Sep 24, 2013

Pictures!!! :)


E. Stradling, Walsh, Hermanas Cruz and Hendrickson, Me and McLean

Yup we are definitely in the Bible Belt 

someone from the king clan has posted pictures on Facebook of my wonder brother she posted this one and the next two.

Emily and Elder McLean

ME with a Hedgehog :)

September 23, 2013

Since the Motters have moved out, on P-Day there is literally nothing fun to do in Gallatin. Nearly all the ward is still working, youth in school, no parks of any kind, so we just went window-shopping. Have to say the new Samsung phones that are mini-iPad or kindle fire size is really big, not for me.

Went on a home teaching run with a member, hopefully more members will do it, as well as the referrals were still attempting to implement it into the ward. The Ward Mission Leader approves of it, so hopefully soon it will be active within the ward.

Since the mission is somewhat close (geographically to each other area wise), we randomly get visits during studies from the Assistants, it happened this week. Lets say we partially got grilled due to us not following the PmG way instead of our way. However after district meeting, we were able to communicate and resolve any conflicts that occurred during the conversation, felt a lot better afterward, figured out what i need to change: constructive criticism, not overbearance.

Thursday had our Lafayette FHE meeting again, last week the Matthews were transferred in. They were the ones we assisted in the Winchester miracle. Due to their diligence, Winchester is the talk of the mission with the branch of 115 active which started from 15 ish. They were happy to see me as was I, haven't seen them since then. Due to their presence in the area, we had 13 TOTAL people present, the record is currently at 16, were doing some good here, it will only take more time for a branch to form.

Accomplished something fun this week. We received word that a female youth is contemplating of serving a mission herself, so no better way to show her what it would be like then to go on exchanges with the missionaries. We had 2 youth with us and were able to contact a few referrals in the area, called it successful, but also gave them a taste of what mission work is like.

Now for the other news. Transfer calls are in: were both leaving Gallatin :(
I'm being transferred to SPARTA TENNESSEE with McLean heading to a previous area that he served in (near Spring Hill) The voice mail did not inform me who the companion is, so i have no idea, I'm assuming hes currently there, but i have no idea. Due to us receiving the transfer calls, now were on the "farewell tour" mode.

Feels like I've only been here for 1 month, but according to the calendar its been 3. Telling those whom I've come to love out here that were leaving was difficult. Ward members came to us, even a part-member family showed up and was unhappy of the news. Told the youth we went on exchanges with, they were not happy either.

Then came the saddest part of the day: dinner with the Kings. (ones went geocaching with) We made the dinner, cooked burgers with cheese in the center, made cheesecake and fruit salad. It was great, but the worst part was saying goodbye. Few of the children there are foster children, so its possible if i see them again they will not be there. For 16 year old Kirsten it was difficult, but all we could do was have the faith that we would one day contact each other again. (this day really reminded me of getting on Facebook) They will be missed as well as the rest of the ward.

Unfortunately sorry to end on a sad note, but next time you'll hear from me ill be in Sparta Tennessee with more information. Sparta is less than an hour from Jamestown.

Till next time
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

Sep 21, 2013

September 16, 2013

First things first. We found it beneficial when we use the bar code at the back of a pass-along Book of Mormon at either KROGER or SMITHS (for the west coast) for a rewards card. We were able to save 80 cents per gallon during a refueling. Should have paid 3.37, nope it was 2.57, although we are unlimited on purchases for gas, it felt good to save money.
Had 1/3 of zone come assist us in cleaning and removing trash from the Motters place. Nearly 5 hours later, house is 80% ready for tours, now for deep cleaning.
Re-reading past journal writes (scary I've been out long enough to compare what I did this day and last year) and realized last week was 9/11. Not a lot of people mentioned it out here, but seeing all the flags half staff made me realize what happened on that day in history.
Went on an exchange to White House and Springfield Tennessee. Poor McLean, been in Gallatin 7+ months and has left Gallatin ONCE. Oh well, District Leaders in charge, not me. Was with someone who's only been serving for 5 weeks as well as is one of the "young-bucks" due to the age change. It went really well. We accomplished something that missionaries don't try to do at all: walk in the rain. According to TNM rumor, walk in the rain makes future spouse more attractive, well walked enough for both legs knee down to be damp as well as shoes to emit water for the next few days. Challenge achieved: more attractive spouse here I come.
Contacted 11 of the 23 referrals in 2 days. Few seemed very interesting while others told us to get away. There is opposition in all things, but its interesting to see it literally with a paper they filled out in front of them.
Another simple Sunday. Realizing that transfer calls are this Saturday, who knows, this may be the second to last write from Gallatin.
Keep me posted on everyone else

