Jun 1, 2014

April 28, 2014

Transfer meeting was very busy due to the entire mission being present. The group which went home was fairly large in size. One of the assistants (which came out with me but he was Spanish), E Weed, E Ahkava (from New Zealand), and many more. Sad to see them go, but that's what happens as a missionary, there will be a time to depart, and my time is rapidly approaching.

The guest speaker was great, Dan Clark payed 13 years of NFL football and claims to be an inspirational speaker rather than a motivational, due to motivational speakers speak only for temporary pleasure, while inspirational speakers speak for something that is lasting. Something he  stated has resonated with me. He was also in the music industry, and he stated that all music (piano based) uses 12 notes ONLY, what makes all music in the world unique because of the order the notes are played in, the tempo of the beat, and ultimately the use of how many notes. Unfortunately due to our rides previous commitment, we walked out of the meeting 1/2 way through it. It has also come to my knowledge that there was even a mission wide photo taken, too bad that detail was not given or I think we would have found a ride which would have enabled us to participate in the photo. Due to the required a things of us and little time we had to perform them, no photos were taken with fellow missionaries I've enjoyed being around, which is unfortunate, because the next transfer meeting with me going home will be significantly smaller and odds are I will be unable to say bye to some of them.

Currently serving with E Rivera whom was born outside of Mexico City Mexico, but his last home prior to serving is Sandy Utah. He is only 3 months into the mission and previously served in the annexed part of the mission, that being Eldorado Illinois. Something interesting, we have the running joke within the companionship that I now have a bodyguard as a companion, he will protect me from any literal harm... I hope.

Participated in the Family Home Evening, in which 10 were present. Taught lesson two, that of the plan of salvation. To talk about the kingdoms, I used the analogy of Recess Peanut Butter Cups. They are sweet and delicious to the taste, for some one of them is sufficient to satisfy (comparable to lesser kingdom), some would rather have the default size (2 and comparable to middle kingdom), while the king size (4) represents the highest kingdom. Kind of wish I thought of this analogy month 2, nonetheless, everyone is talking to me about it saying they more understand the kingdoms due to the Recess analogy. Success story of the week. Remembering this is making my mouth water for the taste of Recess.

We get a text Thursday morning from a member of the Paducah Ward whom works in Cadiz in the newly opened chiropractic office. She takes us to lunch at the Cadiz Restaurant. Very simple diner, yet true to the southern style of cooking. When done, we inquire if it is possible for us to receive free back adjustments, she states come on over today and we will do it. All I can say is wow. I thought having my sister walk on my back pops every bone in back, nope I was wrong. So many pops I thought I was going to snap in half. Never had that done before, and oh does it feel good during and afterwards. Even scheduled a return visit in 6 weeks right before I return home. Talk about awesome.

Keena finally returned from being in Paducah at the hospital. She was only gone for 8 days, but for a missionary it felt like an eternity. Lo and behold, when we had the missionaries in Paducah visit her, E Rivera was one of them, so now we call it a sign that he knows her before the restart of teaching begins. She was diagnosed with COPD as well as with pneumonia. Luckily, E Rivera was an EMT back at home, so he was able to inform her of safety procedures and what to do to cope with the change due to the diagnosis.

Attempted to visit the Deloach house only to be turned away due to that night being the 'daddy daughter' dance, so all the girls were prepping for the night. However, we were able to reschedule a visit with someone in the family that seemed not interesting at all, to actually expressing sadness for whenever we come that she is too busy or not home when we are there. Returned and taught a spiritual lesson toe, and yes, I used the Recess Peanut Butter Cup analogy.

Had dinner with the Parker's. They are still saddened  at the loss of E Lofthouse, but give it time and they will warm up to Rivera.

Sunday services were somewhat interesting at the beginning. The first and closing speakers were unable to be seen, luckily two new missionaries  were transferred in and haven't really met either of them so they were told to speak briefly, I was inquired to speak, but right as the meeting began, the stake person designated to speak showed up eliminating me from the pulpit. Other that the small shake up, it was a good Sunday services.

Had a return visit with Keena. Taught her lesson two and set a BAPTISMAL DATE with her. Set it for June 1, my final Sunday in the mission. She still has to quit smoking, that's the reason why the date was set 6 weeks back to giver her a 'buffer' incase she slips. I'm happy for her. No better way to end the mission.

We were informed that us 6 missionaries will be singing for Sunday services in a few weeks when the Second Councelor in the Mission Presidency comes to address the congregation, rumor has it that President Andersen will even attend, no pressure on our part.

Weather sounds like its gonna be intense withing the next 24 hours, got my camera on me incase a tornado appears in the distance.

Till next time

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