Jan 26, 2014

January 20, 2014

This week has been a very motivational one to say the least. We wrapped up last Monday by visiting with Judy Gunn, we set the baptismal date with her for NEXT SUNDAY (Jan 26) due to her not fully quitting smoking to give her time to accomplish the prerequisite. We are continuing to visit more referrals, most are dropping like dead flies, others are not being upright and say NO DON'T COME BACK or others just aren't home.

Participated in the Family Home Evening and i noticed a Silver Accord pull in, i had a familiar thought of a similar experience to the baby blue van in Elkton who happened to be that of Jenny Brown. Seeing the Accord, i couldn't connect the car to people, they come out and it is none other than the SMITHS of Hoptown. They came here briefly to drop off one Hoptown missionary to bring one of the Marion back down. Talking with them, they inform me that they are possibly moving to HERRIMAN around the time I'm complete with the mission. Somehow his job (active military) has him going to work in West Jordan, possibly moving to THE COVE due to the acreage, no where near the 9 acres currently, but 5 will suffice them, talk about happy me.

Unfortunately, i did the math, it may be a little off, but i have 138 DAYS LEFT as a missionary. I can remember and reflect the day entering the MTC and the mission field, man I'm old. Due to the magical number of 138 appearing, my studies are getting into overdrive and am reading Doctrine and Covenants in REVERSE, somewhat as a countdown clock as well as re-reading the entire Preach my Gospel before I'm home. The past studies have been mediocre, this one sounds and will be enjoyable.

Had an all-day zone conference meeting in Clarksville and didn't get back until around 6 due to hitch-hiking with the senior couple serving in Hoptown. Meeting informed us of how to safely drive in wintery weather, due to me (2/3 of zone) being from Utah, you think it would be common sense stuff of driving slowly in the snow and ice, but some don't. Don't worry, I'm safe and cautious when it comes to driving in wintery weather. 

Went down to Cadiz and are informed by branch to look for possible locations to hold a Family Home Evening event in Cadiz. Eventual plan is to have a branch in MARION, PRINCETON and CADIZ. Thought it through and realized that the new Stake President (Hoptown bishop) has an attorney location in downtown Cadiz. Through texting, we may have found a location to do it. With it being downtown, its also very central to everyone. Sometimes the Lord works through mysterious ways, like putting a Church meeting in an attorney place in between 2 other churches.

Transfer calls are SATURDAY NIGHT, baptism hopefully is SUNDAY. Knowing my track record, i may be out, but i have no idea. I love Kentucky, Princeton is growing on me. Reminds me of Russellville which is tied for my favorite place.

too bad I didn't find this sign in Hoptown (my first area) sign says "You are now entering the mission feild!"

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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