Jan 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

So, this may be the simplist email to date.

Working down in Cadiz (southern part of branch boundaries) as well as visiting with President (former bishop of Hopkinsville) Craig in regards to using his attorney location as an FHE place, he likes the idea and will let us do so...YEAY... Don't know whats making me happier, seeing someone from my original area or porgressing the work in Cadiz...HAPPY ME

Visited a few more potentials in Princeton. The priesthood is really needed here, so we visited Chris Wheaton, who's past home actually was CARTHAGE ILLINOIS, due to seeing the jail, Nauvoo Temple and Smiths tombstone, he knows a little about the church. Working with him.

Judy Gunns Baptism was amazing (sorry no photos) due to the fact of the surprise guests. We were able to have 3 previous sister missionaries return for it, two being previous two whom we replaced as well as one who originally opened the area. Judy was happy, the branch was happier, in missionaries alone there were 8 there where it should have been 4. Judy is first baptism in area serving SINCE Hoptown, as well as newest since Gigi in Elkton

Transfer Calls: Princeton being whitewashed with Sisters, one being new out of MTC

BOTH of us are opening CADIZ!!! Super stoked That means 3 sets of missionaries within the one branch boarders, the work is definitely hastening in Kentucky.

Now for the unfortunate news. Assistants called us Sunday night, we are NOT heading to Cadiz YET. Instead we will be heading to MAYFIELD TENNESSEE due to a missionary there being run over by a vehicle who is being sent home for rehab. We are there as a "temporary band-aid"... I want to know how long temporary is, I WANT TO BE IN CADIZ AND OPEN IT. The work in Cadiz is moving quickly, now were forced to put it on halt, not liking this, but have no choice. 

Next write who knows if I will be in Mayfield or Cadiz, have to wait and find out.

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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