Apr 13, 2014

February 3, 2014

Sorry this one is going to be out of order but for some weird reason it is not posting them correctly so this one will be out of order but the rest will be fine.

So after sending the email I realized I messed up. I'M CURRENTLY IN FAIRVIEW TENNESSEE. As well as in a trio, first one for me. I'm still with Lofthouse (due to opening Cadiz... supposed to) and with E Walsh (exchange with while in Gallatin). Fairview is different. I'm soo trunkie, not for going home, but for going back to Kentucky. The people and the general attitude of the people are more receptive there, so me in Tennessee for a "temporary time" when I should be in Kentucky... lets say I want to go back to Kentucky badly.

At the transfer meeting, a miracle occurred. Little to my knowledge within the mission are a few missionaries serving from cities withing the TNM boundaries that are unable to serve full-time due to health reasons, well, one of them was deemed able to serve full-time and opened his call in front of ALL MISSIONARIES present at the transfer meeting, he's going to the SALT LAKE EAST mission. Didn't really know him in any of the areas, but sill proof that the work is being hastened.

Receiving news of Ann Johnson's passing was a little difficult for me. Hearing word of Uncle Alan passing as well as Uncle Ernie was difficult, but this one was by far harder. I was looking forward to expressing my gratitude for the sacrifice that was made for my behalf. Now I will have to wait till on the other side... ugh...

So Fairview is very knowledgeable in regards to the missionary who got injured by a vehicle. The entire town knows of it. To update y'all, the missionary got injured by a car which hit another vehickle which hit the missionary to the ground. The fall on the ground is what did the damage in which some ligaments within the leg were damaged enough that reconstructive surgery has to be done, hence he is now home. So many people have inquired his status, we have no idea.

Attended a regional broadcast hosted by Elders Perry, Rasband, and Kopishke. It was originated from Memphis and was and enjoyable meeting... for what we saw. When it started, lets say the satellite transmission was picking up and attorney seminar from BYU Idaho, not what we needed to watch... oh well.

Fairview Branch reminds me of Sparta but with more kids. so reminded me of home a little bit. The little kids running around and crying, little home-sick, just a little. Had dinner with the Franklin Stake Presidents family, ate the southern classic breakfast meal for dinner: biscuits and gravy.

Now for the funny story. Walking around Sunday in the drizzling rain, and a random guy offers a ride to destination due to the rain. Forward to after dinner and we are walking to another location and the same guy passes and offers a ride AGAIN in the rain. Were trying to visit someone who was watching the Super Bowl, lets say he wasn't in the best of moods due to Denver loosing, so we call the same guy for a return ride and he accepts. Got a ride from same random guy 3 times. Miracle occur and will always.

Who knows when I will return to Kentucky. Talking with Assistants, it sounds as if it may be a while, but I will keep y'all informed.

Till next time


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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