Apr 13, 2014

March 31, 2014

First off, have some scary news to say, realized that I have 9 weeks left until I am home. Realizing this somewhat brought a tear to my eyes, never thought this moment would come.First, Family Home Evening, had a record turn out of 14 (including missionaries) 2 less actives present (one no one knew lived in the area) and 9 members with one investigator preset. The lesson had a real life analogy with a hard boiled egg and a glass Yoo-Hoo (yes, Yoo-Hoo) jar. Had the science experiment of getting the egg into the bottle and compared it to life, where we have to endure the pressures of heavenly laws and commandments to receive the ultimate blessing of being in Gods presence, or inside the jar.

Wednesday we had zone conference, my last one as a missionary. I'll admit, most of the meetings I didn't really pay much attention in, but this one was special. Sitting next to Hermana Hendrickson (going home at same time) we realize in unison that were both giving our departing testimonies as well as another 3 in this meeting. The group going home will be large. My departing advise was a phrase that has been repeated in my head from Preach my Gospel, and that is no effort is wasted. I've had them moments when I feel as if I'm unseccessful, but if I change my perspective and see that I'm only planting seeds instead of seeing the instant growth, it is all worth while. The fruit may not be harvested during my mission, but it hopefully will for future generations.

Had dinner with the Mission Leaders youngest son, whom served his mission in Colorado Springs Colorado and is a part member family. Answered some of her questions and relieved some of the good and bad memories of all 3 of our missions.

Saturday did more service at the Parkers. The scouting yard quickly is next week, so we needed to go through everything quickly to know what's being donated, kept or tossed. We leave their place with a coffee maker... yes, a coffee maker. That awkward moment that inside a missionary apartment is none other than a coffer maker. Don't worry, we ain't using it for coffee, frankly I'm scared to see me drink it. I can visualize myself as Twitchy on Hoodwinked, breaking the sound barrier as I run going crazy. We are going to use it for Roman Noodles, and hot chocolate... too bad didn't have it in Princeton with the cold temperatures.

Rebekah attended church services for the first time. Afterward we received word from the Sisters that Judy Gunn's (RC while in Princeton) twin sister desires a priesthood blessing due to her failing health. We go over and she instantly recognizes us when we were over to finalize Judy's baptismal record. She told the story in how she's nearly lost her leg and where and how intense the pain is. As she was retelling this story, inspiration came to me about the John Tanner Story. Looked it up on the iPad and watched the first half with her. His leg is diseased enough that all physicians told him to amputate the leg or you will die. He refuses, meets the missionaries and has the discussion. This is the part I wanted her to visually understand. John couldn't endure baptism due to the severity of the diseased leg. One of the missionaries simply states, "Did Jesus heal the crippled man at the waters of Bethesda?, if so, would that same priesthood power be restored? Do you have faith sufficient to be healed?" He did, leg healed and was baptized that very night and walked the 1/2 mile round trip to the lake on the leg that held no wight for 6 months. The priesthood enabled this miracle to occur.

I was led through inspiration to show this story to giver her more motivation to press on through the trials both of the leg and of quitting smoking. That blessing given is the most spiritually uplifting ones I've ever participated in yet given. It was a testimony builder to me about the reason and power that the priesthood can have.

Looking forward to General Conference. Anticipating to see some rain during the live shot of temple square as well as where new temple locations will be built. Hope you females enjoyed the Women's meeting, E Lofthouse got an email of both his mother and youngest sister in the choir, you've seen then, the sister was front and center on the camera.

Till next time


Elder Terre Short

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