Dec 20, 2013

December 9, 2013

First things first, heard stories of the snow back at home. Sounds like it will be a cold one everywhere, even here in Tennessee. Due to the weather almanac, the "woolly worms" are the source to know if it will be cold, if all black, be a cold winter, nearly everyone I've seen is all black, not looking forward to it. Sometimes I wish this winter would be like last winter: non-existent, oh well, just hope I don't get homesick due to seeing snow fall
So...Rock Island State Park is a simple hydro-electric dam on a major river here. The interesting part of it is the waterfalls are falling straight out of the rock. No idea how it naturally occurs, but still breathtaking and amazing. Reminded me of my geocaching adventures...only 6 months till I'm back at it.
The reunion with Summer Lomeli was really fun as well. Seeing and talking with someone from a previous area nearly one year TO THE DAY of meeting and we meet again is really weird. I guess God has me visiting with her frequently for some reason. Now the difficult part will be getting them from Spencer to Sparta for church services due to both driving with suspended licenses (Spencer is a cop-infested city) well find a way for it to occur.
OK interviews are next. Before interviews started, a random Spanish Sister inquired if I knew Jenny Brown of Hopkinsville...of course I know her, I'm one of the original two to convert her. She was jealous I found her, taught, baptized and everything. She was "born" in Hopkinsville right after I was transferred out. MAN I'm running into a lot of people who know who I know, its a weird feeling when thinking about it, it proves that I'm old as a missionary.
Interviews were decent. Due to being the last one of the session, I felt rushed. Inquired of why I'm not accepted on Facebook yet, he said there were some prerequisites needed to be accomplished before approval, I HAD NO IDEA, nobody tells me these things, they just don't even respond saying why I'm not approved. Once I get the paperwork to know whats required of me, then I will know what I need to improve in to get online, hope it comes in soon.
Exchanges in Pikeville for the last few days were interesting. With E Stradling who was my District Leader in Gallatin. (went to White House where he was serving) Pikeville is very interesting due to no building yet and few active members within the county. Pres Crawford (stake president) has a vision of Pikeville to have its own branch, so work is slowly progressing here for it to become a reality.
Food outreach numbers dwindled again, didn't even break 200, but were still expecting nearly 500 for Christmas. Hope ill be here for it.
Sunday was so fun and fulfilling. Had a homecoming (second one witnessed as missionary) who was Spanish Speaking in San Diego, administered sacrament to someone who is a converted Jew, such a spiritual person. She was one of the original temple workers in the at-the-time newly dedicated Houston Temple...its on my bucket list, so it was fun talking about it again.
OHHH the Christmas Devotional, such spirit within it. Simply amazing. Hearing the accounts of how certain songs were created resonated within me. I had no idea Amazing Grace was written due to his actual life. As always, looked forward to seeing Sis Boynton doing the bells, unfortunately didn't occur. Last Christmas Devotional to watch as a missionary and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Had a conversation with members we watched it with. Apparently Silent Night was originally written by a German person in Austria and originally played for the Guitar as well as sung in German...goose bumps came talking about it. I desire to hear it, but it may not happen.
Well, transfer calls will be received on Saturday, so who knows if im staying or going.
Attached are photos of the Rock Island Falls as well as some drawings of some temples ive done, can you tell which ones they are?
That's a wrap, till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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