May 18, 2014

April 14, 2014

First things first, I did receive the package, and yes, them cookies are delicious as always

Monday we went window shopping in one of the untouched antique stores in Cadiz. They had hundreds of copies of TIME Magazine from the 1930's to 1980's, one of them the cover was the opening day of Disney World 50 years ago. On all the covers, the price for the issue was $10, and they were significantly larger in size than today's magazines. Cool little history lesson.

Walking into the antique shop, we see a concrete molded pig next to the purchase counter, we inquired of her if she knew where we could get one like that? She said "You can for $25." SOLD!!! Now we have the concrete pig and need to paint it, that pig is one heavy mold. 55 pounds of pure concrete and it isn't even 3 ft long by 1.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. Working on the painting slowly, only painting during our downtime during meals.

FHE meeting tied the largest attendance thus far. With sunset now being later in the night we will be revisiting the LA's to get them invited again.

Walking around the entire day Wednesday, man it got a little hot I was sweating a bit. No where near sweating like I was in Hopkinsville during the summer, bu it was warm enough that we needed to make an "emergency drink purchase" at a local gas station. Slushees when its nearly 80 degrees outside... tasty

A member in Paducah opened up a chiropractic office down the street from the apartment. Well the husband isn't a member, and he notices us walking and offered us a meal. He took us to the Cadiz Restaurant. Decided to have the Country Fried Steak meal... ugh... that was a meal. When the meal arrived, I think I went bug - eyed and he told me "your gonna eat all of it", I gave my best, but could only eat 80-90%, ugh I slept like a pig that night... HA PIG being in Cadiz.. haha

Participated in an exchange with the Hopkinsville set, unfortunately I stayed in Cadiz, but it was great to be informed how everything going and get updates on my fellow peeps in Hoptown.

Sunday, we got committed by Sister Andersen (at previous zone conference) to participate in a YSA Easter program as a choir in Hopkinsville. Singing went great, got to see a few fellow Hoptown peeps, not a lot, but a few, it was great. Talking with my "mission grandmother" was great, gotta remember to write her when I'm home.

During the exchange, I slipped out the information in regards to there being a geocache near the Hopkinsville apartment, needless to say, Hoptown and us went to find it without a GPS. I luckily remember the satellite imagery of where it was, before I left. And we found it. Could potentially lead to an investigator due to us leaving a missionary pass-a-long card next to the container. Never would have thought of doing that as a missionary.

Due to our only lesson plan that night contacting us prior to us coming stating tonight not a good night, Hoptown informs that they are visiting the Browns tonight, so we went back. I still feel the love for them as they transition from being married to not any more. Still somewhat emotional due to never experiencing this before, but once I'm home, they are near the top of the list to recontact.

Well, due to it being the final week of the transfer, we better go so we can paint the pig. No idea if I will stay in Cadiz my final 6 weeks. Mission history states that most of the missionaries who request staying in area final weeks are denied, didn't request it, but I'm unaware of whats to come, so we better finish the pig so my name can be on it in case I do leave

Till next time

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