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!


The TNM has been using this as a referral system. We go to fairs and have people fill them out for a raffle of a large Christ painting or something. Then using the questions were able to talk to them and convert them. This questionnaire is what enabled Winchester, Tennessee to transform from a branch of 15 to an active branch of 150 plus in 4 months.
There is power behind these questions. The TNM is about to use them as a ward level, if you want to see the work flourish in the areas you live in, use it, it will make a difference.

Just 4 Questions
1.      If you knew that JESUS CHRIST had been on the Earth in our day and had re-established His church, as he promised he would, and it was here today with His authority, His organization, and His pure teachings, WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED?
Check One                  Yes                  No      
2.      TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT HE HAS TRULY RE-ESTABLISHED HIS CHURCH, Jesus Christ left us a book which contains God’s word to us through the prophets in Ancient America. It also tells of the resurrected Christ as he appears to the people on the Western Hemisphere. This book is a witness that the Bible is true and another witness that Jesus is the Christ. If we gave you a free copy of this sacred scripture, WOULD YOU READ IT?
Check One                  Yes                  No
3.      FAMILIES ARE FOREVER – Today, negative influences are working to break up families and destroy the youth. Even the best of families are having problems. Christ has given us a plan to keep marriages together build strong families, and raise righteous children. DO YOU HAVE AN INTEREST in learning additional ways to strengthen your family?
Check One                  Yes                  No
4.      Two young people will visit your home and give you the book and information you have requested. Would you be interested in having them teach you more?
Check One                  Yes                  No


NAME: _____________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________
PHONE #: ___________________________
                                                                           Email Address:________________________

Sep 9, 2013

pictures september 9, 2013

railroad track by apartment

house we are cleaning

September 9, 2013

Lets say this week has been an interesting one.
Were assisting the less active who moved to Utah by cleaning and readying the house to make it show-ready. With the house being 16000 square feet, we need a lot of help..."ask the missionaries, they can help you"... Were bringing in 2/3 of the zone to assist in readying the house. The scheduled cleaning is tomorrow, it'll be a party
This week has been one that I'm grateful for the Atonement. Few people from the ward were spreading false rumors about us which added additional stress on the missionary work in the area. Sunday was an interesting day, but remembering and contemplating what the Atonement can allow to occur made me have the strength to accomplish and forgive anything.
On a more happier note (ish), we received 23 REFERRALS from a local fair. Lets say were gonna be busy for the next little while. The referrals are a new thing in the TNM. All due to this system at a fair nearly 8 months ago, a branch of 15 active has blossomed to 125 plus. Next week ill be sure to send a photo so it can be used more throughout the world. Without this referral, a nearby area wouldn't have 107 REFERRALS, now that's power in numbers. Hope a 15% are legitimate.
Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

Sep 4, 2013

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 Me Eating Watermelon :)

They have the same machine as I do!

