Jun 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Final Update

This week has definitely been one of the most memorable ones. It being testimony meeting, I testified of the truth and divinity of the message being taught. Everyone is sad to see me go, which in turn almost made me cry. Everyone was getting emotional even us 6 missionaries. I have had an impact here and everyone will remember me for it. The mission has been great. Looking forward to retelling some of the adventures which were had

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on the Earth!!!

Jun 1, 2014


May 26, 2014

This week has definitely been one of those that will go in the history
books as one that will never be forgotten. Recently we were challenged
as a mission from President Andersen to do one hour of tracting per
day and the miracles coming from it will be substantial. Slowly
starting to see the miracles occur.

Wednesday after district meeting, I had the wonderful opportunity to
return to the "land of my birth", being Hopkinsville for a few days
due to an exchange. Talk about reliving the past for a few days. Just
walking into the Taj Mahal brought back so many memories. My signature
indicating I've served in Hoptown has nearly faded away, but I put
another coat of ink on it, so now it will last a little bit longer. So
many people to see to inform them of my mission nearing completion,
but so little time. Said hi and bye to the Mobleys, John Brown,
Carmchaels, Wises, Neal Agosto, and even Patriarch Fears the legendary
attorney in town. Wanted to say bye to Jenny Brown, and Matt and
Melissa Carroll, but was unable to visit due to no contact, somewhat
disappointed, but hopefully Matt may be able to attend the temple
session prior to me going home, that would be memorable, my first
convert participating in final temple session as missionary. The
Carmichaels little girl, Whitney, my mission time piece, is now
walking and talking, yep, it's definitely been two years. Can't
believe it's been that long.

After such a memorable time reliving the past I thought this week was
done: nope it gets better. Invited to attend an investigators
daughters "sweet 16" birthday party, we receive a text from another
investigator saying "were going fishing now, wanna come?" We purchase
a fishing license and go fishing for nearly 3 hours and used it as
another opportunity to fellowship the investigator. We recently did
due to helping him and his grandmother move into the empty apartment
downstairs. I was the only one of 5 of us fishing that caught a fish.
It was a Blue Gill, just like what was caught in Russellville. Even
named the fish, yes, named it Jesus.

That's not all the memories this week: HAD THE FIRST BAPTISM IN
CADIZ!!! It was also special due to having a Marion baptism as well,
two for the price of one. Joe Philips was happy as was the rest of us.
Due to having the iPads, the previous missionaries here who've served
in Marion, E Cottam and Roney were present via FaceTime, so everyone
was having a reunion with them.

Now for the fun adventure. Unfortunately we cannot do a all 6
missionaries game of bowling, but instead, us 4 (not sisters) and
Hoptown will be hiding to Nashville to do who knows what. Hope it's
something that isn't shopping, don't have the money and don't really
need anything.

Sorry for the quick update. Unable to send pics but will show in less
than 2 weeks. One more Pday and Sunday as a missionary. It will be
fun, quick and memorable

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May 19, 2014

To sum up this week in two words, it would be hectic and service. Trying to send packages home to enable me to be in the "recommended" weight limit for flight home, which was done sucessfully. One box i was going to use would have cost nearly $50 to send, luckily, the post worker let me reorganize it into a flat rate. Phew...crisis averted

Helped with Kay Stegman varnish her front deck. Nearly 4 hours later, she feeds us and gives us each a free fishing pole, now we need to find a lake or get our permit to fish. Attempted the FHE again, unfortunately it was another bust. We will need to start resending the "mass text" FHE reminders so everyone can attend. Decided to have another slumber party to save mileage with Marion. Lately ive been having this rash-like-itch which i am trying to get rid of, but when i sleep, sometimes i itch during the night, thats what a Benedryl is for. Trying everything to get rid of it, even contacted the mission doctors. Thinking is a large attack of chiggers, but not so sure, were workin on fixin it.

After D Meeting, had the realization that I have only one more left before im home. This upcomming week will have one, then final wednesday before flight home is Interviews which override the meeting. Gonna be a spiritual meeting for sure.

Had some great visits with a few people. Set a 4th baptismal date with Rebekah. However, we goofed in setting it for August rather than July, but it can always be moved forward.

Helped an investigator move his grandmother into the vacant apartment beneath us. The day of the service, the Zone Leaders text inquiring if could join us for studies...uhh...never done it with zone leaders before, stated we were doing service which should have started around 9, but didnt till nearly 11. Helping her move in, it touched her heart in which she responded that she will join us for church services soon

Visited with Joe Philips whom lives with the Parkers, whom is on schedule for baptism NEXT SUNDAY, the first one in Cadiz!!! Exchanges are occurring this week and Im heading BACK TO HOPTOWN while the DL comes and interviews Joe. Ill miss out in the meal, but having a reunion with those whom i first met before i head home will be great and memorable.

Helped a member move out. Reminded me of the Gallatin move. However, this one it was one moving, but she is still moving cross country to Cheyenne Wyoming.

Trackted and found someone who may potentially be taught. Asked for service and/or referrals in which he responded his neighbor is old and my like some, we offer, in which she accepts. Service always have a way to soften everyones heart.

Sunday was very spiritual. We had a special guest attend the services, the first councelor of the mission presidency. Due to his attendance, all 6 of us missionaries sang. Loved every minute of it

So this week, other than service and my continual itching, all has been well. I find it ironic that E Rivera was talking about hiking Bells Canyon and "accidentally" found a geocache yet my family just hiked it and is convincing me to do the hike. Not to say im trunkie, but i am. On the iPad, my wallpapers are that of the Manti Temple due to attending the pagaent. Due to amount of time in the Manti region, a session may not be possible, but just walking into it to take part of the Spirit within is something that i hope will be done.

This upcomming week due to the exchange will be memorable. Cant wait for it to occur. Till next time

May 5, 2014

Monday was a fairly fun day, unfortunately no tornados were spotted nor landed anywheres near me. Rumor had it that one touched down in Pulaski, where E Lofthouse was transferred to, but i have no verification of that. Had lunch with President Craig, the former bishop of the Hopkinsville ward. They are both simply amazing. Talk about a motivational Stake President, due to him starting as bishop at 25ish, and is currently stake president at 35, odds are he may become some high-up authority if he is going up this rate. Then of course, ended the day antique shopping. These things im now a fan of, may do more lookin around when home, or get into the American Pickers TV series on History Channel

Visited with Keana again. Shes still workin on quitting smoking, but we instigated another program which should work out for her, and with it, we also set a baptismal date with her for the final Sunday of my mission, JUNE 1

Received a notice in the mail from Salt Lake informing us of a recall of some Chevy Cruze models, got it serviced, with no error or glitch detected...phew crisis averted. Attended the FHE where including us was 10 total, with one investigator, Joe. Lo and behold, he actually attended church with the Parkers (were present as well) when they lived in Hoptown for ONE YEAR. We had conversations with the Parkers and they were expressing the possibility of a baptism here, so at the FHE, we set a date with him for MAY 25, yes you read right, 2 dates set within 72 hours apart. This area is finally picking up speed

