Aug 28, 2012

August 20, 2012

I got some Mr. Tuffy tire liners from my family to put on my bike. It's a little ironic, the day after they were put in the tires, we helped a family move, we parked the bikes, 3 hours later, A FLAT TIRE on my bike (second one total) no idea why, but we went to Walmart and purchased a thicker tire that I put on the back tire so it won't happen again. (hopefully)

We had a cool week. There was a zone conference with a third of the mission, Elder Kopischke taught us. He was the mission President in Frankfurt, Germany, and now he is part of the FIRST QUORUM OF 70. Yea!!! Somebody high up the list (sort of) his lesson was really cool. He started out saying write a question down, that question will be the subject for today. Basically saying when you pay attention, ponder the question and it will be answered. Kind of cool and a different way to approach it, but the question was answered. So I challenge you to do the same. Before church, General Conference (coming soon) have a question in your mind and heart and see if the words said will answer it. Write it down so you don't forget your question. It worked for me as well as other missionaries in the zone. 

Well, P-Day today will be doozy. We are going with the traveling Elders to the Jefferson Davis Monument (exact replica as Washington Monument in DC) and the Trail of Tears Park which is where two of the Indian Chiefs are actually buried. I'll see how I can apply this experience to the gospel.

We have an investigator that has committed to Baptism, sad to say, it will not happen. He works A LOT, and we were unable to teach him all the lessons, so it will have to be pushed back. We told him the bad news and he was heartbroken. But since it was broken, I feel that it will be taken more seriously and he will want to listen and have us over a lot more.

Talk to ya'll later

Elder Terre K. Short

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