Jan 26, 2014

January 13, 2014

So luckily the bitter cold has nearly disappeared. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable during the storms. Coat wise I'm fine, but the gloves i had didn't necessarily keep my hands warm. Oh well, luckily this is my last winter on the mission.

So, had a zone meeting, back in Hoptown with E Weed being a Zone Leader. Oh how much i miss my Weed. Hoptown memories started rushing me, as well as Weed made me remember some of the lessons and fun memories in Hoptown during his training. A previous missionary made the comment that Weeds next title will be Prophet Weed, after this meeting, it sounds like it might occur.

Received a package from my Return Missionary cousin which contained motivational notes as well as a recommendation to do both a gratitude journal and a miracle journal. The miracle journal I'm currently working on, the gratitude i may wait till I'm heading home so i can apply the lessons learned and have them written down.

Studies are about to get real. Making it a personal goal in reading the entire Preach my Gospel as well as D+C AGAIN before I'm home. D+C i will even be reading in reverse (starting at section 138 and ending with section 1) kind of using it as a countdown as to how many days left are on mission (not to call me trunkie by any means)

So participated in an exchange with Elder Cottam. He knows some of the same people i know due to him being at Copper Hills High School. So trying to think of more people we know in common is difficult due to not being "in the world" for 1.5 years, other than that, the exchange went well. 

Slowly building up people to teach. Princeton is starting to grow on me, mostly due to me being back in Kentucky.

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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