Dec 8, 2013

October 21, 2013

Unfortunately I'm on another crazy computer, hope this works

So...where to begin

OK so the exchange with my one and only MTC Companion Piccolo was
great. Had a walk down memory lane while biking up the miles. We
nearly biked 2 miles in under 15 minutes, no idea of the mathematical
equation of the speed we were moving, but we were moving like
lightning. Plus with it being pitch dark, (are not supposed to bike
after nightfall) it motivated me to move more quickly because I don't
want to end up like Frogger...squished and run over.

OK, had a definite power of the priesthood moment. A member was
supposed to go in for foot surgery the next day, so she needed a
blessing before it occurs. I performed it, wow, is all i can say about
it. She commented immediately afterwards that the Spirit was felt from
head to foot, including the injured foot going into surgery.
Definitely had a testimony builder due to this experience.

So check on them again the next day, come to find out she has a heart
murmur which prevented the surgery from occurring, blessing in
disguise from the power of the priesthood, it saved her life, not in
the way she was expecting.

Had an interesting realization this week, the FIRST baptism i had
occurred one year ago, now waitin, hopin, and prayin for the day that
he will enter the temple, missionaries can do that in the TNM,
hopefully it will occur while I'm serving still.

Justin's chuggin along. He made it to church PERIOD for the first time
in nearly 5 years. So its somewhat a refresher course, but he made it
none the less. Were somewhat at a stand still with him until he moves
out, which may be a while. But for now, all we can at least do is
fellowship and continue to keep in contact with him, we definitely
don't want to loose him, hes basically golden, but with a few scratched
and dinged up parts, that's where we come in, to polish him up.

Assisted with a local food bank. The Christian Faith Ministries
(minister met last week) has one program where they give food out to
those in need. Nearly 110 families came to receive food. Haven't done
something like this since on an exchange in Leitchfield. It always
feels good to assist the needy, it is also a nice and friendly way to
get our names out there, as well as visit some of the people we visit
and teach.

OK Sunday was fun. Justin came, unfortunately was the only one that
arrived. After the services, we went over to the Popes for
lunch...more like a Sunday Dinner. But during the dinner service, due
to the Jack Daniels Distillery being relatively close, that was the
topic. Then they pull out a bottle of Moonshine. Us westerners don't
know this stuff (maybe, I didn't) but it is a more potent form of
whisky, I'm not positive but it is labeled illegal in some places, and
they had a bottle of it. 

Well, more photos will be en route next week, were goin cavin with part
of the zone today, as well as the first week of November were heading
to Cumberland Caverns, oh the life of caving, makes me miss
geocaching, only 8 months to go before I pursue it "full time"

Till next time


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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