Dec 11, 2012

October 29, 2012

Well, not a lot has happened this week. Finally had Matt confirmed a member on Sunday, (stake conference was weekend after baptism) planning on baptizing Melissa on Saturday, which we need to finalize. Newly weds Don and Crystal have "postponed" their baptism date for the 3rd because of legal complications in adopting his nephew from New York, which is sad to say, but we have no choice, and  plus, it was their idea, not ours.
I'M STAYING IN HOPTOWN FOR ANOTHER 6 WEEKS. BURR... it is getting cold out here. Thank you for the beanie and gloves. I'm debating on getting a ski mask at Walmart because the Arctic Canadian Breeze is chilly. Don't worry, I'm supporting the local areas by wearing a University of Kentucky hoodie, however only inside, but me being always cold, it is better than without one.
I've FULLY READ the Book of Mormon once while on my mission. Did a good study for it now my new "text book" will be the new testament. Sad to say, I'm in the bible belt, and I HAVE NOT READ fully either old and new testaments. That needs to change.
That's the news. Excited to receive mail, we've had an "air box" for the last week.

-Elder Terre Short

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