After the FHE, we reviewed the mileage situation and realized that we may not be able to attend the District Meeting, but the idea was mentioned in which we achieved that we drive to Princeton and park the vehicle to carpool back to Marions apartment to spend the night only to carpool with all 6 missionaries to D Meeting, then head back to Princeton to pick up vehicle and drive home. Tallying up the numbers, its more effective to drive 42 miles over 2 days time rather than 35 in one day. Im grateful the idea was mentioned or else we wouldnt have been able to really do anything the last few days of the month, thank goodness for a new month when the mileage resets. YEAY

This week we have been trying to offer service to just about everybody we contact. Have a few projects planned and will hopefully fall through. E Rivera had a moment at home that service clicked within his mind, so thats been one thing hes been trying to achieve here. Heard a story of a missionary in a Canada mission lately where his teaching pool was relatively small (like unto Cadiz) and they decided to build and advertise FREE SERVICE SIGNS with the phone number on them, through it, the teaching pool nearly doubled and everything was going better afterwards. Due to me mentioning that story, we may attempt it, just need to go to Walmart (which Cadiz doesnt have) and purchase the supplies needed.

Something that i have sincerely gained a testimony of is the temple. Back at home, i guess i took them for granted, but now i absolutely love and enjoy them. Looking online, another temple was recently dedicated in Fort Lauderdale Florida, which is simply amazing.

Saturday was a fun day of activities. Cadiz held is Spring Fling, where there were booths and vendors selling redneck merchandise. We decided to walk around to get our names and faces present. One guy made pens and manual razors with elk horns and bullet casings. We also decided to briefly look through a newly opened Antique Shop in which we havent walked through yet due to it moving and being closed for renovation. We walk around and see license plates. One goal of mine is to find a Tennessee and Kentucky license plate for the memory book, and i finally found both of them. After looking through nearly 5 antique stores, i finally find them. Most of the plates out here are either Illinois, Indiana, or Ontario Canada

We also were informed that today was the annual racing of the Kentucky Derby, COOL, unfortunately we were unable to watch it with the Spring Fling people because we were supposed to clean out the Parkers shed that night as well as partake in a meal. They knew about it on, so we walk in with the pre-race on, DANG those horses are quick. Reminding me to watch Seabiscuit and Secretariat when im home

Fast Sunday...it was an interesting one. E Rivera gets in a grumpy and ticked mood when hes hungry, due to it being fast Sunday had no different reaction. During the missionary singing rehearsal, he was hyper and there was nothing i could do to stop it. But all is well due to partaking in the Fast Sunday meal with the Millers, the former Stake President. After the meal, i realized i only have one more fast Sunday left in the mission, scary to think.

Two dates set, lots of service desired, the times in Cadiz are great, till next time. One more time calling home prior to permanently being home, cant wait for it

Till next time

April 28, 2014

Transfer meeting was very busy due to the entire mission being present. The group which went home was fairly large in size. One of the assistants (which came out with me but he was Spanish), E Weed, E Ahkava (from New Zealand), and many more. Sad to see them go, but that's what happens as a missionary, there will be a time to depart, and my time is rapidly approaching.

The guest speaker was great, Dan Clark payed 13 years of NFL football and claims to be an inspirational speaker rather than a motivational, due to motivational speakers speak only for temporary pleasure, while inspirational speakers speak for something that is lasting. Something he  stated has resonated with me. He was also in the music industry, and he stated that all music (piano based) uses 12 notes ONLY, what makes all music in the world unique because of the order the notes are played in, the tempo of the beat, and ultimately the use of how many notes. Unfortunately due to our rides previous commitment, we walked out of the meeting 1/2 way through it. It has also come to my knowledge that there was even a mission wide photo taken, too bad that detail was not given or I think we would have found a ride which would have enabled us to participate in the photo. Due to the required a things of us and little time we had to perform them, no photos were taken with fellow missionaries I've enjoyed being around, which is unfortunate, because the next transfer meeting with me going home will be significantly smaller and odds are I will be unable to say bye to some of them.

Currently serving with E Rivera whom was born outside of Mexico City Mexico, but his last home prior to serving is Sandy Utah. He is only 3 months into the mission and previously served in the annexed part of the mission, that being Eldorado Illinois. Something interesting, we have the running joke within the companionship that I now have a bodyguard as a companion, he will protect me from any literal harm... I hope.

Participated in the Family Home Evening, in which 10 were present. Taught lesson two, that of the plan of salvation. To talk about the kingdoms, I used the analogy of Recess Peanut Butter Cups. They are sweet and delicious to the taste, for some one of them is sufficient to satisfy (comparable to lesser kingdom), some would rather have the default size (2 and comparable to middle kingdom), while the king size (4) represents the highest kingdom. Kind of wish I thought of this analogy month 2, nonetheless, everyone is talking to me about it saying they more understand the kingdoms due to the Recess analogy. Success story of the week. Remembering this is making my mouth water for the taste of Recess.

We get a text Thursday morning from a member of the Paducah Ward whom works in Cadiz in the newly opened chiropractic office. She takes us to lunch at the Cadiz Restaurant. Very simple diner, yet true to the southern style of cooking. When done, we inquire if it is possible for us to receive free back adjustments, she states come on over today and we will do it. All I can say is wow. I thought having my sister walk on my back pops every bone in back, nope I was wrong. So many pops I thought I was going to snap in half. Never had that done before, and oh does it feel good during and afterwards. Even scheduled a return visit in 6 weeks right before I return home. Talk about awesome.

Keena finally returned from being in Paducah at the hospital. She was only gone for 8 days, but for a missionary it felt like an eternity. Lo and behold, when we had the missionaries in Paducah visit her, E Rivera was one of them, so now we call it a sign that he knows her before the restart of teaching begins. She was diagnosed with COPD as well as with pneumonia. Luckily, E Rivera was an EMT back at home, so he was able to inform her of safety procedures and what to do to cope with the change due to the diagnosis.

Attempted to visit the Deloach house only to be turned away due to that night being the 'daddy daughter' dance, so all the girls were prepping for the night. However, we were able to reschedule a visit with someone in the family that seemed not interesting at all, to actually expressing sadness for whenever we come that she is too busy or not home when we are there. Returned and taught a spiritual lesson toe, and yes, I used the Recess Peanut Butter Cup analogy.

Had dinner with the Parker's. They are still saddened  at the loss of E Lofthouse, but give it time and they will warm up to Rivera.

Sunday services were somewhat interesting at the beginning. The first and closing speakers were unable to be seen, luckily two new missionaries  were transferred in and haven't really met either of them so they were told to speak briefly, I was inquired to speak, but right as the meeting began, the stake person designated to speak showed up eliminating me from the pulpit. Other that the small shake up, it was a good Sunday services.

Had a return visit with Keena. Taught her lesson two and set a BAPTISMAL DATE with her. Set it for June 1, my final Sunday in the mission. She still has to quit smoking, that's the reason why the date was set 6 weeks back to giver her a 'buffer' incase she slips. I'm happy for her. No better way to end the mission.

We were informed that us 6 missionaries will be singing for Sunday services in a few weeks when the Second Councelor in the Mission Presidency comes to address the congregation, rumor has it that President Andersen will even attend, no pressure on our part.

