Jan 26, 2014

December 23, 2013

So it was sad for me to leave Sparta. So many people I will miss. Summer Lomeli whom I originally met in Hopkinsville nearly one year ago to the day, as well as Deb Short, I will never know if we are infact related, kind of makes me sad to think about it. Also to think that Hermana Worltons mission is now complete, that makes me feel even older. Remembering the fact that we both began this adventure at nearly the same time, now T-Minus 6 months till I'm home.

Transfer Meeting had a different feeling around it this time. Nearly 20 newbies arrived, with only 4 going home, one of them being Hermana Carrell. She reminded me a lot of Hermana Worlton for a few reasons, Spanish, short, and started at same time, now shes home, so now ill have to just focus on myself instead of others for me to get through the remaining part.

Driving to Princeton was enjoyable. Realized we (4 elders in one branch, half in Princeton and half in Marion) were driving back home with Sister Miller, who was Stake President Miller's wife, who recently got replaced as Stake President by Bishop Craig of Hopkinsville less than 3 months ago. As well as talking with one of the missionaries in Marion, he grew up with the movie theater twins, such a small world, and due to serving 40 miles away from my birth area, District Meetings will be  there as well as may even see people that I contacted and converted. Talk about a fun time in Kentucky within the next few weeks.

District Meeting in Hop-town. Talk about a walk down memory lane. I remember when it was only 4 of us for District Meeting, now its DOUBLED!!! Also, side note, I was in Russellville when the announcement was made that Princeton was opened for a full-time missionary set to be there, it has been sisters since.

Just trying to get in touch with all the people the sisters were contacting, however, they left very little notes as to addresses and locations of visiting for most of them, makes things slightly difficult but were managing.

Don't worry. The freak rain storm that came through was only that, a storm. The members were somewhat freaking out when the phones weather app said TORNADO WARNING for area, but it was only in warning stage for 30 minutes.

Princeton's Branch reminds me a lot of Russellville's. However, due to the holiday approaching, nearly 1/2 of branch was out of town, so the crowds were low and reminded me a lot of Russellville, the attendance didn't break 35. Even found it more interesting to see Former Stake President Miller in the congregation and not in his surgeon scrubbies. He was the landlord for the Taj Mahal apartment in Hopkinsville. That's the only time I've seen him, is in the scrubbies, its different seeing him in a suit and tie when I'm used to see him in something else.

There was a story someone spoke at during the final sacrament meeting in Sparta that i will type and send your way. It has really opened my eyes in re guards to this Christmas holiday.


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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