Elder McClean
current companion

September 3, 2013

First things first, sorry for the delay...
This week has been a real emotional one for me. The less active member family from here has officially moved from Gallatin to Lehi Utah. Watching them drive away in their "convoy" was really difficult for me. It was harder to watch them drive away than watching my own personal family drove away at the MTC nearly 14 months ago. Bored on the GPS, plugged the address in, they live directly NORTH OF CABELAS, pretty sure I'm gonna visit them occasionally once I'm home ;). They have made it successfully, however driving on the interstates with a MAX SPEED of 55 MPH from Tennessee to Utah took its tole on them, but they have arrived safely.
So, due to the fact that the less active family has moved, as well as the computers, were left with two options: use members computers (none available due to working STILL) OR wait till Tuesday to email due to the public library being closed on MONDAYS, expect emails on Tuesdays for now, were working on finding computers for Monday usage
Continuing to visit the less active and inactive members. New thing were starting (other ward members) is to convince the single less/inactive sisters to feed the missionaries dinner as well as to get priesthood near them for potential "problem fixers". Had 2 dinners with LA/IA families this week, it really worked out.
One dinner we had Cornbread and cornbread, I'm gonna have to learn how to cook it at home. Eating cornbread reminds me of Russellville and gaining a little bit of weight, unfortunately, the casserole form may have beating it in taste...mmmm tasty
OK, due to Labor Day, nearly everything was closed (including library on Mondays default) school was even out. We decided to do board games and Munchkin with a few ward youth. I hope we have Munchkin, that game is AMAZING. Simple, fun, great way for a missionary to "unwind".
The Motters moving is the only real highlight this week. Now its up to some ward members (with our assistance) to clean the 17,000 SQ FT house to make it "show ready", when they left, they took the desired items and DIDN'T even clean due to time'll take a while to clean

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

August 26, 2013

Um not exactly sure what this picture is about but enjoy the field in Tennessee 

August 26, 2013

So I had one of them days this week that went alongside of the exchange with Stake President Miller and Elder Fred Parker III, we went on an exchange with none other than our beloved MISSION PRESIDENT President Andersen. Even with the additional pressure, we passed the test fairly easily. With him we visited an investigator family (whom we built the ramp for the disabled son for), a part member family, as well as a less active part member family. The visits went really well and i felt proud to show off our work to him. Challenge achieved: Exchange with Mission President
In the District Meeting, i gave a training. I emphasized the point in the "Power of Everyday Missionaries" book by Clayton Christensen, which was also emphasized by Christ himself: FEED MY LAMBS and SHEEP. Clayton inquired of the question which should be on every missionary/members mind: WHO DIDN'T COME TO CHURCH TODAY? Based on that question is where change can occur.
Had another one of them days that us missionaries look forward to: the temple trip. The TNM has a temple trip roughly every 6 months, and the last one was prior to the Sister McKee dilemma, so its been a while since I've been in with other missionaries. As well as it was interesting to view the new temple video. I thoroughly enjoy the new film, it makes it feel a little more personal and meaningful instead of the previous one. Definitely had a spiritual reboot during this temple session.
Saturday was a day all dedicated to service. The Motters were supposed to move to Lehi Utah last week, but due to complications of the house, its been delayed. Finally were starting to load things into the 28 foot Penske trucks. 13 hours later, the first truck is packed as full as full can be.
PHOTO is of a foundation to a house that got completely obliterated by a tornado about 3-5 years ago. The Motters live less than 1/2 mile from this. Hope a tornado doesn't come any closer, this is close enough for me.

Sunday was amazing. The talk subjects have been focused on missionary work for this month, and the two speakers were powerhouse speakers. He is a recent convert of only 6 months, and he emphasized the point of temple marriage (which hes preparing for) as well as the wife testifying of the same. Such a motivational meeting, i wish more of the investigators we met were able to show.
Today, ELDER BLAYLOCK leaves to his mission in the Salt Lake West (covers West Valley City to Wendover-ish)
Continuing to load the Motters, even on P-Day
Next week, who knows what'll happen due to the public library being closed on Monday, well figure it out

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

August 19, 2013

First things first: Package finally received. I'm grateful that i feel loved, this is the first article of mail in a while received. I thought the Christus Statue would be a little bigger, but still greatly appreciated. All the candy...trying to make me get fatter eh? I recently weighed myself at 138 pounds...gasp...the sweets may assist me in breaking the 150 mark.