Weather sounds like its gonna be intense withing the next 24 hours, got my camera on me incase a tornado appears in the distance.

Till next time

April 21, 2014

First things first: the pig is entirely painted now. It looks pretty legit. We even did the pink detail for the tail. Can't wait to put my legendary signature on it.

During the last few weeks, most of those whom we have been visiting decided to drop us nearly at the same time, so our people to visit list is dwindling quickly, so the last few days have nearly been dedicated entirely and finding new people to teach.

Tracting on Tuesday we contact Katie Weber. We get inside and E Lofthouse notices the photo of her brother in law and sister in which he recognized while serving in Elkton. Haven't had a small world moment like this one yet. She has a little bit of potential, keeping the fingers crossed.

The Family Home Evening this week was record setting. We had the largest attendance thus far of 16. This is wonderful news to see how far it has come and I am happy to be part of it. We are keeping records of the previous meetings attendance and it's amazing to see the growth from 6 to 16 within 6 weeks. Had 5 investigators present and 9 members, I'm still amazed as to how quickly it has grown and continues to do so.

District meeting again was memorable. One of the missionaries was a cowboy rancher at home, so he likened most cowboy and horse materials to the gospel. Due to it being the last week of the transfer, everyone took photos in case any changes were to come. Realized the Bishops, the military relations couple which started the mission while I was in Hopkinsville is ending their mission and will be heading home to Idaho. Man I am old. I remember when they started the mission and now I'm seeing them leave. Getting somewhat emotional realizing that I'm next on the "chopping block, and it is rapidly approaching.

Walking around again Thursday as well as Friday and found some more potentials. A interesting note. Due to it being the Easter season we've been recommended to share a Easter themed video the church released (the video on YouTube has 3.4 million views roughly) so while tracting we were recommended to share it. It's surprising to see how many people refuse to let us show a Easter and Christ themed video in commemoration of the holiday, that's one way to know they just aren't ready to receive good word yet.

Participated in the Easter Egg Hunt put on by the branch. There were nearly 65 total in attendance with 25 being children, talk about a decent sized group to go egg hunting. No i didn't go looking for the eggs, instead I assisted some of the kids which cal me their "buddy" to help and recommend places to look. Every time the Easter season approaches, an early childhood memory returns. I remember living in West Valley being about 6-8 years old going egg hunting in the back yard. I see an egg on the back window sill, so I try to grab it and unknowingly I step on the prongs of a metal rake which makes the pole hit me square in the head. My head hurts just remembering the event. And no, it didn't and hopefully won't happen to me again.

Coming back from the Easter egg hunt, we realize that the yearly Rotary Auction was ending that night, so we decided to see the action. Members have informed us that the Cadiz Rotary Auction is the largest grossing Per Capita in the NATION!!! The town of Cadiz of nearly 7000 people raised nearly $260,000 (last known bid). The atmosphere somewhat reminded me of being in Sparta when we went to the public auction, never been to one before, and was pretty cool.

Transfer calls were received. This one made me very nervous due to it being my final transfer. E Lofthouse is leaving to Pulaski (where Ku Klux Klan originated, and located next county over where he started his mission) AND I WILL BE STAYING IN CADIZ AND I WILL BE RECEIVING E RIVERA  whom I happen to be his "greenie buster", which is the terminology for being the next companion after leaving his trainee. He has been out roughly 3 months. First time "busting" someone, and will be the only time

These next 6 weeks will fly by quickly. Will be fun and am looking forward to the challenge. Now, due to "dying" in Cadiz, when I sign the pig, I'll be sure to put a tombstone over my name indicating that I died here. I will be legendary here.

While E Lofthouse was telling everyone bye, I realized that next transfer I will be saying the same. Cadiz will have a history of 4 missionaries when I go home and it hasn't been open for 3 months. That was a somewhat scary and sad thought.

Unfortunately, we will be forced to leave early from the transfer meeting due to our rides precious commitment, so odds are I won't be able to say hi or bye to everyone I'd like to at the meeting. The transfer meeting will have a guest speaker whom was an Ex NFL player for the Oakland Raiders (Uncle Jason, know a Dan Clark from Oakland's history?) and with this occurring everyone will be there. Been informed that the ending time is 2. but some meetings go on longer and with a motivational speaker there, who knows when it will end. Needless to say, we will be forced to leave at 1:30 regard less how far into the meeting we are. Hope I don't miss too much of it.

Last Easter complete as a missionary. Looking forward to the literal conversation with home in a few weeks. Realized that we are 3 weeks away from me and Lofthouse being together for BOTH times to contact home... "Just missed it by that much"

Duck Dynasty


April 14, 2014

May 18, 2014

April 14, 2014

First things first, I did receive the package, and yes, them cookies are delicious as always

Monday we went window shopping in one of the untouched antique stores in Cadiz. They had hundreds of copies of TIME Magazine from the 1930's to 1980's, one of them the cover was the opening day of Disney World 50 years ago. On all the covers, the price for the issue was $10, and they were significantly larger in size than today's magazines. Cool little history lesson.

Walking into the antique shop, we see a concrete molded pig next to the purchase counter, we inquired of her if she knew where we could get one like that? She said "You can for $25." SOLD!!! Now we have the concrete pig and need to paint it, that pig is one heavy mold. 55 pounds of pure concrete and it isn't even 3 ft long by 1.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. Working on the painting slowly, only painting during our downtime during meals.

FHE meeting tied the largest attendance thus far. With sunset now being later in the night we will be revisiting the LA's to get them invited again.

Walking around the entire day Wednesday, man it got a little hot I was sweating a bit. No where near sweating like I was in Hopkinsville during the summer, bu it was warm enough that we needed to make an "emergency drink purchase" at a local gas station. Slushees when its nearly 80 degrees outside... tasty

A member in Paducah opened up a chiropractic office down the street from the apartment. Well the husband isn't a member, and he notices us walking and offered us a meal. He took us to the Cadiz Restaurant. Decided to have the Country Fried Steak meal... ugh... that was a meal. When the meal arrived, I think I went bug - eyed and he told me "your gonna eat all of it", I gave my best, but could only eat 80-90%, ugh I slept like a pig that night... HA PIG being in Cadiz.. haha

Participated in an exchange with the Hopkinsville set, unfortunately I stayed in Cadiz, but it was great to be informed how everything going and get updates on my fellow peeps in Hoptown.

Sunday, we got committed by Sister Andersen (at previous zone conference) to participate in a YSA Easter program as a choir in Hopkinsville. Singing went great, got to see a few fellow Hoptown peeps, not a lot, but a few, it was great. Talking with my "mission grandmother" was great, gotta remember to write her when I'm home.

During the exchange, I slipped out the information in regards to there being a geocache near the Hopkinsville apartment, needless to say, Hoptown and us went to find it without a GPS. I luckily remember the satellite imagery of where it was, before I left. And we found it. Could potentially lead to an investigator due to us leaving a missionary pass-a-long card next to the container. Never would have thought of doing that as a missionary.

