocolate milk in a glass bottle or soda can.  (had can) That's the way to end your Fast Sunday, splurging on Yoo- Hoo. Too bad its only a Southern Drink :(

   We got a referral from Salt Late to have a "missionary visit", we got there, they wanted a Kings James Version Bible, we added a Book of Mormon to it, and we had a simple lesson. The best part, that visit we walked away with a family of 5 as NEW INVESTIGATORS!!! They are non denominational Catholic, but the best part they all have been / are at the "rehab" center in Nashville that cleans them literally. The dad said "3 days later, no porn, alcohol, drugs and more" , yet the ENTIRE family is doing it. Personally, I think the Lord is preparing them literally for the restored gospel, now we have to teach it to them. I'll keep y'all posted.

   Elder Terre Short

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