Apr 12, 2014

February 24, 2014

Few updates this week. Had or District Meeting in Hoptown again, oh felt at home instantly. Had lunch by ourselves (not with district due to miss communication...oh well, saw a less active, its well) and due to location of business, i realized I'm DOWN THE STREET FROM THE CARROLS. So we do a brief visit as what we did with the Browns on New Years. Man, i'm happy to know them as they are to know me. He recently became temple endowed and is one of the strongest members I've ever met. Shes relapsed in the smoking, and little to my knowledge that his mother who is still living at home recently was baptized 3 months ago. She wasn't even a focus. From one referral, nearly 6 people were baptized. That's the highlight of the mission...for now.

After the reunion, we went to the branch Valentines Day Dinner, first one went to. Was on exchanges during one in Russellville, so i missed it, not this time.

Decided to recontact the house with the "big white fluffy dog" that bit E Lofthouse on the hand a while back. Dog was still there, but they reinforced the dog chain and the tree wire so it wont break again...i hope...

That somewhat intense storm line that went through clipped us in here in Kentucky. However, there were Tornado Warnings issued in Gallatin and east of Fairview, so it missed us, but only just. Due to the threat of tornado's, we were ordered inside 30 minutes early.

Saturday was a very intense, effective, and legit day for us. Contacted multiple less actives and others and informed them of the FHE starting up soon, which most of them sounded very interested in attending. Had dinner with Parkers (whom were baptized in Hoptown and moved before i started mission) then visited with a LA with a non-member distant family member living with her. Did church intros and answered questions. Due to her being raised in "Jews for Jesus" church in Pennsylvania. shes realizing the faults shes been raised up in. Who knows if its a seed planted, but if it is, its a success in my book

Marion had a baptism. So 2 more added to rolls of Princeton Branch. Visited with someone heading back home with a very long beard, just as a good 30% of Kentuckians have. During lesson we noticed the tarantula in the cage. He invited us to hold it stating facts of "females don't bite and are smaller and less aggressive than males", surprisingly i thought i had Arachnophobia, but i don't...phew...maybe its due to the original geocache i found ;)

Starting up the FHE in Cadiz tomorrow, interviews and iPad's on Wednesday. Things are getting good here in Kentucky and am looking forward to the future

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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