Participated in a Community Bingo game to get our name and faces out not so good at the game at all. Using 3 game cards and i STILL lost.

Nothing new out this way. Received a few referrals that look very promising. Due to us focusing on the less and inactive members, we are really busy. We are the only ones who do the visits, the ward may have 5% home teaching over the last 5 YEARS, so where the ones doing the finding out if they've moved out or not.

Now for the ultimate miracle...Elder McLean has been here for 6 months (still gonna be here) there is a less active member and her non member boyfriend who we've been really focusing on. Lets put it this way, her track record and history isn't the cleanest. She recently had a bump in the road and extremely desired more than ever to attend church. Well, after visiting, and waiting...they arrived for the last 45 minutes of the entire service. But it was the part that was needed for them. Both of them in the classes received council of how to be better companions and spouses (they aren't married, but still applicable), after the services, McLean said t that's the first time they've been INSIDE the building in nearly 5.5 months. That is a miracle. Just the fact that we are there for them is what counts. In the recent zone meeting, something said hit me like a ton of bricks, "THE MISSION IS FOR OTHERS NOT FOR MYSELF. PERSONAL GROWTH AND CONVERSION OCCURS WHEN YOU HELP OTHERS FEEL THE SAME WAY. Daeshawn and Gary are perfect examples of this.

Before the awesome part of Sunday arrived, an interesting sacrament meeting occurred. We had a farewell (first one on the mission), but to make it weirder, his mission call is to the SALT LAKE WEST MISSION which includes parts of Nevada and West Valley City...i somewhat have the same feeling like i did when Elder Odom was serving in Herriman

The upcoming week will be interesting, especially Tuesday. Were going on an exchange with PRESIDENT pressure on me. Only been mission president for barely one transfer and hes having us show him around the area...yep definitely no pressure

Temple session is coming up. First one in a long while. Received word from members about a new temple video...this'll be a fun and interesting day...should have brought some temple clothes this time to re-leave some of the additional pressures as a missionary.

Motters aren't officially moving until Sunday, week will be the interesting one

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

August 12, 2013

 Terre found a Geocache

Was able to go back to a baptism it was great! :)

August 12, 2013

This week is a memorable one to say the least. Elder Webb is officially going home in two days. He was traveling when i started the mission, he was one of my zone leaders and he is finishing his mission as one of my district leaders, we've been nearly inseparable for the last 14 months, now its over. The last district meeting with him we watched the BUTTERFLY CIRCUS such an amazing story that can be applied to missionary work. Give it a watch

This week has consisted of the same-old same-old, packing the Motters home since moving to Lehi Utah next week, and we still have a lot to do. Attempted to fix a computer of a less active, didn't work, contacted a few other less actives, nothing going on there.

Now for the fun part, had dinner a few weeks ago with a family who pulled out a GPS system exactly like mine at home. I inquired if they wanted to do any geocaching, they said ABSOLUTELY, so, we did and found 3 out of 5, YEAY. Even applied geocaching to the gospel since one of the adopted youth isn't a member. It was a very successful night.

TRANSFER CALLS - staying in Gallatin another 6 weeks with Elder McLean

Now for the even better part, received word about the Regina Kennedy baptism in Elkton Kentucky. We were able to make it to it. Realizing that this is the second time I've come back since I've been transferred out. ohhh...the memories... as well as the people. Everyone there was saying the phrase "Dang Shorty, your like a fly and wont go away". Had a great time being back and on the way back home i realized that is possible that i may return to Elkton for another 2 baptisms...that will be fun if it occurs.

That's a wrap, till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

August 5, 2013

OK, where to begin...

