Apr 13, 2014

March 10, 2014

Sorry for the somewhat interesting update last week. The snow storm that came through was an interesting one. We get called in early Sunday night due to the sleet only to wake up with a good 2 inches of on the ground. Two inches of snow in Utah, here in Kentucky, IT MEANS THE WORLD!!! Pretty much the entire county shuts down due to having very little snow removal tools, which in turn prevents us from emailing directly, thank goodness for the iPad, it saved the day. The weathers been so bad out here lately that the school year odds are will be forced to make up the missed days all the way till middle of June... doesn't sound fun, nearly half a summer gone by and still in school.

OK, so most of the apartments I've been in have a "Missionary Memorial" wall or item which all past missionaries sign indicating that they have served here. Due to being one of the original two, we're contemplating ideas of what to do. most of them are wooden study tables which they engrave their names into, however, we don't want to do that, we want to do something original. The thing we are wanting to do is to BUY A PIG. Not a live animal, more along the lines of a concrete modeled statue. Due to Cadiz having the Ham Festival every year, pigs are popular out this way, so no better way to blend into the area and have missionaries talk to others saying "I've signed the legendary pig of Cadiz." Nearly every business has a modeled pig on its grounds, and most of the houses have one on the property as well. The down side is that they are currently out of stock, with another shipment arriving at the end of the month, and once they are in stock they are gone quickly, we are hoping we can get one for the apartment and to paint it up in missionary attire so future missionaries can sign away and become legends for serving in Cadiz.

Driving to district meeting on Wednesday was a bit of an adventure. The snow storm is over and nearly 3 days later, the roads are finally plowed and safe and able to be driven on, or that is what we thought. Driving to Hopkinsville, once we enter Christian County side of the main road, no plows have even touched it yet. Let's say the only dry patches of road happened to be the tire ruts of previous cars that have driven on the road. Driving in tire width lanes for nearly 15 miles got a little tedious due to the bumpiness, also due to travel. Of course, the one day I leave the camera behind, this adventure occurred. It was a perfect opportunity for a few pictures and or videos. I'm never going to see and do that again. Utah's very prepared to clear the snow off the roads even during the storm, here, not so much. In fact, rumor has it that the nearby counties are completely or close to being out of salt for the snow on the roads, so if another severe storm hits, its game over, no melting of the snow here in Kentucky. Made a comment to someone that Utah, to add some additional business to the state should sell some of the salt at the Bonneville Salt Flats to places that need it for the snow melting process (i.e. Hopkinsville) because Utah has plenty. We don't need all of it.

Contacted Benjamin, a referral from the Hopkinsville missionaries. Due to an automobile accident, his mind doesn't keep some of the information said, but he understands that which we've talked about, it's just he sometimes forgets within that week what previously happened. He has some potential, may be one of the first baptisms in Cadiz. We then went visiting some less actives with the Branch President. According to records, there was a referral sent by herself stating that she is a member, but was saved in the potential section. Finally was able to visit her, invite her to the night was with another less active named Roger Puckett. He lived out in the boonies a good 7 miles from the apartment, but as we were driving, the branch President states "this is the reason why school is cancelled tomorrow, the buses cannot drive on the snow out here". The snow was bad enough that it took us nearly 30 minutes to go 3 miles of driving, no plows have touched it yet due to being out in boonies. We get there, luckily he was there, but stated "I'm currently an active Baptist and don't desire to return", all that driving and entertainment for someone that doesn't want us to return. May sound depressing, but according to Preach my Gospel, it is effective and efficient.

Went tracting and contacted a few youth when the mother of one of them comes out and yells "you know you ain't supposed to be talking to strangers, get inside now", that awkward moment as a missionary when parents get within conversation and ends it abruptly. If I followed that advise of no talking to strangers, I WOULD NOT BE A MISSIONARY, that's what we do, but the mothers words have more authority that that of a young missionary.

Transfer calls have come in: WERE BOTH STAYING IN CADIZ!!!!!!! There are lots of changes going on within that area though. E Cottam (who knows the Barlow twins) is being transferred out to Nashville, Hopkinsville Spanish is being whitewashed and one of them coming in is Hermana Hendrickson, whom was in district when I was in Gallatin, and whom is going home at the same time as me. This transfer will be fun. Realized that I have two more to go, hope I will end the mission here in Cadiz.

Had another baptism within the branch on Sunday. Today was the baptism of Chris Wheaton, whom we started to visit with right before we were transferred out of Princeton. With this baptism, I realized that is the 4th one within the last 12 weeks within the Princeton Branch, this area is exploding with recent coverts.

Photos are of me about to have a snowball fight, as well as something you will only see in Kentucky, them folks supporting the UK Wildcats in any way possible


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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