Dec 8, 2013

November 12, 2013

OK Where to begin, Transfers
This last transfer meeting was very large. Nearly 20 went home with another 30 coming in, but talk about a spiritual power house of a meeting. A few on the list of who went home were Hermana Smith (started mission same time as I) E Bassett, E Worthen, E Steinekert (Perrons first trainee, my oldest brother), and E Clark (from Herriman Utah) to name a few
Received E Ellerbeck who is from Everett Washington, which is north of Seattle. Second companion from Washington, sorry Hermana Worlton, I don't think you cover that area, but one of my previous comps was from Richland in the Tri-Cities area, you may have driven by his home. Ellerbecks been out a year.
Due to me being in charge, things are running a little bit different. Still striving to get online because it would be effective here as well as for past areas and recent converts. E Hill was online and using FB to contact and set appointments was nice, however since neither of us are online, its a little more difficult to do the appointment stuff. It is just giving me more motivation to get online.
Few people we revisited with only briefly. Tennessee has had a flu-bug go around and everyone we are visiting and revisiting has it, I think it may have spread to me. I'm workin on getting rid of it, currently its just an aging cough, but nothing really bad yet, I hope.
Visited with Justin a few more times this week. Hes really wanting to get his life back in order. Prior dominoes need to fall before the ultimate domino of baptism can occur. He needs a job to fix his car to get a house. Hes workin hard, without reaping the rewards of it, this only takes time before the fruits of the labors are visible.
Participated again in the food outreach. We assisted in giving food to nearly 230 people. Afterward we visited with Paul and Linda during their item auction. The house recently got broken into and stole money for the ministry. They read a verse in the bible "...treasure not the things that will rust...", so they decided to sell all that that will rust. NASCAR memorabilia to clothing to furniture. Never really been to an auction, can barely understand the auctioneer, but fun none the less. Afterward we performed moving service for a less active. Due to bad back and health, we assisted and made it a little bit easier for them.
Been doing a little bit of family history out here due to recently contacting Deb Short. Apparently the Short name goes back to 1793 in Hartburn England. That ain't bad for not really trying, however, now we need to sit down with her and see if in fact are we distant cousins. ill be sure to also use this as a teaching tool, this is a first for me so I'm somewhat at a learning curve here.
Veterans day forbade us to email due to the library being closed. Sorry for the late response. This upcoming week will be fun, were having an area authority come and speak to us.
Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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