Nov 4, 2012

October 22, 2012

Sorry the letter is late

   Well, it has been official for over 7 days: I AM NOW 20 YEARS OLD!!! It is scary to think that I am 20, but the scarier thing is that the new missionaries will be coming home at or near their 20th birthday... wow I am old. Three packages came in the mail. (happy me :) ) With my birthday on Friday, we didn't really do a lot. Friday is our Planning Day, not as hard and busy as the others, I loved it, relaxing on birthday. The package contents will definitely help: winter supplies, candy, notebooks, family photos, Mormon Tabernacle Choir CD's, a rock from the new Arizona Temple, and of course SUGAR COOKIES!!!! The ironic thing is that I thought to myself "I wonder if sugar cookies will be sent?", that day, the package arrived with cookies inside, Thank you!! Also, a member of the bishopric (acting ward mission leader) found out that it was my "special day", his wife baked a Chocolate Cake with chocolate frosting on it, (no need for frosting in package) mmm what a tasty cake.

   The following Sunday, October 14, had a conversation with Bishop Craig's 3 daughters: Rachel (11), Alison (8), and Hailey (5). Somehow the topic of my age came up, I told that I was 20. Alison said in amazement and shock, "Wow, you don't look a day over 18." Aw shucks, that was a much needed compliment.

   Well, enough about me and my anniversary - so much has happened since the last write. (sorry...I delayed it... a lot was about to happen) First things first - had an interesting and awesome exchange the week of my birthday. Essentially, I had exchange with an exchange. The District Leader came here to be with me, but the traveling Zone Leaders needed him to conduct a baptismal interview. So, I had an exchange within an exchange...challenge achieved. Once again, that was before my birthday. The next week, on the 17th, I HAD MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! YEAH and FINALLY> Been out over 4 months and finally had the first one. The better news about it: I DID THE BAPTIZING. I now can say that I have an adopted family of my own. I feel so happy for Matt C.. Now, the wife, her brother and fiance' have a date for Nov. 3rd. can't wait.

   On the 19th, Don and Crystal got married.( Don is Matt's wife's brother ) What an awesome experience. The pastors both wore black and gold suits, they looked sharp. The wedding went well, until the vow exchange happened right when a train decided to go through town. Could not hear a thing, but the bride and groom did, and that is what counts. Now for the interesting part of the wedding. Apparently the single men are suppose to grab the baret from the wife, however, us two elders were the ONLY single men there.Uh oh not good, we did it, and luckily, Elder Weed picked it up off the ground. It makes sense that he picks it up because he goes home before me by 6 weeks. Phew... crisis diverted.

   Now for the other amazing news, the 20th and 21st were Stake Conference, and we had an Area Authority 70 visit. But the bad news, is on the morning of the 20th, BOTH Stake President Miller (dentist beneath apartment ) as well as Elder Parker ( Area Authority ) went on an EXCHANGE with us. YAHOO!!! I've never heard of this happening to anybody, and yet it happened to us. So we took both President Miller and Elder Parker to a few investigators that we have. Both lessons were just amazing, the Spirit was definitely felt. After the exchange, Elder Parker gave us both props and said "That's the way, and how it should be done."I had goosebumps, I nearly had to pinch myself because I really did not believe that this was really happening, but it was. Before the exchange happened, (funny moment) Elder Parker asked where I was from? I said Herriman Utah, He says where's that? I say You know the Kennecott Copper mine? He says No. I say well, there are 2 man made things seen from space, the Great Wall of China, and the Kennecott Copper Mine. He says well, if you go to space, at least you will know where you live since it is literally in your back yard. We had a good laugh, then President Miller comes in talking about the Kennecott Mine.? Yep I'll tell you what, that is one BIG hole in the ground.  Laughed Yep, yes it is.

   We have a new name for us "Elders" with the Carrol / Belson family. Any member of the family calls us "THE BOYS". I honestly love that title. They have even said "You two will always be known as the Boys, the new Elders will only be known as boys." Awesome
   Well, that's a wrap of whats happened within the last two weeks. Reading the latest letters sent, my grandmother said that she googled Hopkinsville and found out that it is an Evangelical Christian area. I laughed out loud when I read that. Yes, it is an area just like that. I will be sure to take more photos of the churches in and around town. In my opinion, the Gothic looking United Methodist Church is one of the coolest in town. I will be sure to take more scenery/area photos so ya'll can see for yourselves what is so special about Kentucky. I honestly can't wait for both March Madness (university of Kentucky 2010-2011 winners) as well as the Kentucky Derby. Hope everything is well, talk to ya'll later.

           Sincerely, Elder Terre Short


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