Dec 8, 2013

September 30, 2013

Well, this week has been a fairly interesting one. Two more days in Gallatin continuing the Farewell Tour, the attached photos are of the two families i bonded with. The large family is the Kings. Only 2 are biological while the rest are adopted/foster children. The other photo is of the other Kings in the ward. They are waitin on previous marriages to finalize, but she is born and raised in Scottland, so the accent that i had partially confused her until i informed her of my ancestral roots. They will be missed.
Transfer Meeting...where to begin...oh that's what, each mission is rumored to have a cap of nearly 300 missionaries, when P McKee was here, he accepted tons of visa waiters which frequently put us over the cap, this transfer meeting, 33 NEW MISSIONARIES CAME IN with nearly 80% being sisters. Haven't had that large of a transfer since April. One incoming elder was from Tooele, hopefully ill be able to have a conversation with him.
Currently I'm companioned with Elder Jacob Hill of Orem Utah, and hes been out nearly 6 months. Surprisingly its only the second companion I've had from Utah including Haslam. Also the interesting thing about this area I'm in, I'm in the same district as two others who came out with me as well as my MTC comp is now my District Leader, i was sad leaving Gallatin but now this will be a fun place.
Seriously contemplating of branching out the missionary work by joining the force on Facebook. Hopefully it will occur soon since I'm now officially on the "downward slide" of the mission.
OK now for an interesting bit of news. HOME remember Sister Riches who got transferred into the stake when i opened my call? SHE IS NOW OFFICIALLY HOME. The weirder thing about it is she lives LESS THAN 25 MILES north of Sparta. Talking with her dad at transfers, the possibility is there that she may join in on a few zone meetings and such, cant wait to say hi and take photos to remember this interesting and one in a million shot of missionaries serving where each other is from.
OK...Sparta time...first few days were slow due to biking everywhere (were part time car but due to district switching, we don't have the car this week (when we should have) oh well) WE HAD A BAPTISM of someone who always wanted to but never found the time as well as had a funeral to attend. The funeral was for someone E Hill gave the sacrament to weekly, so we partially needed to go, as well as it was a perfect opportunity to introduce myself to the branch. Yes Sparta is a branch with an average attendance of 100-125, however, with the building being a refurbished mini-mall next to an Allstate Insurance place. But have no fear, within the next 2 months, ground will be broken for the brand new Sparta Chapel...YEAY
Other photo is of something found within the apartment, it is definitely true
That's a wrap, till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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