Jun 1, 2014

May 19, 2014

To sum up this week in two words, it would be hectic and service. Trying to send packages home to enable me to be in the "recommended" weight limit for flight home, which was done sucessfully. One box i was going to use would have cost nearly $50 to send, luckily, the post worker let me reorganize it into a flat rate. Phew...crisis averted

Helped with Kay Stegman varnish her front deck. Nearly 4 hours later, she feeds us and gives us each a free fishing pole, now we need to find a lake or get our permit to fish. Attempted the FHE again, unfortunately it was another bust. We will need to start resending the "mass text" FHE reminders so everyone can attend. Decided to have another slumber party to save mileage with Marion. Lately ive been having this rash-like-itch which i am trying to get rid of, but when i sleep, sometimes i itch during the night, thats what a Benedryl is for. Trying everything to get rid of it, even contacted the mission doctors. Thinking is a large attack of chiggers, but not so sure, were workin on fixin it.

After D Meeting, had the realization that I have only one more left before im home. This upcomming week will have one, then final wednesday before flight home is Interviews which override the meeting. Gonna be a spiritual meeting for sure.

Had some great visits with a few people. Set a 4th baptismal date with Rebekah. However, we goofed in setting it for August rather than July, but it can always be moved forward.

Helped an investigator move his grandmother into the vacant apartment beneath us. The day of the service, the Zone Leaders text inquiring if could join us for studies...uhh...never done it with zone leaders before, stated we were doing service which should have started around 9, but didnt till nearly 11. Helping her move in, it touched her heart in which she responded that she will join us for church services soon

Visited with Joe Philips whom lives with the Parkers, whom is on schedule for baptism NEXT SUNDAY, the first one in Cadiz!!! Exchanges are occurring this week and Im heading BACK TO HOPTOWN while the DL comes and interviews Joe. Ill miss out in the meal, but having a reunion with those whom i first met before i head home will be great and memorable.

Helped a member move out. Reminded me of the Gallatin move. However, this one it was one moving, but she is still moving cross country to Cheyenne Wyoming.

Trackted and found someone who may potentially be taught. Asked for service and/or referrals in which he responded his neighbor is old and my like some, we offer, in which she accepts. Service always have a way to soften everyones heart.

Sunday was very spiritual. We had a special guest attend the services, the first councelor of the mission presidency. Due to his attendance, all 6 of us missionaries sang. Loved every minute of it

So this week, other than service and my continual itching, all has been well. I find it ironic that E Rivera was talking about hiking Bells Canyon and "accidentally" found a geocache yet my family just hiked it and is convincing me to do the hike. Not to say im trunkie, but i am. On the iPad, my wallpapers are that of the Manti Temple due to attending the pagaent. Due to amount of time in the Manti region, a session may not be possible, but just walking into it to take part of the Spirit within is something that i hope will be done.

This upcomming week due to the exchange will be memorable. Cant wait for it to occur. Till next time

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