Dec 8, 2013

October 28, 2013

OK where to begin, oh yes, last Monday.

So as part of the McMinnville Zone for a P-day we decided to visit one of the numerous caves in the Sparta area. As we were waiting for the caravan to arrive, i said out loud with the Zone Leaders present "Heard anything about Sister Riches?" They say, "who do you mean her behind you?" Yes it was THE SISTER RICHES DIRECTLY BEHIND ME that was transferred to Herriman the day I opened my mission call. Talk about an interesting reunion nearly 17 months later after the first one. I go up to her and inquire of her how Herriman was, she loved it, then made the connection of who i am. Honestly the fact of seeing and being near her is kind of cool and weird at the same time. But at the same time, that was one of my TNM Bucket List items: Visit her after she returns from her mission: ACHIEVED

So the caves were descent. Unfortunately I didn't bring a bright enough flashlight to enjoy the beauty of the dark abyss that went on for nearly forever. Still had a fun time, especially due to the fact of Sister Riches enjoying the moment as well even though shes only been home for 1 month-ish.

So we visited with the Minister again. I never made the realization until now how much the southern people love NASCAR, these people are prime examples of it, SO MUCH NASCAR MEMORABILIA, they've even been to Bristol (fastest .75-ish mile NASCAR racetrack) multiple times, due to it being in East Tennessee. Somehow I'm able to have a conversation about it with them, good thing for channel surfing and not skipping some NASCAR races.
OK, now for a fun story time. Began the bike ride to the library, and we hear a POP, E Hills bike got a flat tire, needless to say due to being NO BIKE STORE, we've been forced to walk for the last few days, and OHH MY ITS STARTING TO GET COLD. I thought Utah cold was cold...not even close. The humidity here cuts right through you. So needless to say walking anywhere (including to Justin's) I felt nearly like the sled dog racers for the Iditarod, uncomfortable and cold.

Something else fun, were cooking lunch in the apartment when the power goes out for 30 minutes. E Hill wasn't happy due to him having the oven, microwave and stove running at the same time, but it eventually came back. For some reason the entire city seemed to black out, I didn't do it, with E Hill as my witness.

Sunday i met a new friend. The members been out of town for a while, he inquired the normal things for not knowing the new missionary. Informed him I started the mission in Hopkinsville, then he says my nephew moved from there who was less active, his name was Vinny Elder. No idea if I've mentioned him before but he was severely less active in Hoptown and now that hes with kin folk, hopefully he will become active again soon. Hes another person on the visit list.

That's a wrap, hopefully it'll start to warm up soon, but due to the time of year, it may not. Due to the "black caterpillars", the winter this year will be bad, only one way to find out.


Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission

Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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