Jul 28, 2012

July 23, 2012

I am excited to be able to serve a mission. I am grateful for my family haritage, my grandpa Short and his family were born in England. His family were modern day immigrants and came from England to live in Salt Lake City. I don't know why Salt Lake, They could have stopped in New York, Boston, or New Jersey, but I believe they came to Salt Lake City because of there strong belief that the Salt Lake Valley was Zion. Same with the pioneer's in the 1840's. They knew not the why's of traveling from their old home's to settle in Zion. Once they settled they knew they did the right thing. I believe that is the same with my grandpa's family.

I have realized why I have been called. It has taken me about two months to figure it out, my purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ through the Resored Gospel. I wish it would have "clicked" day one when I was in the MTC, but now, but now I am more confident in achieving my purpose.

I am grateful for my grandpa's family for making the trek from England to Salt Lake City. If they did not I don't think I would be serving and assisting the people of Tennessee and Kentucky to come closer to Christ. They are my role models and I am proud to wear their last name (Short) when preaching to them about the gospel and sacrifices. I know that with God all things are possible. (Mark 10:27) That is one reason why my favorite scripture is Isaiah 41:10 which reads “Fear not, for I am with thee”. I know that to be true. The pioneers and maybe my family had a little fear that they would not make it to their destination, but they kept going, and succeeded. So if I keep going the same result will come to pass.

We have had a lot of wild thunderstorms here, and doing fine. The other day I got my first flat tire on my bike, shortly after fixing it I gracefully fell off and came face to face with the asphalt. It hurt a little but I got right back on the bike and pedaled on.

Elder Terre Short

Jul 15, 2012

July 8, 2012

WOW!! I have only been out in the mission field for a month. It is going by to fast, it needs to slow down a little. On the fourth of July all of the Missionaries helped pass out water bottles at a Military Cemetary. They were dedicating a monument in behalf of the Founding Fathers. It was a great experience passing out water there, it was a neat experience.

We are usually out tracting till around 9 but since it was the fourth of July we were told to be back by 7 due to fire hazard even though fireworks are baned in Hopekinsville. In these two hours we watched 17 Miracles. I have never seen that show. It is a wonderful show for any of you who haven't seen it I recomend you see it.

Mission life is great, hope everyone is safe and well.
  Elder Short

Jul 5, 2012

Let The Adventure Begin...

   June 25, 2012Well I am now in Tennessee, on the plane there they said it was 97 degrees, it feels hotter than that here. When we landed we met President and Sister McKee and there two youngest daughters. After that we mingled, then we packed up and headed to the mission office, then the "Mission Home". It has been the Nashville mission home for almost 70 years. 

   The first District meeting was the next day in the stake center next to the Nashville Temple, that's where I found out who my trainer is and my first area.The first area I am called to serve in is Hopkinsville, Kentucky (just across the Tennessee boarder). Elder Perron is my trainer. Come to find out; he has been out for 15 months and I am his 4th trainee, cool.

    For lunch we went to Sonic; its sweet because the MTC secretary owns half of them, so we get 1/2 off discount, Boo- Yeah!! :)After we had our lunch we went preaching. There are so many churches out here: Baptist 1 and 2, Chinese Baptist, Korean Baptist. Every time I see a steeple, I think that's our building, nope :( . There is only one LDS building in Hopkinsville, and it's the stake center. We've got lots of work to do.

   My companion is Elder Perron he is from Twin Falls, Idaho. Here in Hopkinsville, Kentucky every one calls it Hop- Town. Even the citizens call it that, no idea why they do but it sounds cool.

   The first Sunday in the field was quite different than what I am used to. The ward had less than 100 people; there were a few babies crying (1-2) but all in all, it was an enjoyable day. After the meeting, we visited an investigator; we talked with him and were able to commit him to baptism. I've only been out in the mission field for 6 days! WOW! At the end of the day we called President and Sister McKee, they always like to know if someone is wanting to be baptized ASAP. When we told them they screamed. I am so pumped to do it again. I'll try again tomorrow.

Loving the work,
       Elder Terre Short

Jul 2, 2012

MTC Pictures

Monument at MTC

David O'McKay
"What e'er thou art act well they part"

District without me in photo

Group of Elders and Teacher

Group of Elders and Teacher

Neat Picture! :)

Me and my companion Elder Perron

Hopkinsville, Kentucky

No news from Elder Terre Short yet but we have received a letter from his mission president. He arrived in Tennessee already; spent two days with the president and his wife in their home, had training and testimony meetings. His first companions name is Elder Dylan Perron. His first area to serve in is Hopkinsville, Kentucky. 

If you would like to write Elder Terre K. Short please write him at:
              Tennessee Nashville Mission
              105 Westpark Dr. Suite #190
              Brentwood TN 37027 - 5010

I like these pictures because he is actually SMILING in them :) !!!!!