May 21, 2012

Farewell Mingle

Sorry for the squinting of the eyes. Even with the cloud cover, the sun was still really bright. Most of the pictures are even relatively facing the sun during the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse, which we could not see due to the thick clouds and no glasses


May 13, 2012

Mission Call

Opened my mission call. Said I was going to serve in the Nashville, Tennessee Mission. Preaching the gospel in the English Language. I report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on June 6, 2012.

My older cousin Jessica Worlton opened hers at the same time. She is going to Spokane Washington. Preaching in the Spanish Language. She reports to the Provo Missionary Training Center on July 5, 2012.

Missionary Theme Song

A co-worker of mine found this song and told me about it. It is my new theme song for the mission. It is "I Was Born" by the Nashville Tribute Band. It is really good, take a listen.

Less than a month

I have less than a month before I am reporting to the Missionary Training Center. I am a little nervous, but I know that if I put my faith in God, that anything can happen. I am scheduled to speak on May 20 with a neighbor who also is leaving the same day as I am to St. Louis, Missouri.

The weird thing about it, that is 700+ miles apart, we both did our eagle court of honors together, submitted the mission calls together, having our farewells the same day, reporting to the Missionary Training Center on the same day, might be in the same "stake" in the Missionary Training Center, might be on the same plane going there, and we might come home the same day.

Talk about weird, oh well. We are both OK about it.

Pre-Opening Mission Call

Those of you who have heard, or havent, my grandpa (shown above) served in Alberta Canada, when President Monsen was only a Mission President. Jealous Much.

Family Reuinion 2012

This is a photo from when us older cousins were less than a year old, so during the next family reunion, we decided to re-enact it.

Elder Tyler Smith got his call to Helena, Montana. He was leaving to the Missionary Training Center that weekend, so we all meet one last time. One month later, Elder Justin Richardson received his mission call to Sierra Leone Freetown (Africa) and he reports to the Ghana Missionary Training Center on September 13, 2012.