Dec 11, 2012

December 3, 2012

Well , as I stated in my last update, I finally went on an exchange away from my birth area. I went on an exchange onto Fort Campbell Kentucky!!! Fort Campbell is one of the nations largest Army bases and is home to the 160th Airborne "Screaming Eagles. I had dinner on post with members, which was really great. The first dinner appointment, come to find out, her parents were there, visiting from Lehi UT, (YEAH) I learned she also keeps a blog on missionaries who serve and or will be serving in Africa. I told her that my cousin just received her call to Zimbabwe, and she said, "I all ready have her mother on the blog list."WOW Hasn't had the call for a month and is all ready on an important blog, cool.

One interesting rule on Post due to a few "hiccups with the missionaries", you CANNOT wear your name tag on Post. It is considered Proselyting, which is also considered SOLICITING, NONE OF IT, and so NO NAME TAGS.

The second dinner appointment was the next day. He was stationed in Germany for a really long time, in fact long enough to have 2 kids born in Germany. The two oldest have learned German and also had to have a translator. Due to the mission age lowered, the oldest is about to turn his papers in within the next 6 month. YEAH, the daughter still has about 2-3 years before she can go, but still...YEAH!!

Sunday, we were able to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. WOW. I've never really watched one before, its essentially a smaller form of General Conference two months after the session.The stories/talks were great, but what got me was the second song titled WHAT CHILD IS THIS. The beginning was played by a lone piccolo/flute,wow! I loved just the notes it played. Then MoTab sings, ugh...I was in a happy state.

Well, the shocking thing, is Thursday will be my 6 MONTH MARK as well as my 6 MONTH MARK of being in my BIRTH TOWN. Transfers are this weekend, (knock on wood) I think I am going to be transferred, but I don't know what to think.

Everyone, an update for ya about our beloved Sister McKee. As a mission and rumored as an entire missionary force(all 60,000+) prayed for miracles to happen for her. A few small ones have occurred  She was able to watch Presidents movements for a few seconds, and was able to move her foot slightly. Continue to pray for her. I have not stopped since I heard the word. I hope she gets better soon. It is very well possible that if nothing changes, she will be sent home to Pocatello Idaho, and if she goes, so does President McKee, and if he leaves, we will get a new mission president. I hope it doesn't get to that, so PLEASE continue to pray for her.

BTW, heard rumors as well that Knoxville Tennessee mission received 80+ new missionaries due to the age lowering, that means nearly every missionary is training. GULP.

-Elder Terre Short

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