Dec 8, 2013

November 4, 2013

OK where to begin, ah yes. E Hill had a flat tire on his bike so we
needed to purchase the prepare pieces, $100 later, were biking again

One of them random missionary moments. Sitting in District Mtg with
one companionship not present for the meeting, 1 hour into the
meeting, they arrive sweating. They biked 30 MILES UPHILL and 5 hours
later to get to the meeting, the car they had had no more miles for
the month. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Honestly, I
don't think I could be able to do it

Participated in a branch youth night of asking missionaries questions.
Sisters came in from McMinnville and we had a Q and A session. I call
it a success due to the increased motivation the youth now have of
serving a personal mission.

Due to Halloween, had to be inside by 6, watchin the Mountain of the
Lord, i must say, i miss the salt lake temple and its beauty. Yeah the
Nashville temple is a temple, but its a "Polly Pocket", i miss the
sheer size of the salt lake.

Justin's chuggin along. Still attempting to find a job, so he can move
out, so he can be baptized...ugh...some times logistics get in the way
of things, but have to follow the rules, that's why they are there. for the fun part of the week. A member has invited someone he
knows for a while to church, and she finally arrived with her 2
children, her name is...wait for it...DEB SHORT!!! First words out of
my and her mouth are how are we related. Shes about to leave for
vacation and wont be back for a few weeks, however, she said her
family history has been done until nearly 1100 AD, no idea what were
at. She also said her family roots are from England, however her
family resided in Virginia, N Carolina and she was born in Glendale
Arizona before moving to Tennessee. Are we related? Who knows, but the
fact of meeting someone with the same last name has somewhat sparked
my curiosity in regards to if we are indeed distant cousins or


E Hill is leaving to Goodletsville (near Gallatin) and I'm receiving E
ELLERBECK. According to the mission newsletter, hes been out roughly a
year, no idea who he is, but we will know on Tuesday.

Scary to think that I'm nearing T MINUS 6 MONTHS, next time I think
about it, ill be heading home or landed home

Till next time


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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