Dec 8, 2013

December 2, 2013

Had a fairly entertaining week this week
Before I forget, Happy delayed birthday pops!!! Realized it yesterday night, sorry my bad, happy early birthday mother
Attempted to visit more people whom we've attempted to contact frequently with no success. Visited a few more member families, as well as got fat (or feel fatter) due to Thanksgiving. Not to call me trunkie, but the next one I WILL BE HOME for.
The entertaining thing this week was a real surprise. Had lunch at Taco Bell and a random person started the conversation with saying he has family serving missions in Oregon and Russia. He then inquired where we have served, listed the cities off and he inquired "Hopkinsville eh, you remember a Summer Lomeli?, She is my niece and has moved to Spencer (within area)" I was flabbergasted (yes I feel accomplished in using that word) we were visiting her as well as her non-member husband (at the time, now divorced) a few weeks before I was transferred out of Hopkinsville. He then called her up, put me on the phone and located her as well as set up a reunion appointment for Tuesday. Its a small world out there. First Sister Riches serving in my home stake (now home and lives just north of me) and now TWO people have moved to the Sparta area who were originally in the Hopkinsville area. Lets say I feel happy right now due to finding and contacting them people of past areas now.
Food outreach was slow this week, but due to Christmas holiday coming up, expecting nearly 400 to show
Sunday was great. Surprisingly Justin bore his testimony!!! We cannot do anything yet due to still looking for a job as well as fixing car and every other prerequisite needed to be achieved.
This week will be a fairly interesting one. Have to relinquish the vehicle Tuesday night only to drive to interviews Wednesday (without vehicle, no approved miles), then going on exchanges with Pikeville (AKA Pickleville) so it will be an interesting adventure
Till next time
Photos will be sent next week, visiting Rock Island State Park today

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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