Jun 19, 2012

Week One

My brother has left his sister in charge on keeping the blog up to date and he is sending me stuff to put on the  blog.

Week one has been a blast. Had multiple lessons with investigators here so i learn what to do when i am in Nashville when i am there. I have been to the gym multiple times and gained 6lbs. since June 13 (no idea where it is going but OK). We went walking around the Provo Temple as a District; took multiple pictures and had loads of fun.

On Tuesday, June 12, we went through the Provo temple as a District. What an experience. The chandelier in the Provo temple is amazingly beautiful. If it were me; between the chandeliers in the Provo or the Jordan River. I would have to pick the Jordan River one if i could have one in my house. 
The Elders in my District have convinced me to go to other temples. On my bucket list, i would like to go to the: 
       Rome, Italy (which will be dedicated in 2013)
       San Diego, California
       St. George, Utah
       Manti, Utah
       Logan, Utah
       Houston, Texas
The Houston, Texas and San Diego, California are the top two out of the list that i would like to go through.

Every Wednesday, new missionaries show up to the Missionary Training Center. So on Wednesday, June 13, my companion and i showed where the residency, classroom, cafeteria, and post offices are since they don't know. Elder Hancock from Manti, Utah is learning to speak Spanish and is going to Mexico near the Arizona/ New Mexico border on the Mexico side.

Having a blast here. I am sad to say that i am a third of the way done with my time here at the Missionary Training Center, but i have to look forward to what will happen next.

                                                          Elder Short 

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