Dec 20, 2013

December 19, 2013

So I had a visit with Deb Short. No near occurrences/ similarities in the family tree. If we are related, its minimal of 15 generations back. Still, who knows if related, would be cool if she is.

Christmas Zone Conference happened. Participated in a tie swap where I happened to pick Elder McLeans bright pink tie randomly. No bad looking wearing the pink tie I must say. As a gift, I received an inflatable Christmas tree which has been within the mission for nearly 2 years. 

This week we had dinner at a local Italian Restaurant with all the food outreach volunteers. Had a very enjoyable night. Looking back in the journal, ONE YEAR AGO I was transferred out of Hoptown into Russellville. Doesn't seem to like it.

Food outreach was very slow. Barely 200 showed. Next week, expecting 400, it will be busy.

Transfer calls came. Sad to report Sparta is being white washed. Elder Ellerbecks is heading to Goodlettsville with Elder Hill (my previous companion) while I'm heading to PRINCETON, KENTUCKY.  Princeton is located 40 miles NW of Hopkinsville, YEAH!!! I'm happy I'm returning to "Gods Country", but am sad to leave Sparta. Saying bye to people is the difficult part about it. All "adopted" into my family and will be gone unable to connect till home.

On a more positive note, due to T minus 6 months till home, there is a possibility I may "die" in Princeton. That will be an amazing memory: finish mission 40 miles away from where it started: Challenge accepted.

Looking back, the first half of mission seemed easy, now, trials, setbacks, and challenges have arised making the work difficult. But I know these trials are for our own benefit. Due to current challenges. I can tell I'm a better of person than before. If I don't baptize anymore people, my mission is a success due to converting me.

Till next time


Elder Terre K. Short

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