Apr 13, 2014

March 24, 2014

Held another meeting of the Family Home Evening, which happens to be the best thus far as far as people in attendance. We had a total of 6 people pent with 3 investigators and members present. Keena was there, who picked up someone else, and Rebekah, whom is pretty much a golden referral. We were originally visiting her mother-in-law and had no real plans in teaching her. Invited her to the FHE and she came. At the meeting, she said once she gets a vehicle she plans on attending church as frequently as possible. We may have just stumbled upon the first baptism in the Cadiz area.

Wednesday had the district meeting in Hopkinsville. Had lunch at the Subway right next to the taj so multiple memories came back to me. After arriving back in Cadiz we decided to revisit some people we street contacted into. One was Nikki. Contacted her and the first words out of her mouth were  "my grandmother who raised me is a Mormon who moved from Utah to Eddyville (within the Branch boarders) so I know a lot of information about the church through her". Due to her knowing some information of the church, she's in the same situation as was Chris Wheaton, he knew the stories, been to the sites, and is now converted, she may be golden as well. Informed her of the FHE and hope that she may be able to attend it. Due to the Asbridges moving to Morgantown last month, the primary disappeared, if Nikki and the kids show up to services, there will at least be a primary, not 50+ but for Kentucky it will do.

Reaped the first major blessing with the iPads. Due to 3 sets being within the one branch and it's a significant distance to travel for our cooardination meetings with the mission leader, we got permission to use FaceTime to coordinate our efforts. Now we can have our coordination meetings and be effective with them.

Saturday was pretty much an all day service day. Assisted with a less active (Sis Thurman with Shailene) who is moving from her trailer to an actual house next door. We were there to assist in painting the walls. The painting of the wood a brown color so somewhat reminded me of the cabin the family owned near Park City. Thinking about that multiple memories returned in which I've shared a few of them out here, everyone loves the story of me bottle feeding Max the Moose (if possible, can you send me a photo of it).

After painting service, we assist the Parker's in cleaning out the garage. The vehicles on the property are ll broken down, with one just needing to reinsert the engine block within so they can use it. The plan is to clean the garage. This event was more or less a prerequisite. They can assist in the work, as well as attend the Family Home Evening, but due to no working vehicle, and a family of 5 present, they must be transported by others. Once the car is fixed, they can do things on their own, that was the reason why we were there, enable them to fix the vehicle sooner so the work can even hasten further along. Talk about a lot of stuff within a small garage. About 5 hours later, we finally get about 95% of the contents out so the wife can organize and decide what's being kept or what's being trashed or donated.

After cleaning, I discovered something that I didn't know if i'm allergic to cats. One cat they have i held in my arms as if it were a baby. Within 10 minutes after setting it down, I sneezed repeatedly (2 sessions of 6 within 5 minutes apart) then they realize my eyes and my eyelids are turning red. Luckily it was getting time to return home, they give me some equivalent of Benadryl, but due to driving home, I didn't want to risk it. Took it once I was home, within 30 minutes I was asleep and didn't wake up till 7. I slept through the alarm and Lofthouse showering. The combination of a good days work and medicine really help me go to sleep, lesson learned.

Due to Stake Conference last week and General Conference within the next two, this week was Branch  Conference within the next two, this week was Branch Conference in which the entire Stake Presidency was present as well as some other stake auxiliary leaders to "critique" in how the branch is doing. Seeing President Craig and hearing him speak is just amazing. The lesson in priesthood has a funny moment. Someone stated that no one here is going to be an area authority or in the quorum of the 70, however, Craig's been bishop for 6 years and is now stake president and he isn't even 40, he has some potential.

Pictures are of a pig in town. Only way to remember that Cadiz is home of the Ham Festival.


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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