Oct 13, 2012

October 8, 2012

To whom it may concern,

   Well, this week has been a really fun one. We are having a lot of success here in Hoptown. Well, here we go, buckle your seat belt, this is going to be a fun ride.
   On October 3, we finally met with Jayden Uchiyama. Elder Weed and his last companion (from Herriman, UT) gave her as a  referral to us (me and Perron), that day, TRANSFERS, Weed comes up here, now we can teach Jayden. When Weed first saw her, she asked, "Can I be baptized? I desire it." She is a 9 year old and is very intelligent. Far above all other 9 year old children in the area. We set a date with her on OCTOBER 20!!! The downside, Jayden's mom/ dad are divorced, so every other day she trades with her parents. We may/ may not get to teach her, but she is excited to see us, have a baptism date and ready and eager to learn more from the missionaries. YEAH

   The next day, we went to a recent converts home. (baptized in March 2012) The mother has an 18 year old niece living with her and the family. We go over and Ivanie (18 year old) says, "When can I be baptized? I feel accepted here. What do I have to do?" We have not set a date with her yet, but this week, we are starting to teach her, so, we will have a date for her soon. YEAH

   The Browns are a Military family, (Ft. Campbell 20 miles south of Hoptown) they moved into a house across the street from members. He goes over, starts the religion talk and Mrs. Brown (Jenny) flips out in a nice way that he is Mormon. She says, "I've always wanted Mormon neighbors. I'm curious about the Mormons, tell me more." He invites us over and it has been going well. No date set yet, but we just might soon as well.

   Now for the bestest news of all. Conference was a BLAST!!! It honestly felt weird and different not watching it at home in Pajamas and on the couch "half asleep", I actually enjoyed it. Oh boy, that missionary announcement by President Monson caught me off guard. After Monson said it, it clicked, Jackie could be done with her mission before I come home. YIKES. It would be interesting for me if I train one of the new 18 year old missionaries out here. I hope I don't. But if I have to, So be it.

   Jenny Brown came over to the neighbors (we were there) and watched the later half of the Saturday Morning Session. She felt sad for Shayne Bowman's child who choked on chalk. She said, "I will never look at chalk the same way again." Then she LOVED Elder Nelsons talk, Man with prompting "Stop the boys on bikes." (has not happened yet to me, but I enjoyed the talk/ story) She admitted to watching me/ Perron walk by eagerly waiting for us to talk to her. She applied it to herself. Which I think is the big reason why it was her favorite.

   My favorite talks (2) were really cool to me. The first one was with M. Russel Ballard, Saturday Afternoon. Talking about Bees. Interesting numbers 1 pound of Honey = millions of flowers + flight to navigate around the equator TWICE. One Bee contributes 1/12 1 Teaspoon. The question I asked myself, Am I contributing to make "honey"? The other part I enjoyed was the symbolism of the bee/ beehive, especially on the pulpit. Symbolism, many hands make little work. Oh is that phase so true. The Beehive somewhat reminds me of home with Beehive being the symbol of Utah and all. The other part I liked about it was what he said, "The acts seem small, but eventually will add up to honey." That phrase, Many hands (Bees) make little work (honey) is sooo true.

   The second talk I liked was by Marcus Nash in the Sunday Afternoon Session. The hike/ mountain in Machupichu, Peru was what perked my ears. Talkin about the chains and the view sent me back to my geocaching adventures. Him talking about chains/view/hike reminded me also of the opportunity to climb Angels Landing when I am home, Ya'll better prepare. :)

   The Ann Rowley story was a refresher for me. If ya'll have not seen 17 Miracles, WATCH IT!!! This story is in it. That is one of the reasons also why this Talk struck a cord with me because it reminded me of the movie. Doubt, Fear and Sin Decline My Faith. That was big for me. Have to apply/ Follow it so faith does not shrink. I am surprised that Uchtdorf did not do this Plane Analogy yet, but its genius. Faith, Reason two wings of aircraft. One shorter/ not one = No Flight. Must have both. I have to work on that as well.

   All - in - all, had a good time during conference. I am surprised it did not snow during either sessions. I bet it felt good. Right now, it's maybe 65 degrees and its 12:30, it's getting cold.

