Dec 8, 2013

October 7, 2013

First things first, hearing the news of a loved one passing is really difficult. This one was a lot more difficult than the previous one. (which occurred last October) I was sitting back contemplating all the questions of what I didn't know, then a hard thought came to mind, "be still and know that i am God", sometimes things go wrong and hit the fan and get scattered, but this life is a time to learn and prepare to meet God, this is one of His ways of preparing us for who he wants us to become. There has only been 3 deaths in my life that have been difficult, this one is very, but i will manage.
Had a zone p-day last week. Most of the zone is new (within last 6 months) ad none of them I've been around. Afterward we went on a BLITZ (zone assisting in mission work) in McMinnville contacting more referrals. Only able to contact one of the eight, but she has potential.
District Meetings will now get enjoyable. Come to find out, Piccolo is my District Leader with Dudly in the district as well, also something interesting, ALL 6 of us elders are from Utah...that's a small world moment.
Conference was great. One of only 4 times as a missionary when the days don't get quite as hectic. However, the conference tradition looked like to end.  It didn't rain the April or snow the October sessions of Conference...dang it. Also only one of 4 times I'm able to watch the Spoken Word...yes i watched it and i enjoyed it, wish i had a blanket like how i would at home though...
During the second Sunday session of conference, i made the realization, 16 months out.
Went driving around town and found a few sites and sounds of the city, first time seeing a billboard of Christ, had to take the photo.
The church building is located next to an insurance place on the main street of town. Within two months, ground will be broken for the actual Sparta building.
Then we found a southern form of weather channel...southerners don't know how to spell
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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