Due to our only lesson plan that night contacting us prior to us coming stating tonight not a good night, Hoptown informs that they are visiting the Browns tonight, so we went back. I still feel the love for them as they transition from being married to not any more. Still somewhat emotional due to never experiencing this before, but once I'm home, they are near the top of the list to recontact.

Well, due to it being the final week of the transfer, we better go so we can paint the pig. No idea if I will stay in Cadiz my final 6 weeks. Mission history states that most of the missionaries who request staying in area final weeks are denied, didn't request it, but I'm unaware of whats to come, so we better finish the pig so my name can be on it in case I do leave

Till next time

Apr 13, 2014

April 7, 2014

Last Monday, lets say a RC whose in town every now and then do to caring for mother and sister found us and had a conversation of his childhood for 3 HOURS. Not to be mean to the guy, but it's our PDay, we have other things desired to do, why not talk to us on any other day? Oh well, it happened. Maybe it needed to.

FHE had a total of 10 (including us missionaries and 2 children under 3 years old), E. Lofthouse was teaching, but the kids were being distracting, so he shifted his focus on keeping them attentive to himself while I continued in teaching the lesson. The children belong to Rebekah, whose been coming for the last 3 weeks, but due to the kids, we have been unable to teach, so we used this opportunity to do so. We taught about the Restoration. She loved it and pretty much bore testimony that she has joined the church (not quite due to baptism, but we're working on it).

After another D meeting, we served at the Parker's again. Luckily, most of the stuff has been sorted out, all that is needed now is to throw it away in the "dumpster-on-wheels". We are pretty much doing some "spring cleaning" and ohh is it looking like spring out here. The blossoms on the trees are opening and Lofthouse is singing the "popcorn popping" song every time he sees one.

Had dinner with the Naylor family. They are going to be officially moving from Texas to Trigg County in October (long after I'm gone :(  ) We enjoyed their company as well as their stories. They shared their conversion story the FHE and it was just awesome. He was a "preach nothing but hell, fire and brimstone, Pentecostal", well the visiting teachers were visiting her, and he got curious about it and eventually joined the church. That was a little bit of a testimony builder for me to see that even the "worst" people can be softened enough to hear and love the message we share.

Had dinner with the Ahren's at Cracker Barrel. It's routine that I get the Country Fried Steak meal, in which I love dearly. Afterwards we visited 2 less actives whom were inspired for us to visit.Both of them are having hard times,(one bodily problems and the other family)and the Ahren's due to past experiences were able to testify and give advise as to how to solve it. May not be member missionary work, but if it is improving their lives, it works for me.

OHHH General Conference, always love it. Surprised it didn't rain during the opening scenes before it begins. Very inspiring. Little sad that no new temples were announced, but it makes sense for them to be focusing on those which are under construction before building more. Uchtodorf's Priesthood, and Bishop Stevenson's were my favorite.Stevenson's was great maybe due to the fact of using Olympic information that is new to me, due to missing them. When the text comes out, that's the first one on my re-read list.

After this conference session ended, I realized that it's the last one I will watch on the mission, and YES, I did watch the Spoken Word and loved it. Can't wait to get back into the routine of watching them Sunday mornings.

That's a wrap, till next time


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

March 31, 2014

First off, have some scary news to say, realized that I have 9 weeks left until I am home. Realizing this somewhat brought a tear to my eyes, never thought this moment would come.First, Family Home Evening, had a record turn out of 14 (including missionaries) 2 less actives present (one no one knew lived in the area) and 9 members with one investigator preset. The lesson had a real life analogy with a hard boiled egg and a glass Yoo-Hoo (yes, Yoo-Hoo) jar. Had the science experiment of getting the egg into the bottle and compared it to life, where we have to endure the pressures of heavenly laws and commandments to receive the ultimate blessing of being in Gods presence, or inside the jar.

Wednesday we had zone conference, my last one as a missionary. I'll admit, most of the meetings I didn't really pay much attention in, but this one was special. Sitting next to Hermana Hendrickson (going home at same time) we realize in unison that were both giving our departing testimonies as well as another 3 in this meeting. The group going home will be large. My departing advise was a phrase that has been repeated in my head from Preach my Gospel, and that is no effort is wasted. I've had them moments when I feel as if I'm unseccessful, but if I change my perspective and see that I'm only planting seeds instead of seeing the instant growth, it is all worth while. The fruit may not be harvested during my mission, but it hopefully will for future generations.

Had dinner with the Mission Leaders youngest son, whom served his mission in Colorado Springs Colorado and is a part member family. Answered some of her questions and relieved some of the good and bad memories of all 3 of our missions.

Saturday did more service at the Parkers. The scouting yard quickly is next week, so we needed to go through everything quickly to know what's being donated, kept or tossed. We leave their place with a coffee maker... yes, a coffee maker. That awkward moment that inside a missionary apartment is none other than a coffer maker. Don't worry, we ain't using it for coffee, frankly I'm scared to see me drink it. I can visualize myself as Twitchy on Hoodwinked, breaking the sound barrier as I run going crazy. We are going to use it for Roman Noodles, and hot chocolate... too bad didn't have it in Princeton with the cold temperatures.

Rebekah attended church services for the first time. Afterward we received word from the Sisters that Judy Gunn's (RC while in Princeton) twin sister desires a priesthood blessing due to her failing health. We go over and she instantly recognizes us when we were over to finalize Judy's baptismal record. She told the story in how she's nearly lost her leg and where and how intense the pain is. As she was retelling this story, inspiration came to me about the John Tanner Story. Looked it up on the iPad and watched the first half with her. His leg is diseased enough that all physicians told him to amputate the leg or you will die. He refuses, meets the missionaries and has the discussion. This is the part I wanted her to visually understand. John couldn't endure baptism due to the severity of the diseased leg. One of the missionaries simply states, "Did Jesus heal the crippled man at the waters of Bethesda?, if so, would that same priesthood power be restored? Do you have faith sufficient to be healed?" He did, leg healed and was baptized that very night and walked the 1/2 mile round trip to the lake on the leg that held no wight for 6 months. The priesthood enabled this miracle to occur.

I was led through inspiration to show this story to giver her more motivation to press on through the trials both of the leg and of quitting smoking. That blessing given is the most spiritually uplifting ones I've ever participated in yet given. It was a testimony builder to me about the reason and power that the priesthood can have.

Looking forward to General Conference. Anticipating to see some rain during the live shot of temple square as well as where new temple locations will be built. Hope you females enjoyed the Women's meeting, E Lofthouse got an email of both his mother and youngest sister in the choir, you've seen then, the sister was front and center on the camera.

Till next time


Elder Terre Short

March 24, 2014

Held another meeting of the Family Home Evening, which happens to be the best thus far as far as people in attendance. We had a total of 6 people pent with 3 investigators and members present. Keena was there, who picked up someone else, and Rebekah, whom is pretty much a golden referral. We were originally visiting her mother-in-law and had no real plans in teaching her. Invited her to the FHE and she came. At the meeting, she said once she gets a vehicle she plans on attending church as frequently as possible. We may have just stumbled upon the first baptism in the Cadiz area.