Let me know which talk was ya'll's favorite Conference talk and Why

Elder Terre Short

P.S. Birthday is on Friday... Yikes I'm old :)

October 1, 2012

Dear Family and Friends,

   Elder Weed and I visited with a family with a date set for September 23 (it didn't work, we had to change it to October 4). Taught the wife a no smoking workshop. The next day, she calls saying, "date needs to be pushed back till October 18" GASP two dates for baptism and neither work. She wants it to be around October 18th so she can quit smoking before the baptism. The cool thing is that both of them would like to be baptized by Elder Perron  (if possible). He was one of the first missionaries to teach them. But if he cannot make it, I WILL BAPTIZE THEM!!! I don't know/ want to guess which way it will go, but if Perron returns, he'll only have been one month away from Hopkinsville and he is coming back. (Elder Perron served in Hopkinsville for seven and a half months).

   Out here there is a new tradition starting, (mention it to everyone else, it's amazing) every fast Sunday, (We had yesterday due to Conference next week, YEAH!!!) There is a comeback dinner where the ward mingles/ eats after an entire day of fasting, oh it's the way to end a fast Sunday. The last one was a meat/ potatoes theme MMMMM GOOD, TASTY, still had the one plate though :)

   That's the big bit of news out here, can't wait for conference, it will be weird to go to church to watch it instead of listening on 1160 AM. or on TV, that's the benefit when it comes to living in Salt Lake. But once again, thanks for the packages; no matter how simple, serious, or loving they are. Thank you. Sometimes that reminder from home helps me get through the day/ week.

Keep the letters/ packages/ emails comin

Elder Terre K. Short

Oct 7, 2012

September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

Hello again,

As an entire missionary zone (20 plus missionaries) we all went and did a session at the NASHVILLE TEMPLE!!! I've been by it, and judging by its size, inside and out, I think it's smaller that the Oquirrh Mountain - and I thought the Oquirrh Mountain was the smallest, I guess not. The celestial room is was small. I have always thought to myself that the celestial room is in the center of the temple (not in this case) or directly underneath the spire where Moroni is - my thinking is, something has to balance / keep the weight of Moroni stable so it won't crash down. The Nashville Temples's celestial room is the furthest south part, where the spire is 50 feet north of where the chandiler is, huh, I guess not.

I have not noticed it yet, (maybe not in other temples) but the walls of the celestial room had miniature versions of the chandiler as lights on the wall, in my opinion, that sealed the deal in how the room looked. Another honest opinion, I still would have the chandiler in the Jordan River Temple in my house rather than the Nashville one, but I could use the mini chandilers in hallways, that would be cool.

Now I have officially been through the Draper, Oquirrh Mountain (Open Houses), Mesa, Jordan River, Salt Lake, Provo, and now the Nashville. I can't wait to be finished with the mission so I can do the ones on my bucket list. I have a feeling that the list might grow.

Keep the letters and mail commin'

Elder Terre Short

Oct 6, 2012

September 24, 2012

Greetings Everyone!

It is great to hear that another one of my cousins (Elder Richardson) is serving a mission is Sierra Leon, and currently at the MTC in Ghana. It is exciting to see the Lords work moving all around the world.

I hope everything is going well out that way, it is a little different out here. Elder Perron (my trainer) got transferred. :(  Elder Weed will be my new companion here in Hopkinsville. He came out six weeks before I did, he is from Portland, Oregon, he is a hoot. 

Well, the day is coming closer, baptism date for a few investigators. However, we noticed that we haven't taught them the Word of Wisdom yet and there baptism is this Saturday.We have an appointment today with them and plan on teaching them the Word of Wisdom then. Hopefully, the baptism will still be a go, but it might not because we really aren't supposed to rush them through it, so right now, I am happy for them, but at the same time nervous to see if it will happen or not, all I can do is have faith that it will happen when it is suppose to.

Someone asked me if there are any bugs? Yes, I am being eaten alive by the mosquitoes. Yes, many bugs.
Have I put on any weight? I think I have put on a little. Weighed my self this morning at 120 pounds, still have no idea where it is going.
Is it real humid? It was in July but now it is starting to get really cold. Just last night a member said, "The low was projected to 45 degrees." BRRR... I'm shivering right now. As well as cold hands writing the letter.... BRRR....
So, is it humid? Not anymore. 

Keep the letters and questions coming.

Elder Short