Spent nearly the entire day in Westmoreland contacting anybody and everybody on the ward list. With a very large ward roster and nobody doing home teaching, maybe 
25% could be moved out, but nobody knows.  Either way, edited the ward list slightly by finding 4 who have moved out and only able to contact 1 out of the nearly 20 attempted. a point...
Had dinner with the Miles'. Another perfect example of a Utah Mormon family outside Utah. Oldest of 5 kids is 9, heck that is a ward reminder for me
Now for the interesting fun. Come to find out, there were multiple errors in the mile log for the month making us drive technically 120 more than our limit, had no choice but to put it on the tab for next month (august).....great one day through the month and have used nearly 20%...this will be interesting...

Decided to have dinner at another famous place in Gallatin, not Pizza Machine, but Top Hog. Good old southern cooking for a cheap price. Eating there made me feel like a true southern redneck due to drinking out of a fairly large mason jar
Saturday was an all-day service day. Assisted a member loading a 26-foot Uhal, which she FILLED (with home only being 200 square feet she had A LOT of junk) but the fun came when a member realized his phone was lost when the Uhal was 2/3 full. Calling the phone we hear it all the way at the front. After dumpster diving for it, it was recovered.
Afterward, unloaded a piano into someones house, then assisted the Motters in cleaning, organizing and readying the house for when they move to Lehi Utah soon.

Transfer calls will be received Saturday. Elder McLean has been in Gallatin for 6 months, so hes anxious to hear whats gonna happen. But due to a new mission president in charge, who knows, maybe another few transfers for both of us in Gallatin.

Continuin to work with the less actives, received a few referrals for some promising people. ill update ya on them if anything happens
BTW, received word, Regina Kennedy from Elkton Kentucky is getting baptized on Sunday. May need to get ourselves up there, i mean Elkton to Gallatin ain't even 60 miles away, and plus me and Elder McLean knows
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

July 29, 2013

First things first...Happy Pioneer Day!!! Its really weird how the Southern people celebrate a holiday that occurred in Salt Lake...unfortunately, no televised parade or parade PERIOD as well as no fireworks...bummer...well, next year ill WITNESS IT IN PERSON

Kind of had one of them interesting realizations during district meeting this week. This is the first district I've been in FOR MY ENTIRE MISSION TO THIS POINT which has sisters in it. To make it weirder, there SPANISH, talk about reminding me of Hermana Worlton on a weekly basis. Yep, all 4 of my previous districts have been all elders (except  one with a senior couple, but it don't count)

Biking to and fro due to no vehicle and a random guy yells, screams and even stalks us in the car. The more interesting thing about it is that this has happened consistently for 3-5 months. Its happened twice to me alone and I've been here only 5 times flown by...the interesting life of being a missionary. Stalking, cursing, getting under your skin...didn't put that in the missionary preparation booklets from Salt Lake.

Sunday was another fun-ish day. As a missionary, BY FAR Sundays are the hardest. Showing where the "non-familiar" to the faith go as well as being with them to answer questions. Surprisingly a lot showed up...5 total, including the two foster kids in regards to the whole geocaching thing. Received word that both of them have been officially adopted into the Kings home. The one who is somewhat curious and excited about Geocaching broke the news...YEAY I'M HAPPY FOR THEM

Had interviews with Pres AND Sis Andersen. First interview with the MOTHER of the mission since my first one. Sis McKee went into the hospital weeks before interviews...took her out of doing that. As well as first interview in nearly 4 months, supposed to be every 3, but due to the McKee health got pushed back. They will definitely do well here, such soft and well rounded Utahans. Didn't need to explain where home is, they knew exactly where it was.

The main thing received from them is the official Tennessee Nashville Mission Mission Statement

Exact Obedience is the Price
Faith equals the Power
Love is the Motive
Spirit is the Key
Christ is the Reason
Miracles are the Result

The Tennessee Nashville Mission is a Miracle mission, glad to be part of it. Nearly reactivating a less active of 5+ years, if it gets accomplished, that is a miracle. The mission purpose is to "invite others to come unto Christ", that is including the less actives. That's been my focus since Russellville and will continue to be that

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!