Jun 1, 2014

April 21, 2014

First things first: the pig is entirely painted now. It looks pretty legit. We even did the pink detail for the tail. Can't wait to put my legendary signature on it.

During the last few weeks, most of those whom we have been visiting decided to drop us nearly at the same time, so our people to visit list is dwindling quickly, so the last few days have nearly been dedicated entirely and finding new people to teach.

Tracting on Tuesday we contact Katie Weber. We get inside and E Lofthouse notices the photo of her brother in law and sister in which he recognized while serving in Elkton. Haven't had a small world moment like this one yet. She has a little bit of potential, keeping the fingers crossed.

The Family Home Evening this week was record setting. We had the largest attendance thus far of 16. This is wonderful news to see how far it has come and I am happy to be part of it. We are keeping records of the previous meetings attendance and it's amazing to see the growth from 6 to 16 within 6 weeks. Had 5 investigators present and 9 members, I'm still amazed as to how quickly it has grown and continues to do so.

District meeting again was memorable. One of the missionaries was a cowboy rancher at home, so he likened most cowboy and horse materials to the gospel. Due to it being the last week of the transfer, everyone took photos in case any changes were to come. Realized the Bishops, the military relations couple which started the mission while I was in Hopkinsville is ending their mission and will be heading home to Idaho. Man I am old. I remember when they started the mission and now I'm seeing them leave. Getting somewhat emotional realizing that I'm next on the "chopping block, and it is rapidly approaching.

Walking around again Thursday as well as Friday and found some more potentials. A interesting note. Due to it being the Easter season we've been recommended to share a Easter themed video the church released (the video on YouTube has 3.4 million views roughly) so while tracting we were recommended to share it. It's surprising to see how many people refuse to let us show a Easter and Christ themed video in commemoration of the holiday, that's one way to know they just aren't ready to receive good word yet.

Participated in the Easter Egg Hunt put on by the branch. There were nearly 65 total in attendance with 25 being children, talk about a decent sized group to go egg hunting. No i didn't go looking for the eggs, instead I assisted some of the kids which cal me their "buddy" to help and recommend places to look. Every time the Easter season approaches, an early childhood memory returns. I remember living in West Valley being about 6-8 years old going egg hunting in the back yard. I see an egg on the back window sill, so I try to grab it and unknowingly I step on the prongs of a metal rake which makes the pole hit me square in the head. My head hurts just remembering the event. And no, it didn't and hopefully won't happen to me again.

Coming back from the Easter egg hunt, we realize that the yearly Rotary Auction was ending that night, so we decided to see the action. Members have informed us that the Cadiz Rotary Auction is the largest grossing Per Capita in the NATION!!! The town of Cadiz of nearly 7000 people raised nearly $260,000 (last known bid). The atmosphere somewhat reminded me of being in Sparta when we went to the public auction, never been to one before, and was pretty cool.

Transfer calls were received. This one made me very nervous due to it being my final transfer. E Lofthouse is leaving to Pulaski (where Ku Klux Klan originated, and located next county over where he started his mission) AND I WILL BE STAYING IN CADIZ AND I WILL BE RECEIVING E RIVERA  whom I happen to be his "greenie buster", which is the terminology for being the next companion after leaving his trainee. He has been out roughly 3 months. First time "busting" someone, and will be the only time

These next 6 weeks will fly by quickly. Will be fun and am looking forward to the challenge. Now, due to "dying" in Cadiz, when I sign the pig, I'll be sure to put a tombstone over my name indicating that I died here. I will be legendary here.

While E Lofthouse was telling everyone bye, I realized that next transfer I will be saying the same. Cadiz will have a history of 4 missionaries when I go home and it hasn't been open for 3 months. That was a somewhat scary and sad thought.

Unfortunately, we will be forced to leave early from the transfer meeting due to our rides precious commitment, so odds are I won't be able to say hi or bye to everyone I'd like to at the meeting. The transfer meeting will have a guest speaker whom was an Ex NFL player for the Oakland Raiders (Uncle Jason, know a Dan Clark from Oakland's history?) and with this occurring everyone will be there. Been informed that the ending time is 2. but some meetings go on longer and with a motivational speaker there, who knows when it will end. Needless to say, we will be forced to leave at 1:30 regard less how far into the meeting we are. Hope I don't miss too much of it.

Last Easter complete as a missionary. Looking forward to the literal conversation with home in a few weeks. Realized that we are 3 weeks away from me and Lofthouse being together for BOTH times to contact home... "Just missed it by that much"

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