Wednesday had the district meeting in Hopkinsville. Had lunch at the Subway right next to the taj so multiple memories came back to me. After arriving back in Cadiz we decided to revisit some people we street contacted into. One was Nikki. Contacted her and the first words out of her mouth were  "my grandmother who raised me is a Mormon who moved from Utah to Eddyville (within the Branch boarders) so I know a lot of information about the church through her". Due to her knowing some information of the church, she's in the same situation as was Chris Wheaton, he knew the stories, been to the sites, and is now converted, she may be golden as well. Informed her of the FHE and hope that she may be able to attend it. Due to the Asbridges moving to Morgantown last month, the primary disappeared, if Nikki and the kids show up to services, there will at least be a primary, not 50+ but for Kentucky it will do.

Reaped the first major blessing with the iPads. Due to 3 sets being within the one branch and it's a significant distance to travel for our cooardination meetings with the mission leader, we got permission to use FaceTime to coordinate our efforts. Now we can have our coordination meetings and be effective with them.

Saturday was pretty much an all day service day. Assisted with a less active (Sis Thurman with Shailene) who is moving from her trailer to an actual house next door. We were there to assist in painting the walls. The painting of the wood a brown color so somewhat reminded me of the cabin the family owned near Park City. Thinking about that multiple memories returned in which I've shared a few of them out here, everyone loves the story of me bottle feeding Max the Moose (if possible, can you send me a photo of it).

After painting service, we assist the Parker's in cleaning out the garage. The vehicles on the property are ll broken down, with one just needing to reinsert the engine block within so they can use it. The plan is to clean the garage. This event was more or less a prerequisite. They can assist in the work, as well as attend the Family Home Evening, but due to no working vehicle, and a family of 5 present, they must be transported by others. Once the car is fixed, they can do things on their own, that was the reason why we were there, enable them to fix the vehicle sooner so the work can even hasten further along. Talk about a lot of stuff within a small garage. About 5 hours later, we finally get about 95% of the contents out so the wife can organize and decide what's being kept or what's being trashed or donated.

After cleaning, I discovered something that I didn't know if i'm allergic to cats. One cat they have i held in my arms as if it were a baby. Within 10 minutes after setting it down, I sneezed repeatedly (2 sessions of 6 within 5 minutes apart) then they realize my eyes and my eyelids are turning red. Luckily it was getting time to return home, they give me some equivalent of Benadryl, but due to driving home, I didn't want to risk it. Took it once I was home, within 30 minutes I was asleep and didn't wake up till 7. I slept through the alarm and Lofthouse showering. The combination of a good days work and medicine really help me go to sleep, lesson learned.

Due to Stake Conference last week and General Conference within the next two, this week was Branch  Conference within the next two, this week was Branch Conference in which the entire Stake Presidency was present as well as some other stake auxiliary leaders to "critique" in how the branch is doing. Seeing President Craig and hearing him speak is just amazing. The lesson in priesthood has a funny moment. Someone stated that no one here is going to be an area authority or in the quorum of the 70, however, Craig's been bishop for 6 years and is now stake president and he isn't even 40, he has some potential.

Pictures are of a pig in town. Only way to remember that Cadiz is home of the Ham Festival.


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

March 17, 2014

First things first, HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!! Unfortunately even if you tried, no pinching me because I'm wearing Aunt Jill's green tie today.

With the beginning of this transfer, I realized something that is somewhat interesting and scary at the same time, when this transfer is complete, Elder Lofthouse WILL BE the longest companion I have served with thus far as a missionary. Just starting the transfer he's broken the record which is only 2 transfers (most of the past companionship I've been in), with this being the 3rd together, he is in the history books now. 

On Monday we decided to visit the only antique shop in town that we haven't gone through yet. Cadiz has 4 downtown alone, these things are so cool!!! Having a history lesson just by walking through them. Looking around, I found two things that I ultimately purchased. A small Kentucky license plate, and a piece of memorabilia with the Hopkinsville Ferrell's Hamburgers location painted on it. Going through all these antique shops is making me curious if there is any in Salt Lake, if so, I may visit them just to see what is there. 

Driving home that night I notice a frog in the center of the road hopping along. I say out loud that it was a frog. Lofthouse gets out of the vehicle, picks it up and brings it inside the vehicle. We drive 200 feet home and we contact our downstairs neighbor and inquire if she wants to see the frog. Before she arrived, the frog got "lost" within the vehicle, so now we are looking everywhere inside the vehicle for a 3" diameter frog. We find it, tucked behind the console where the radio is, then it hops around all the seats within, going under or around all of them before we finally catch it. We ultimately give it to the neighbors due to the "no pets as a missionary" rule, it works out to there being two kids under the age of 4 present in the home. 

Zone Meetings are amazing. Being in the presence of a large quantity of missionaries is always fun. This one was really good since I have served in the same relative area with a few of the new missionaries in the zone, as well as multiple missionary sets present are resenting multiple previous areas in which I've served in. The new zone leader was one of the original replacements of me in Gallatin, the two new Spanish Sisters I've been around before, one in which was in the Russellville, Hopkinsville, Elkton, and Morgantown present. Even Elder Dudley from the MTC district is in this zone. When this zone meeting ended, I made the somewhat scary realization, I have 2 zone meeting left with one of them being a zone conference, which will occur in two weeks. I'm starting to enjoy these meetings. Before I was a complainer, now I actually look forward to them and attempt to get something out of them and apply it to myself at least. 

Hopkinsville Stake Conference occurred. Had a reunion with a lot of people from Russellville, Elkton, Hopkinsville, and felt happy to do so. Patriarch Fears, Carmichaels, Big and Little Cliff, Abneys, Sis Saturley, Matt and Melissa Carroll, Shoemakes, Lisa Bunce and many more. The real highlight was seeing the Cliff JR Kennedy clan again. Jessica, Alyssa and little Kaleb showed up to stake conference late, but the fact that we were able to see each other again was downright amazing. 

Wanted to take photos of everyone I was having a reunion with in the stake conference, but I was too busy recognizing and having a conversation with them that I was unable to get any photos taken. 

March 10, 2014

Sorry for the somewhat interesting update last week. The snow storm that came through was an interesting one. We get called in early Sunday night due to the sleet only to wake up with a good 2 inches of on the ground. Two inches of snow in Utah, here in Kentucky, IT MEANS THE WORLD!!! Pretty much the entire county shuts down due to having very little snow removal tools, which in turn prevents us from emailing directly, thank goodness for the iPad, it saved the day. The weathers been so bad out here lately that the school year odds are will be forced to make up the missed days all the way till middle of June... doesn't sound fun, nearly half a summer gone by and still in school.

OK, so most of the apartments I've been in have a "Missionary Memorial" wall or item which all past missionaries sign indicating that they have served here. Due to being one of the original two, we're contemplating ideas of what to do. most of them are wooden study tables which they engrave their names into, however, we don't want to do that, we want to do something original. The thing we are wanting to do is to BUY A PIG. Not a live animal, more along the lines of a concrete modeled statue. Due to Cadiz having the Ham Festival every year, pigs are popular out this way, so no better way to blend into the area and have missionaries talk to others saying "I've signed the legendary pig of Cadiz." Nearly every business has a modeled pig on its grounds, and most of the houses have one on the property as well. The down side is that they are currently out of stock, with another shipment arriving at the end of the month, and once they are in stock they are gone quickly, we are hoping we can get one for the apartment and to paint it up in missionary attire so future missionaries can sign away and become legends for serving in Cadiz.

