Apr 12, 2014

February 10, 2014

So the previous missionary set according to the area book has a reputation of dropping everyone they taught due to uncertain reasons. That is our focus currently: recontacting everyone to determine are they indeed dropped or are they teachable.

Decided to offer service at a local government operated food bank, the dilemma about it is it was 3 miles away. Have no fear, due to experience in field, i know how to avoid the possibility of getting run over. Apparently, the business runner was a member nearly 30 years ago, but she didn't go into specifics of why she isnt anymore. We got "missionary inspected" by her where she pretty much asked "have planner, pen, name badge and pass-a-long cards?" Got a 3/4, didn't have pass-a-longs. 

Next we decide to hit up a referral of someone whom the previous set was teaching (according to notes on referral) but according to area book, nothings listed. Walking IN THE RAIN for nearly 3 miles, we arrive. Never really done that before. As missionaries, there are some "future rumors" of what could occur if you do certain things: Drop ONE Book of Mormon, future spouse gains 10 POUNDS; WALK IN THE RAIN, looses 10. The terminology is "hot wife points", yeah i received a lot that day.

Had a zone meeting in Columbia. (same building went to while serving in Spring Hill) First thing we noticed is the zone leaders with iPads!!! However, they simply say "questions will be answered and will receive them at interviews within next 3 weeks", the awkward feeling bout it though is they use it in front of us and totally brag about it. If it were me, id NOT use it till everyone else has one.

Talked with Sister Versillo who previously served in Russellville inquiring of any updates of the area, so much good has happened since i left. Most of the Kennedys now are active and/or being taught and the branch has gained nearly 10 more members. I'm happy due to that news.

Nearly didn't make it back to Fairview from zone meeting. The fuel light went on 5 miles outside of Columbia. There is barely a downtown city within Columbia and Fairview. Found a gas station with about 1 gallon in the tank to spare...close call

Yes, i am aware of the Sochi Olympics. Somewhat depressed in missing both London and Sochi while serving, but its ok, ill see the highlights when home.

Sunday was great. Unfortunately no investigators showed (2 said would), had lunch with Griffins. Was previous Branch President but got called as Patriarch 2 weeks ago (due to old Patriarch in Temple Presidency; yes that means Branch President is 2 weeks into term) had lunch then got more introduced to the area to people whom past sets were teaching. If every church member were like unto the Griffins, missionary work would be a lot more effective and efficient. 

Ended night with dinner at George's residence with 5 kids under 8 with one newborn. Had funny conversations, but effective due to them being the main driving force in the missionary effort for the area if not for the stake.

Walking around Sunday night due to it being only 7:30pm. Randomly decide to see drive-through car wash to see whats acceptable due to us needing to wash car soon. We happen to find a high school teenager vacuuming her truck. Invited her to hear message and accepted. The Lord works in mysterious ways. For example: leading missionaries to a car wash on Sunday to find someone to potentially teach.

One of the office missionary couples were at our branch services. Inquired bout whole Cadiz situation with no apartment and vehicle. Apartment will be open as of FEB 15, but now the situation is to re-shuffle the vehicles and companionship so someone can be here in Fairview while were up in Cadiz. Within 2 weeks we may be in Kentucky

Till next time
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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