Jun 1, 2014

May 26, 2014

This week has definitely been one of those that will go in the history
books as one that will never be forgotten. Recently we were challenged
as a mission from President Andersen to do one hour of tracting per
day and the miracles coming from it will be substantial. Slowly
starting to see the miracles occur.

Wednesday after district meeting, I had the wonderful opportunity to
return to the "land of my birth", being Hopkinsville for a few days
due to an exchange. Talk about reliving the past for a few days. Just
walking into the Taj Mahal brought back so many memories. My signature
indicating I've served in Hoptown has nearly faded away, but I put
another coat of ink on it, so now it will last a little bit longer. So
many people to see to inform them of my mission nearing completion,
but so little time. Said hi and bye to the Mobleys, John Brown,
Carmchaels, Wises, Neal Agosto, and even Patriarch Fears the legendary
attorney in town. Wanted to say bye to Jenny Brown, and Matt and
Melissa Carroll, but was unable to visit due to no contact, somewhat
disappointed, but hopefully Matt may be able to attend the temple
session prior to me going home, that would be memorable, my first
convert participating in final temple session as missionary. The
Carmichaels little girl, Whitney, my mission time piece, is now
walking and talking, yep, it's definitely been two years. Can't
believe it's been that long.

After such a memorable time reliving the past I thought this week was
done: nope it gets better. Invited to attend an investigators
daughters "sweet 16" birthday party, we receive a text from another
investigator saying "were going fishing now, wanna come?" We purchase
a fishing license and go fishing for nearly 3 hours and used it as
another opportunity to fellowship the investigator. We recently did
due to helping him and his grandmother move into the empty apartment
downstairs. I was the only one of 5 of us fishing that caught a fish.
It was a Blue Gill, just like what was caught in Russellville. Even
named the fish, yes, named it Jesus.

That's not all the memories this week: HAD THE FIRST BAPTISM IN
CADIZ!!! It was also special due to having a Marion baptism as well,
two for the price of one. Joe Philips was happy as was the rest of us.
Due to having the iPads, the previous missionaries here who've served
in Marion, E Cottam and Roney were present via FaceTime, so everyone
was having a reunion with them.

Now for the fun adventure. Unfortunately we cannot do a all 6
missionaries game of bowling, but instead, us 4 (not sisters) and
Hoptown will be hiding to Nashville to do who knows what. Hope it's
something that isn't shopping, don't have the money and don't really
need anything.

Sorry for the quick update. Unable to send pics but will show in less
than 2 weeks. One more Pday and Sunday as a missionary. It will be
fun, quick and memorable

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