Driving to district meeting on Wednesday was a bit of an adventure. The snow storm is over and nearly 3 days later, the roads are finally plowed and safe and able to be driven on, or that is what we thought. Driving to Hopkinsville, once we enter Christian County side of the main road, no plows have even touched it yet. Let's say the only dry patches of road happened to be the tire ruts of previous cars that have driven on the road. Driving in tire width lanes for nearly 15 miles got a little tedious due to the bumpiness, also due to travel. Of course, the one day I leave the camera behind, this adventure occurred. It was a perfect opportunity for a few pictures and or videos. I'm never going to see and do that again. Utah's very prepared to clear the snow off the roads even during the storm, here, not so much. In fact, rumor has it that the nearby counties are completely or close to being out of salt for the snow on the roads, so if another severe storm hits, its game over, no melting of the snow here in Kentucky. Made a comment to someone that Utah, to add some additional business to the state should sell some of the salt at the Bonneville Salt Flats to places that need it for the snow melting process (i.e. Hopkinsville) because Utah has plenty. We don't need all of it.

Contacted Benjamin, a referral from the Hopkinsville missionaries. Due to an automobile accident, his mind doesn't keep some of the information said, but he understands that which we've talked about, it's just he sometimes forgets within that week what previously happened. He has some potential, may be one of the first baptisms in Cadiz. We then went visiting some less actives with the Branch President. According to records, there was a referral sent by herself stating that she is a member, but was saved in the potential section. Finally was able to visit her, invite her to the night was with another less active named Roger Puckett. He lived out in the boonies a good 7 miles from the apartment, but as we were driving, the branch President states "this is the reason why school is cancelled tomorrow, the buses cannot drive on the snow out here". The snow was bad enough that it took us nearly 30 minutes to go 3 miles of driving, no plows have touched it yet due to being out in boonies. We get there, luckily he was there, but stated "I'm currently an active Baptist and don't desire to return", all that driving and entertainment for someone that doesn't want us to return. May sound depressing, but according to Preach my Gospel, it is effective and efficient.

Went tracting and contacted a few youth when the mother of one of them comes out and yells "you know you ain't supposed to be talking to strangers, get inside now", that awkward moment as a missionary when parents get within conversation and ends it abruptly. If I followed that advise of no talking to strangers, I WOULD NOT BE A MISSIONARY, that's what we do, but the mothers words have more authority that that of a young missionary.

Transfer calls have come in: WERE BOTH STAYING IN CADIZ!!!!!!! There are lots of changes going on within that area though. E Cottam (who knows the Barlow twins) is being transferred out to Nashville, Hopkinsville Spanish is being whitewashed and one of them coming in is Hermana Hendrickson, whom was in district when I was in Gallatin, and whom is going home at the same time as me. This transfer will be fun. Realized that I have two more to go, hope I will end the mission here in Cadiz.

Had another baptism within the branch on Sunday. Today was the baptism of Chris Wheaton, whom we started to visit with right before we were transferred out of Princeton. With this baptism, I realized that is the 4th one within the last 12 weeks within the Princeton Branch, this area is exploding with recent coverts.

Photos are of me about to have a snowball fight, as well as something you will only see in Kentucky, them folks supporting the UK Wildcats in any way possible


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

February 3, 2014

Sorry this one is going to be out of order but for some weird reason it is not posting them correctly so this one will be out of order but the rest will be fine.

So after sending the email I realized I messed up. I'M CURRENTLY IN FAIRVIEW TENNESSEE. As well as in a trio, first one for me. I'm still with Lofthouse (due to opening Cadiz... supposed to) and with E Walsh (exchange with while in Gallatin). Fairview is different. I'm soo trunkie, not for going home, but for going back to Kentucky. The people and the general attitude of the people are more receptive there, so me in Tennessee for a "temporary time" when I should be in Kentucky... lets say I want to go back to Kentucky badly.

At the transfer meeting, a miracle occurred. Little to my knowledge within the mission are a few missionaries serving from cities withing the TNM boundaries that are unable to serve full-time due to health reasons, well, one of them was deemed able to serve full-time and opened his call in front of ALL MISSIONARIES present at the transfer meeting, he's going to the SALT LAKE EAST mission. Didn't really know him in any of the areas, but sill proof that the work is being hastened.

Receiving news of Ann Johnson's passing was a little difficult for me. Hearing word of Uncle Alan passing as well as Uncle Ernie was difficult, but this one was by far harder. I was looking forward to expressing my gratitude for the sacrifice that was made for my behalf. Now I will have to wait till on the other side... ugh...

So Fairview is very knowledgeable in regards to the missionary who got injured by a vehicle. The entire town knows of it. To update y'all, the missionary got injured by a car which hit another vehickle which hit the missionary to the ground. The fall on the ground is what did the damage in which some ligaments within the leg were damaged enough that reconstructive surgery has to be done, hence he is now home. So many people have inquired his status, we have no idea.

Attended a regional broadcast hosted by Elders Perry, Rasband, and Kopishke. It was originated from Memphis and was and enjoyable meeting... for what we saw. When it started, lets say the satellite transmission was picking up and attorney seminar from BYU Idaho, not what we needed to watch... oh well.

Fairview Branch reminds me of Sparta but with more kids. so reminded me of home a little bit. The little kids running around and crying, little home-sick, just a little. Had dinner with the Franklin Stake Presidents family, ate the southern classic breakfast meal for dinner: biscuits and gravy.

Now for the funny story. Walking around Sunday in the drizzling rain, and a random guy offers a ride to destination due to the rain. Forward to after dinner and we are walking to another location and the same guy passes and offers a ride AGAIN in the rain. Were trying to visit someone who was watching the Super Bowl, lets say he wasn't in the best of moods due to Denver loosing, so we call the same guy for a return ride and he accepts. Got a ride from same random guy 3 times. Miracle occur and will always.

Who knows when I will return to Kentucky. Talking with Assistants, it sounds as if it may be a while, but I will keep y'all informed.

Till next time


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

Apr 12, 2014

February 24, 2014

Few updates this week. Had or District Meeting in Hoptown again, oh felt at home instantly. Had lunch by ourselves (not with district due to miss communication...oh well, saw a less active, its well) and due to location of business, i realized I'm DOWN THE STREET FROM THE CARROLS. So we do a brief visit as what we did with the Browns on New Years. Man, i'm happy to know them as they are to know me. He recently became temple endowed and is one of the strongest members I've ever met. Shes relapsed in the smoking, and little to my knowledge that his mother who is still living at home recently was baptized 3 months ago. She wasn't even a focus. From one referral, nearly 6 people were baptized. That's the highlight of the mission...for now.

