Apr 12, 2014

February 14, 2014

Received a card and letter for valentines day from Terre card says

"I love you..." open it up and its a picture of snoopy with his arms opening up saying "This much!!! Happy Valentines Day!"
*Hugs shown are smaller than actual size*
letter included says

This card has a lot of truth behind it in multiple ways first the love I give to you; second, the love you give to me; and third, the love Christ has for me/us.

Lately in my studies I've learned that we are chastened to suffer to become more obedient (D&C 105:6) these last 20 months have been filled with chastening and suffering times. Through them, I have been learning which is the whole purpose of life to gain experience.

I'm waiting eagerly to open Cadiz. I know it won't be easy and many challenges to come, but I know they will chasten me to influence me to become the destined missionary and person I am supposed to become.

Thank you for the prays on my behalf

   Elder Terre Short

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