Dec 8, 2013

October 14, 2013

This week is somewhat of an interesting one, sorry for not sharing
some of the contacting details, I will attempt to do better with that.

So...last Monday we went to Burgess Falls, GOOGLE IT, I felt right at
home due to being with nature and enjoying the waterfall scenery. The
last falls' water speed was so great it made a mini wind current as
well as with the water hitting the rocks it made a natural mist
effect, ohhhh, I could have stood there all day.

Continuing to visit the referrals. We received about 90 from the fair
nearly one month ago, with nearly 60 being contacted while the other
30 we've attempted but are not home. Few of them are golden, but Satan
gets in the way and prevents them from visiting with us due to house
errors, that darn Devil, he always makes the missionary life a little
more hectic.

Had a zone meeting in McMinnville, wow what a change. Nobody is the
same in the zone since i was last here (April 2013) , and it has
nearly doubled in size. For all of you curious about the mission
numbers, the TNM has 146 ELDERS with 72 SISTERS and around 20 SENIOR
COUPLES, talk about large.

So...after the zone meeting, something similar occurred to me as what
occurred in the ward isn't ticked at me yet...we went on
an exchange with President Andersen AGAIN...another journal write to
remember and something else that's been accomplished that nobody else
can say has occurred to them.

Were visiting somebody named Justin, hes somewhat similar to the
Belson's, (who have moved to West Virginia, being a little Athiest) he
didn't really believe in a God or know who God was. He watched the
first 2 sessions of conference, now he knows there is a God. Now we
have to pursue it, but a few minor difficulties lie before him and the
baptismal font, hopefully though and with a lot of faith, it will

OK, now that I'm officially 21, a joke few people have mentioned in
past areas is when i turn 21 is to start drinking...two dilemmas (1)
White County is a DRY COUNTY, and (2) a missionary drinking...not

During my happy day, were biking (as always) through town and realize
that there is a lot of commotion through Main Street, it was the
Million Dollar Mile. That is when nearly everyone in Sparta and nearby
communities have a yard sale on MAIN STREET!!! Nearly one mile on both
sides of the road of people selling house-hold junk, wont necessarily
see that in Utah

OK, Sunday, visited one person that ill admit i was a little nervous
about before i met him. He is the pastor of a local nondenominational
church/service group. His mentality is that we all should serve the
Lord, no matter which sect we belong to, which i absolutely agree
with. In a since that's what all the churches are doing, but its mans
representation about it, not Gods, hence multiple churches on the
street in the Bible Belt

Unfortunately that's a wrap, now the party is about to begin

About to go on exchange with none other than my MTC Comp Piccollo, itwill be a fun few days to remember

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission

Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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