After the reunion, we went to the branch Valentines Day Dinner, first one went to. Was on exchanges during one in Russellville, so i missed it, not this time.

Decided to recontact the house with the "big white fluffy dog" that bit E Lofthouse on the hand a while back. Dog was still there, but they reinforced the dog chain and the tree wire so it wont break again...i hope...

That somewhat intense storm line that went through clipped us in here in Kentucky. However, there were Tornado Warnings issued in Gallatin and east of Fairview, so it missed us, but only just. Due to the threat of tornado's, we were ordered inside 30 minutes early.

Saturday was a very intense, effective, and legit day for us. Contacted multiple less actives and others and informed them of the FHE starting up soon, which most of them sounded very interested in attending. Had dinner with Parkers (whom were baptized in Hoptown and moved before i started mission) then visited with a LA with a non-member distant family member living with her. Did church intros and answered questions. Due to her being raised in "Jews for Jesus" church in Pennsylvania. shes realizing the faults shes been raised up in. Who knows if its a seed planted, but if it is, its a success in my book

Marion had a baptism. So 2 more added to rolls of Princeton Branch. Visited with someone heading back home with a very long beard, just as a good 30% of Kentuckians have. During lesson we noticed the tarantula in the cage. He invited us to hold it stating facts of "females don't bite and are smaller and less aggressive than males", surprisingly i thought i had Arachnophobia, but i don't...phew...maybe its due to the original geocache i found ;)

Starting up the FHE in Cadiz tomorrow, interviews and iPad's on Wednesday. Things are getting good here in Kentucky and am looking forward to the future

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

February 18, 2014

To sum up this last week in a few words: I'M FINALLY IN CADIZ!!!

Received a phone call after emailing last week that were heading to Cadiz after the District Temple Session. Needless to say, the logistics were a little confusing, but we spent Wednesday through Friday night with the Marion missionaries (northern 1/3 of Princeton branch) only to travel to Cadiz on Saturday to get the apartment key in hand. Its been an interesting week, but a joyous one to say the least.

The temple as a missionary is one of them things that just puts my soul at ease. It also gave me the moment to reflect on my personal life and walk with Christ. I see where i need to improve and change through this experience. This session has been the most effective one I've ever done.

Cadiz is now officially open with a permanent set!!! Now to let the work commence. Were about to begin an FHE which hopefully will rekindle the less actives in area (due to being 50+ miles closer) and hopefully within 2 years will break off from the Princeton branch and form its own branch. Things are about to get good here in Kentucky and cant wait for the ball to speed down that hill.

Sorry, no pictures due to being too busy.

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

February 14, 2014

Received a card and letter for valentines day from Terre card says

"I love you..." open it up and its a picture of snoopy with his arms opening up saying "This much!!! Happy Valentines Day!"
*Hugs shown are smaller than actual size*
letter included says

This card has a lot of truth behind it in multiple ways first the love I give to you; second, the love you give to me; and third, the love Christ has for me/us.

Lately in my studies I've learned that we are chastened to suffer to become more obedient (D&C 105:6) these last 20 months have been filled with chastening and suffering times. Through them, I have been learning which is the whole purpose of life to gain experience.

I'm waiting eagerly to open Cadiz. I know it won't be easy and many challenges to come, but I know they will chasten me to influence me to become the destined missionary and person I am supposed to become.

Thank you for the prays on my behalf

   Elder Terre Short

February 10, 2014

So the previous missionary set according to the area book has a reputation of dropping everyone they taught due to uncertain reasons. That is our focus currently: recontacting everyone to determine are they indeed dropped or are they teachable.

Decided to offer service at a local government operated food bank, the dilemma about it is it was 3 miles away. Have no fear, due to experience in field, i know how to avoid the possibility of getting run over. Apparently, the business runner was a member nearly 30 years ago, but she didn't go into specifics of why she isnt anymore. We got "missionary inspected" by her where she pretty much asked "have planner, pen, name badge and pass-a-long cards?" Got a 3/4, didn't have pass-a-longs. 

Next we decide to hit up a referral of someone whom the previous set was teaching (according to notes on referral) but according to area book, nothings listed. Walking IN THE RAIN for nearly 3 miles, we arrive. Never really done that before. As missionaries, there are some "future rumors" of what could occur if you do certain things: Drop ONE Book of Mormon, future spouse gains 10 POUNDS; WALK IN THE RAIN, looses 10. The terminology is "hot wife points", yeah i received a lot that day.

Had a zone meeting in Columbia. (same building went to while serving in Spring Hill) First thing we noticed is the zone leaders with iPads!!! However, they simply say "questions will be answered and will receive them at interviews within next 3 weeks", the awkward feeling bout it though is they use it in front of us and totally brag about it. If it were me, id NOT use it till everyone else has one.

Talked with Sister Versillo who previously served in Russellville inquiring of any updates of the area, so much good has happened since i left. Most of the Kennedys now are active and/or being taught and the branch has gained nearly 10 more members. I'm happy due to that news.

Nearly didn't make it back to Fairview from zone meeting. The fuel light went on 5 miles outside of Columbia. There is barely a downtown city within Columbia and Fairview. Found a gas station with about 1 gallon in the tank to spare...close call

Yes, i am aware of the Sochi Olympics. Somewhat depressed in missing both London and Sochi while serving, but its ok, ill see the highlights when home.

Sunday was great. Unfortunately no investigators showed (2 said would), had lunch with Griffins. Was previous Branch President but got called as Patriarch 2 weeks ago (due to old Patriarch in Temple Presidency; yes that means Branch President is 2 weeks into term) had lunch then got more introduced to the area to people whom past sets were teaching. If every church member were like unto the Griffins, missionary work would be a lot more effective and efficient. 

Ended night with dinner at George's residence with 5 kids under 8 with one newborn. Had funny conversations, but effective due to them being the main driving force in the missionary effort for the area if not for the stake.

Walking around Sunday night due to it being only 7:30pm. Randomly decide to see drive-through car wash to see whats acceptable due to us needing to wash car soon. We happen to find a high school teenager vacuuming her truck. Invited her to hear message and accepted. The Lord works in mysterious ways. For example: leading missionaries to a car wash on Sunday to find someone to potentially teach.

One of the office missionary couples were at our branch services. Inquired bout whole Cadiz situation with no apartment and vehicle. Apartment will be open as of FEB 15, but now the situation is to re-shuffle the vehicles and companionship so someone can be here in Fairview while were up in Cadiz. Within 2 weeks we may be in Kentucky

Till next time
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

Jan 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

So, this may be the simplist email to date.

Working down in Cadiz (southern part of branch boundaries) as well as visiting with President (former bishop of Hopkinsville) Craig in regards to using his attorney location as an FHE place, he likes the idea and will let us do so...YEAY... Don't know whats making me happier, seeing someone from my original area or porgressing the work in Cadiz...HAPPY ME

Visited a few more potentials in Princeton. The priesthood is really needed here, so we visited Chris Wheaton, who's past home actually was CARTHAGE ILLINOIS, due to seeing the jail, Nauvoo Temple and Smiths tombstone, he knows a little about the church. Working with him.

