Jun 1, 2014

May 5, 2014

Monday was a fairly fun day, unfortunately no tornados were spotted nor landed anywheres near me. Rumor had it that one touched down in Pulaski, where E Lofthouse was transferred to, but i have no verification of that. Had lunch with President Craig, the former bishop of the Hopkinsville ward. They are both simply amazing. Talk about a motivational Stake President, due to him starting as bishop at 25ish, and is currently stake president at 35, odds are he may become some high-up authority if he is going up this rate. Then of course, ended the day antique shopping. These things im now a fan of, may do more lookin around when home, or get into the American Pickers TV series on History Channel

Visited with Keana again. Shes still workin on quitting smoking, but we instigated another program which should work out for her, and with it, we also set a baptismal date with her for the final Sunday of my mission, JUNE 1

Received a notice in the mail from Salt Lake informing us of a recall of some Chevy Cruze models, got it serviced, with no error or glitch detected...phew crisis averted. Attended the FHE where including us was 10 total, with one investigator, Joe. Lo and behold, he actually attended church with the Parkers (were present as well) when they lived in Hoptown for ONE YEAR. We had conversations with the Parkers and they were expressing the possibility of a baptism here, so at the FHE, we set a date with him for MAY 25, yes you read right, 2 dates set within 72 hours apart. This area is finally picking up speed

After the FHE, we reviewed the mileage situation and realized that we may not be able to attend the District Meeting, but the idea was mentioned in which we achieved that we drive to Princeton and park the vehicle to carpool back to Marions apartment to spend the night only to carpool with all 6 missionaries to D Meeting, then head back to Princeton to pick up vehicle and drive home. Tallying up the numbers, its more effective to drive 42 miles over 2 days time rather than 35 in one day. Im grateful the idea was mentioned or else we wouldnt have been able to really do anything the last few days of the month, thank goodness for a new month when the mileage resets. YEAY

This week we have been trying to offer service to just about everybody we contact. Have a few projects planned and will hopefully fall through. E Rivera had a moment at home that service clicked within his mind, so thats been one thing hes been trying to achieve here. Heard a story of a missionary in a Canada mission lately where his teaching pool was relatively small (like unto Cadiz) and they decided to build and advertise FREE SERVICE SIGNS with the phone number on them, through it, the teaching pool nearly doubled and everything was going better afterwards. Due to me mentioning that story, we may attempt it, just need to go to Walmart (which Cadiz doesnt have) and purchase the supplies needed.

Something that i have sincerely gained a testimony of is the temple. Back at home, i guess i took them for granted, but now i absolutely love and enjoy them. Looking online, another temple was recently dedicated in Fort Lauderdale Florida, which is simply amazing.

Saturday was a fun day of activities. Cadiz held is Spring Fling, where there were booths and vendors selling redneck merchandise. We decided to walk around to get our names and faces present. One guy made pens and manual razors with elk horns and bullet casings. We also decided to briefly look through a newly opened Antique Shop in which we havent walked through yet due to it moving and being closed for renovation. We walk around and see license plates. One goal of mine is to find a Tennessee and Kentucky license plate for the memory book, and i finally found both of them. After looking through nearly 5 antique stores, i finally find them. Most of the plates out here are either Illinois, Indiana, or Ontario Canada

We also were informed that today was the annual racing of the Kentucky Derby, COOL, unfortunately we were unable to watch it with the Spring Fling people because we were supposed to clean out the Parkers shed that night as well as partake in a meal. They knew about it on, so we walk in with the pre-race on, DANG those horses are quick. Reminding me to watch Seabiscuit and Secretariat when im home

Fast Sunday...it was an interesting one. E Rivera gets in a grumpy and ticked mood when hes hungry, due to it being fast Sunday had no different reaction. During the missionary singing rehearsal, he was hyper and there was nothing i could do to stop it. But all is well due to partaking in the Fast Sunday meal with the Millers, the former Stake President. After the meal, i realized i only have one more fast Sunday left in the mission, scary to think.

Two dates set, lots of service desired, the times in Cadiz are great, till next time. One more time calling home prior to permanently being home, cant wait for it

Till next time

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