Dec 8, 2013

November 25, 2013

So this week went fairly well.
Had a bible/BoM study with Sherri Lawson. She sent a text to us the day of transfers inquiring where the bible study went, so we are continuing it for now, however, due to her living so far away and have car every other week, were making it a other-week event, but it went fairly well. Bible studies are a simple and effective way to teach
Participated in District Meeting then assisted the missionaries in Pikeville in cutting down a tree. Feeling like a lumberjack is always fun. Did it the safer way by pulling the tree down with rope rather than chain saw and spike-boots climbing up it. Just chainsawed an angle into it and pulled. Haven't ever done that before.
Received a referral from one of the strongest active families in the branch. They went to a funeral of a family members and the distant "cousins" were there and inquired what we believed in. Invited us for a lesson and went really well. Have to wait it out and see if fruit will bear soon.
OK the food outreach was intense this week. We knew it would be busy due to it being Saturday before Thanksgiving, so we inquired of bringing in assistance from the branch. Few youth and leaders arrived and were needed. We gave food to 360 FAMILIES in 40 MINUTES!!! That is a new record for the food outreach. Last CHRISTMAS they had 280, I'm now a little nervous for this coming Christmas.
Went out to stake conference, its been a long time since I've been in one of those. The stake president here really has a vision for the area and it shows. Sparta's building officially has a contractor decided, waiting on the money from Salt Lake then will begin building. Could start building anywhere from Christmas to Valentines Day, and it should be completed in 9 months...YEAY...unfortunately i will not be serving mission by then, may need to do a reunion tour ;)
Figuring out time and place to meet with Deb Short. I've been allowed to do a little bit of family history online, so we can more likely see if we are related. A 5 generation chart only does so much. With her family from England as well, we need one that goes farther back, without trying I'm back to 1750's, good enough for me
Lets say this week I've been a little home sick. Everybody knows that I'm a movie-theater/movie buff, so they inform me of and have seen Catching Fire and thoroughly enjoyed it kind of makes me miss home. None the less, i will be home for the next 2 in series and may even work at theater during them both.
Thanksgiving traditions at home I'm missing. Curious which football game will be seen this year due to Holy War being relocated in season. Enjoy the heat, its supposed to get a little cold out here for the holidays, who knows, maybe a White Christmas is in the forecast, that would be nice and make me even more homesick
Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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