Judy Gunns Baptism was amazing (sorry no photos) due to the fact of the surprise guests. We were able to have 3 previous sister missionaries return for it, two being previous two whom we replaced as well as one who originally opened the area. Judy was happy, the branch was happier, in missionaries alone there were 8 there where it should have been 4. Judy is first baptism in area serving SINCE Hoptown, as well as newest since Gigi in Elkton

Transfer Calls: Princeton being whitewashed with Sisters, one being new out of MTC

BOTH of us are opening CADIZ!!! Super stoked That means 3 sets of missionaries within the one branch boarders, the work is definitely hastening in Kentucky.

Now for the unfortunate news. Assistants called us Sunday night, we are NOT heading to Cadiz YET. Instead we will be heading to MAYFIELD TENNESSEE due to a missionary there being run over by a vehicle who is being sent home for rehab. We are there as a "temporary band-aid"... I want to know how long temporary is, I WANT TO BE IN CADIZ AND OPEN IT. The work in Cadiz is moving quickly, now were forced to put it on halt, not liking this, but have no choice. 

Next write who knows if I will be in Mayfield or Cadiz, have to wait and find out.

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

Jan 26, 2014

January 20, 2014

This week has been a very motivational one to say the least. We wrapped up last Monday by visiting with Judy Gunn, we set the baptismal date with her for NEXT SUNDAY (Jan 26) due to her not fully quitting smoking to give her time to accomplish the prerequisite. We are continuing to visit more referrals, most are dropping like dead flies, others are not being upright and say NO DON'T COME BACK or others just aren't home.

Participated in the Family Home Evening and i noticed a Silver Accord pull in, i had a familiar thought of a similar experience to the baby blue van in Elkton who happened to be that of Jenny Brown. Seeing the Accord, i couldn't connect the car to people, they come out and it is none other than the SMITHS of Hoptown. They came here briefly to drop off one Hoptown missionary to bring one of the Marion back down. Talking with them, they inform me that they are possibly moving to HERRIMAN around the time I'm complete with the mission. Somehow his job (active military) has him going to work in West Jordan, possibly moving to THE COVE due to the acreage, no where near the 9 acres currently, but 5 will suffice them, talk about happy me.

Unfortunately, i did the math, it may be a little off, but i have 138 DAYS LEFT as a missionary. I can remember and reflect the day entering the MTC and the mission field, man I'm old. Due to the magical number of 138 appearing, my studies are getting into overdrive and am reading Doctrine and Covenants in REVERSE, somewhat as a countdown clock as well as re-reading the entire Preach my Gospel before I'm home. The past studies have been mediocre, this one sounds and will be enjoyable.

Had an all-day zone conference meeting in Clarksville and didn't get back until around 6 due to hitch-hiking with the senior couple serving in Hoptown. Meeting informed us of how to safely drive in wintery weather, due to me (2/3 of zone) being from Utah, you think it would be common sense stuff of driving slowly in the snow and ice, but some don't. Don't worry, I'm safe and cautious when it comes to driving in wintery weather. 

Went down to Cadiz and are informed by branch to look for possible locations to hold a Family Home Evening event in Cadiz. Eventual plan is to have a branch in MARION, PRINCETON and CADIZ. Thought it through and realized that the new Stake President (Hoptown bishop) has an attorney location in downtown Cadiz. Through texting, we may have found a location to do it. With it being downtown, its also very central to everyone. Sometimes the Lord works through mysterious ways, like putting a Church meeting in an attorney place in between 2 other churches.

Transfer calls are SATURDAY NIGHT, baptism hopefully is SUNDAY. Knowing my track record, i may be out, but i have no idea. I love Kentucky, Princeton is growing on me. Reminds me of Russellville which is tied for my favorite place.

too bad I didn't find this sign in Hoptown (my first area) sign says "You are now entering the mission feild!"

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

January 13, 2014

So luckily the bitter cold has nearly disappeared. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable during the storms. Coat wise I'm fine, but the gloves i had didn't necessarily keep my hands warm. Oh well, luckily this is my last winter on the mission.

So, had a zone meeting, back in Hoptown with E Weed being a Zone Leader. Oh how much i miss my Weed. Hoptown memories started rushing me, as well as Weed made me remember some of the lessons and fun memories in Hoptown during his training. A previous missionary made the comment that Weeds next title will be Prophet Weed, after this meeting, it sounds like it might occur.

Received a package from my Return Missionary cousin which contained motivational notes as well as a recommendation to do both a gratitude journal and a miracle journal. The miracle journal I'm currently working on, the gratitude i may wait till I'm heading home so i can apply the lessons learned and have them written down.

Studies are about to get real. Making it a personal goal in reading the entire Preach my Gospel as well as D+C AGAIN before I'm home. D+C i will even be reading in reverse (starting at section 138 and ending with section 1) kind of using it as a countdown as to how many days left are on mission (not to call me trunkie by any means)

So participated in an exchange with Elder Cottam. He knows some of the same people i know due to him being at Copper Hills High School. So trying to think of more people we know in common is difficult due to not being "in the world" for 1.5 years, other than that, the exchange went well. 

Slowly building up people to teach. Princeton is starting to grow on me, mostly due to me being back in Kentucky.

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

January 6, 2014

So..first things first...not to complain but it is BONES COLD OUT HERE. We knew the potential of how cold it was going to get, but the surprise came when starting the car and the exterior thermometer fluctuated between 0 and 3 DEGREES excluding the windchill. If you include the windchill, its nearly -15...i thought Utah was cold, nope, Utah cold compared to this is a heat wave. Trying to stay warm, now may be the perfect time to go tracting to "entice" the people to let us in for some hot cocoa or to warm up.

So, new years. Talk about a blast. Being in presence of other missionaries for an all day fun day was a blast. Walking by i hear the word FARKLE, of course i get involved. Haven't played it in a while, so the specifics of the points in coordination with the die rolling is a little off, but i enjoyed it. Nearly one too, ended up 2nd.

The movie decisions this year were a lot better than last year. Monsters University, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Tangled. Seen Tangled too many times, heard a lot of good about remaining two, desired Wreck-it, but we watched Monsters University. Talk about a good prequel, now its making me somewhat want to watch the original to see how well it fits, havent seen it since it came out.

After some fun, i inquired with E Weed (zone leader) if he wanted to join me in visiting Jon and Jenny Brown, he was unable due to zone leader commitments. Went over to visit them, flood of memories flushed my mind when i was back in the presence of them. Unfortunately the newborn-ish daughter was asleep, but still to see them and inform them how close i am was really enjoyable. That simple visit with one of the recent converts in Hoptown was the highlight of the New Years Party.


Found a Short Street, its a little ironic that the sign is taller than me

Two Christmas Signs done by local churches

Two Large Baptist Churches (Edgewood and Sinking Fork)

Driving through Hoptown now, it has changed a bit, 2 new Taco Bell locations, Chick-fil-a, even noticed a movie theater in downtown. 

Two photos of Christ Billboards that you will never see in Utah. one says "he loves you this much" and the other "Come unto Me"

Also a Video of me tossing water and having it turn to snow. :) mission accomplished 

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!