Apr 13, 2014

April 7, 2014

Last Monday, lets say a RC whose in town every now and then do to caring for mother and sister found us and had a conversation of his childhood for 3 HOURS. Not to be mean to the guy, but it's our PDay, we have other things desired to do, why not talk to us on any other day? Oh well, it happened. Maybe it needed to.

FHE had a total of 10 (including us missionaries and 2 children under 3 years old), E. Lofthouse was teaching, but the kids were being distracting, so he shifted his focus on keeping them attentive to himself while I continued in teaching the lesson. The children belong to Rebekah, whose been coming for the last 3 weeks, but due to the kids, we have been unable to teach, so we used this opportunity to do so. We taught about the Restoration. She loved it and pretty much bore testimony that she has joined the church (not quite due to baptism, but we're working on it).

After another D meeting, we served at the Parker's again. Luckily, most of the stuff has been sorted out, all that is needed now is to throw it away in the "dumpster-on-wheels". We are pretty much doing some "spring cleaning" and ohh is it looking like spring out here. The blossoms on the trees are opening and Lofthouse is singing the "popcorn popping" song every time he sees one.

Had dinner with the Naylor family. They are going to be officially moving from Texas to Trigg County in October (long after I'm gone :(  ) We enjoyed their company as well as their stories. They shared their conversion story the FHE and it was just awesome. He was a "preach nothing but hell, fire and brimstone, Pentecostal", well the visiting teachers were visiting her, and he got curious about it and eventually joined the church. That was a little bit of a testimony builder for me to see that even the "worst" people can be softened enough to hear and love the message we share.

Had dinner with the Ahren's at Cracker Barrel. It's routine that I get the Country Fried Steak meal, in which I love dearly. Afterwards we visited 2 less actives whom were inspired for us to visit.Both of them are having hard times,(one bodily problems and the other family)and the Ahren's due to past experiences were able to testify and give advise as to how to solve it. May not be member missionary work, but if it is improving their lives, it works for me.

OHHH General Conference, always love it. Surprised it didn't rain during the opening scenes before it begins. Very inspiring. Little sad that no new temples were announced, but it makes sense for them to be focusing on those which are under construction before building more. Uchtodorf's Priesthood, and Bishop Stevenson's were my favorite.Stevenson's was great maybe due to the fact of using Olympic information that is new to me, due to missing them. When the text comes out, that's the first one on my re-read list.

After this conference session ended, I realized that it's the last one I will watch on the mission, and YES, I did watch the Spoken Word and loved it. Can't wait to get back into the routine of watching them Sunday mornings.

That's a wrap, till next time


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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