Apr 13, 2014

March 17, 2014

First things first, HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!! Unfortunately even if you tried, no pinching me because I'm wearing Aunt Jill's green tie today.

With the beginning of this transfer, I realized something that is somewhat interesting and scary at the same time, when this transfer is complete, Elder Lofthouse WILL BE the longest companion I have served with thus far as a missionary. Just starting the transfer he's broken the record which is only 2 transfers (most of the past companionship I've been in), with this being the 3rd together, he is in the history books now. 

On Monday we decided to visit the only antique shop in town that we haven't gone through yet. Cadiz has 4 downtown alone, these things are so cool!!! Having a history lesson just by walking through them. Looking around, I found two things that I ultimately purchased. A small Kentucky license plate, and a piece of memorabilia with the Hopkinsville Ferrell's Hamburgers location painted on it. Going through all these antique shops is making me curious if there is any in Salt Lake, if so, I may visit them just to see what is there. 

Driving home that night I notice a frog in the center of the road hopping along. I say out loud that it was a frog. Lofthouse gets out of the vehicle, picks it up and brings it inside the vehicle. We drive 200 feet home and we contact our downstairs neighbor and inquire if she wants to see the frog. Before she arrived, the frog got "lost" within the vehicle, so now we are looking everywhere inside the vehicle for a 3" diameter frog. We find it, tucked behind the console where the radio is, then it hops around all the seats within, going under or around all of them before we finally catch it. We ultimately give it to the neighbors due to the "no pets as a missionary" rule, it works out to there being two kids under the age of 4 present in the home. 

Zone Meetings are amazing. Being in the presence of a large quantity of missionaries is always fun. This one was really good since I have served in the same relative area with a few of the new missionaries in the zone, as well as multiple missionary sets present are resenting multiple previous areas in which I've served in. The new zone leader was one of the original replacements of me in Gallatin, the two new Spanish Sisters I've been around before, one in which was in the Russellville, Hopkinsville, Elkton, and Morgantown present. Even Elder Dudley from the MTC district is in this zone. When this zone meeting ended, I made the somewhat scary realization, I have 2 zone meeting left with one of them being a zone conference, which will occur in two weeks. I'm starting to enjoy these meetings. Before I was a complainer, now I actually look forward to them and attempt to get something out of them and apply it to myself at least. 

Hopkinsville Stake Conference occurred. Had a reunion with a lot of people from Russellville, Elkton, Hopkinsville, and felt happy to do so. Patriarch Fears, Carmichaels, Big and Little Cliff, Abneys, Sis Saturley, Matt and Melissa Carroll, Shoemakes, Lisa Bunce and many more. The real highlight was seeing the Cliff JR Kennedy clan again. Jessica, Alyssa and little Kaleb showed up to stake conference late, but the fact that we were able to see each other again was downright amazing. 

Wanted to take photos of everyone I was having a reunion with in the stake conference, but I was too busy recognizing and having a conversation with them that I was unable to get any photos taken. 

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