Dec 8, 2013

November 18, 2013

ok, this week has been very productive to say the least, only due to us having the vehicle this week.
Visited a sub-shop store downtown and were greeted with "about time you guys show up!" Elder Casey (who was born here, came out same time as me) was one of the missionaries that frequently visited them. But about 6 months ago, they "fell through the cracks" in missionary work. Who knows, we may be the ones to convert them. That was a fun way of finding someone to teach: visiting a famous place in town.
Wednesday we had a meeting all day with a member of the FIRST QUORUM OF THE 70. Elder Pino visited the mission as well as was in town for stake conferences. He and his wife are converts from Venezuela, he was even a previous mission president for a Peru mission. They arrived in Nashville after being in Mexico, so their English was a little rusty. Luckily the mission has Spanish speakers who were able to translate for him. Though the translation made the meeting last a lot longer than normal, it was a very spiritual meeting. The shocking thing was the estimated number of missionaries to be serving due to the age change. October 2013 had 80,000 serving, November 2014 PROJECTED is 91,000, talk about the work of the Lord being hastened.
Thursday was one of them days that was not effective at all. Had 2 appointments and all fell through as well as none of the nearby investigators and less actives were available. Haven't had a near-fail day in a while, it happens, but I'm not loosing the faith and dedication.
Participated again in the food service, deciding to offer free missionary service here with pass-along cards. Went out of the 35 we had within 15 minutes of the doors opening. Hopefully people will call, it is another way to get our names out there for offering free service.
OK now for Sunday. Received texts from the zone leaders to be cautious because part of mission was under tornado warnings. GREAT...that's one way to start the day, by being cautious about plans. Rain and wind was all we had. We visited someone in a hospital with the weather channel on, heard 5 confirmed tornadoes touched down, all north of the mission boundaries. According to it as well, round two is coming, so who knows, my mission bucket list item may be accomplished: take photo of tornado in distance.
That's a wrap for the week, sounds like home will be different after the remodel, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be different as well as for the better it sounds like.

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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